Friday, March 30, 2007

Wine me, dine me...

You know the rest.

Margot and me love our wine! It's been a while since we've polished off a bottle by ourselves because we're always driving and because the baby's always around!

I found a great website that offers Champagne and wine online! You can actually view wine and Champagne from all regions of the world and have it shipped directly to your doorstep.

This takes the hassle out of trying to track down your favorite bottle of wine because they're all located on this website.

I also like that they offer Gift Baskets! What an awesome gift and something that I should really keep in mind for the holidays!

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Plan T

I figure since we've had so many plans over the course of trying to conceive we're probably on Plan T about now.

On cycle day 3 I'm going to start 3 clomid pills a day for 5 days. I'm going to be monitored at the local fertility center and then they'll tell me when I'm going to ovulate. I'll head down to NYC for a few days - get my sperm and then come back home.

Then we wait.

Of course, I don't know how all of this is going to work with vacation and I'm wondering if I'll find out if it worked or not as I'm lying on the beach. UGH. Not good.

Well, I guess I just need to take all of this in stride. I can't really plan for anything and if it happens --- boy, I'd love it.

But I still have Plan U-Z to go before we run out of options.

Weekend, where are you??

I am so ready to hang out with friends tonight and do absolutely nothing this weekend!!

I'm whipped. I still have a cold and I just want one morning to be able to sleep in late. It seems like lately that's been ruined by either waking up to go to the bathroom or with my cold.

Then last weekend it was the inseminations!

We could have used this...

Just last week Graem spilled a bottle of water on our 2 year old Dell Laptop. To say the least... it didn't even start up and is drying out. I doubt it will ever be the same.

Before the "accident" we were in the market for a new computer because our computer was running so slow. We blamed it on the fact that it was getting older but I think there's more to it than that!

jv16 PowerTools works to keep your computer in tip top working condition. It is a full Windows optimization suite and has a registry cleaner, software uninstaller, and dozens of other features.

The most important part about this is that it's affordable and easy to use! Check out Macecraft Software's website. You can purchase the program for just $29.95 and download right to your computer.

Maybe I'll work harder to try to get that computer back up and running and then buy a program like this!

It might be just what the doctor ordered!

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I'm so outta here! Actually, I think I might just hang out here and do my blogging! It's pretty low key now that the students have left and they connection is pretty fast too.

Grammy was quite the pill today and didn't want to get dressed, didn't want to put her shoes on, didn't want to brush her teeth, and didn't want to get out of the car to go to school.

Hopefully, by the time I pick her up from daycare she'll be reformed.

Oops, I did it again.

Have you ever been stuck in a legal bind with noone to contact?

Many times lawyers in the phone books work bankers hours of 9am to 5pm. You can never get them on the weekends or when you might actually need there assistance.

Now there's an criminal defense attorney that's available 24/7 for FREE legal consults.

So if you're in the Miami area David Edelstein is there for you. Not just during business hours either! His website offers legal assistance and information and you can even contact him whenever you are in a bind!

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Hook me up with a deal!

I hate moving and I almost hate even more looking at houses!

We have visited Boston a few times and had a really good time. Not only is the food great and the people fun, but the town is really historic and has tons to do!

I bet it would be a great place to live! If you are looking for South Boston real estate you’ll want to go with the real estate firm that knows real estate in the area. Seaport Reality Group has a great website that offers information on buying and selling houses in the Boston area.

They also have a website that offers information on open houses, listings, rentals, and a broad overview of the South Boston community. I like the fact that you can look at their agent profiles and choose which one is best for you!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I have found the perfect place to get Christmas, birthday, holiday, and Mother's Day gifts from here on out! I love an original handmade gift. Not only does it show the person you bought it for that you wanted to do something special - but it means more. offers a wonderful artist gallery full of jewelry, clothing and accessories, and items for your home.

I specifically like their handmade jewelry. It's light and colorful, yet very classy and simple. Just check out this lovely piece:

The best part is that you're supporting art, getting a great product, and the prices are really reasonable!

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Graem will not stop screaming. She's so tired yet she won't go to sleep. Of course, we're out of milk and I forgot to stop by the store and pick more up.

I have a headache this big and it's screaming for VACATION.

The UK hook up!

I absolutely love the United Kingdom! It seems like they have their stuff together so much more than we do here in the states. Gay rights, health insurance, government - plus prince William is a babe.

Now of course, they have an awesome online classifeds that offers free ads! It kinda looks like our version of Craigslist but much nicer and better organized. Not only do they offer classifieds but it's a great place to local news and weather, dating, and even city guides!

We've been talking about going back to the United Kingdom when Graem gets older. might be the perfect place to look for a vacation rental while we're there since our friend that we stayed with last time no longer lives there!

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Pizza Slut.

I had lunch with my friend Laura today. We had a great time at Pizza Hut and were able to catch up after not talking for a few weeks. I guess we've both been busy with life.

Graem had a good time at the pizza place and spent most of her time eating old pizza off the floor.

Life insurance

We most recently tried to get Margot more life insurance figuring that since she's the main breadwinner of the family we need to make sure that if anything happens to her Graem and me are finacially covered.

Life insurance quotes from local providers came in everywhere and we soon realized that because she has asthma and is on meds for it that they see her as high risk. makes looking for life insurance a piece of cake. Their website is easy to navigate and not only can you get information on the different types of life insurance but you can also get quotes!

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My poor car.

My 2000 Honda CRV is coming upon 125,000 miles and I just keep praying that it keeps running! I just got it tuned up and inspected and spent close to $400 but everything seems to be working fine!

I have yet to change some of the major organs of the car and so I've been pretty greatful for that! Of course, I know where I'm going to look to get a Honda Radiator! offers great deals on car parts and radiators! They ship worldwide and have most parts in stock. Not to mention they have an easy to use website that you can order your parts online or contact them using an online form.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What a nice lunch.

I was suppose to sub this morning but woke up at 12:30 this morning and felt horrible. I have a sore throat and decided that I probably shouldn't teach the kids with being this sick.

I met up with my friend Kim. I met her online and we were going to swap out meds. She ended up not needing the meds I was going to give her and gave me tons of medication!

Now she's doing IUIs with another doctor's office and had some extra pills and hooked a sista up!

So I took her out to lunch in Cortland. It was a nice lunch and we talked for a good 2 1/2 hours.

I'm glad I have a friend that I can talk to about all of this infertility stuff. It's nice to have someone who's been there and done that -- that I can actually meet for lunch!

Workin' the leads.

As a marketing professional I've always done my best to keep up with potential clients, build networks, and have an organized way of providing follow through.

When I sold advertising I did this by using a binder with calendar tabs. When I did a marketing intership I used ACT! And when I was at Alterra and worked as a Marketing Director they had their own programs.

Now that I'm a business owner I have started looking at different options for sales lead management. A few years ago I went out and purchased ACT! but found it pretty disorganized and it took up so much space on my computer that it kept crashing!

I've recently come across AIMPromote it seems to have all of the features that I'm looking for including: visitor tracking and customer lead tracking. It has all of the features of the competitors but at a fraction of the cost! Plus, they are now offering a 14 day free trial period that I'm going to take advantage of.

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Always good to feed depression.

Well last night after saying that I didn't want to go out to eat - we went out! We went to this great new Ale house on Aurora Street. We had a couple of beers, some wings that were way too hot to eat and Margot had a hamburger with crabcakes and stilton, and I had a chicken caesar wrap with fries.

It was a good night and we talked quite a bit. We also ran into old time friends Trudy and Sharon and set up a lunch date for the weekend.

We came home and watched American Idol. Why in the hell is Sanjaya still in this competition?!?! He's just a horrible singing weirdo and I hope he gets to boot tonight.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I wanna be first!

When doing a search on our website we're on the 57th page of listings. Many times they results come up and paid sponsors are on top and then it sorts by page rank or alphabetically.

Which of course means ... that unless I pay someone or something ... my page is always going to be at the bottom!

Now there's a new way to have some search engine ranking! CustomerMagnetism offers service that specialize in promoting and marketing websites. They actually place your website in front of the public eye and contact companies like google and other big search engines to make sure that your website is on the top of web searches.

This is really just a small price to pay for doing business. Who better to promote your business than the true online promoting experts!

I feel violated.

I constantly feel like someone is watching my every step! In fact, a few months ago I was about to put up a myspace page and Margot reminded me that you never know who might be looking at it.

Point taken.

A few weeks our computer got infected with spyware and I can only imagine the information that they got from the computer. They know what websites we visit, what we type, and even who we email.

Years from now, I'm just waiting to hear that SpyWare is a govermental program that they use to see our every move online.

Most recently I've looked at getting Secure-Tunnel. That would actually allow me to browse websites and masking my identity and IP. I wouldn't have to worry about advertising or someone tracking my web browsing trends.

The accounts start at $2.95/month. Honestly, that's a small price to pay to protect yourself and your information from corporations and the government.

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Have I mentioned?

How much I love Grammy. Although, I constantly bitch about infertility and unable to get pregnant or keep a pregnancy I'm so thankful to have a healthy, beautiful, and smart daughter.

She makes me smile every day even when things aren't going well.

I think she almost makes it harder to go through all of this because she reminds me what joy kids bring to my life and makes me want to have another child in my life that much more.

Straight from heaven.

I'm the one who's constantly taking care of the yard. I mow, garden, water, and do snow removal.

I have found my Mother's Day Gift! It's a NO-CRANK hose reel!

The NO-CRANK hose is perfect and you never have to worry about it tangling or breaking because is follows the lead of the hose and the pressure of the water!

We've been through about 3 hose reels and every single one of them breaks or ends up tangling up the hose! The one that we currently have is missing the handle!

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So sick.

I don't know what's come over me - aside from being depressed about the whole infertility thing.

But I feel horrible. I have a sore throat, runny nose, and a nasty headache.

Well, at least I know I can drug myself up and not have to worry about having retarded kids.

Pump up the heat!

The smartest thing for us to ever invest in was our space heaters! We use them constantly and I like the fact that we don't have to turn on the gas heat and heat the whole house. Instead, we turn on the heater of the room we're in. Not only does it save money on our heating bill - but it's nice to know that we aren't wasting energy.

Desatech offers some great heaters and also accessories. I like the mantels and fireplaces! You can actually build your own fireplace on their website and it's pretty easy!

They are the professionals of heating your home and office. Not only do they offer a great Inventory Blowout sale where you could save a lot of money - they also offer free shipping!

Keep warm this winter and many more to come. Check out Desatech!

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I can't believe my life and I'm not sure it could get much worse than this.

I got the call from the Fertility Center and I didn't ovulate. My ultrasound today revealed that I don't have a dominant follicle and more than likely I'm not going to ovulate this month.

Shit. So much for doing a natural cycle without the help of meds or reproductive assistance.

It makes me feel like this whole weekend was a waste. That my hope that this could work was a waste.

As if that wasn't bad news. On my way home I call to check the answering machine. The insurance company has called with a response to the appeal and so I call them back.

Our appeal was denied.

They said that I didn't prove medical neccessity.

I'm heartbroken and just can't get over how heartless, cruel, and corrupt these insurance companies are.

I'm tired of fighting and I feel so pissed about all of this I can't even explain it.

Not to mention --- I keep thinking back to had I not had the miscarriage I wouldn't have to deal with any of this and I'd be about 20 weeks.

Monday, March 26, 2007


I'm not much for board and card games. It's probably because I constantly get beat and I'm absolutely horrible! I'll stick to video games.

I have a few friends that absolutely love backgammon! They play morning, noon, and night! BackgammonMasters offers great online backgammon with a really great community and following.

You can even take a look at the Tiger Jean Claude's famous video! Backgammon is a game of skill and wisdom - it's nice to play with a group of people that understands the same mindset!

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I miss my computer.

I feel like I'm writing about a dear friend who has died. But today without the computer was very hard!

Thank God our new computer has been ordered and it looks like it should be here before the week is over.

What would I do without a computer?!?!

Thank God Margot was able to bring home her work computer.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I beg you...

"Please don't break down." That's the prayer that I say to my car every morning as I turn on the ignition!

So far, my 2000 Honda CRV has been the perfect lady and I'm just about to hit 117,000 miles. I have never had any complaints about the car. It's not only the perfect family car but it handles great in the snow.

We also have a Toyota Matrix. The Matrix is also a great car but doesn't seem to do as well. Plus, it's quite a bit smaller.

Although, we're not quite ready to buy a new car we've been eyeing the new Toyota Sienna Minivan. We simply can't afford it. One option is to get a stripped down model which I'm not to fond of. The other option is to look on the Used Car Classifieds website and find an older loaded model.

I know I'm a brat...but if I'm driving a minivan it needs to have all the frills! has a great website with information and car listings. I like the fact that it's very user friendly and you can search by car and location!

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It's 9:00pm and I am totally beat. I feel like any minute now I'm going to be able to collapse on the couch or bed.

Too bad tomorrow I have to pick up the dog, go to physical therapy, unpack, and finish up laundry.

Not to mention, tonight we have to order a new computer and I have to finish blogging.

That kid.

Tonight we got home from New York City and I opened up the laptop. There was water all over it! I figured one of the water bottles must of leaked. So I tried to turn it on - nothing. No lights, no beeps.

Margot and me operated on the computer for close to an hour and finally gave up.

We had talked about getting a new computer - just didn't realize that it would be this soon!

So I'm really glad that I stumbled across these HP Coupons. Not only can I get a great computer - but the prices are amazing!

CheapStringyBargains also offers some great deals on other tech items too. This must be one of the better discount websites I've found on the website and the timing couldn't be more perfect!

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The deed is done.

Well, I have living sperm up in my vagina! We did three inseminations over the past three days and all went really well.

I assumed there would be some awkwardness -- but nothing. So, the bad news is...I'm still waiting on my damn surge and I don't think I've ovulated yet.

I'm still going to pee on sticks and we'll discuss what happens if I surge in the next few days. I might head back to NYC to get more sperm - or we might just chalk this one up to a practice run and move forward to next month.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Looking for good videos?

As I look over at Margot and Grammy they are viewing videos using YouTube. The only thing bad about that is that half of the videos are cut off or not in English!

Plus, you see about 40 bad ones before a funny one with good quality comes along!

Now all of the funny videos have been put in one place for you!

CoolVideoClips allows you to find the perfect clip that you're looking for without searching through tons of bad ones.


I now remember why I'm a lesbian.

Last night we did the insemination and it was quite the experience.

We had purchased sterile cups and syringes in order to do the home insemination in New York.

Dennis did his "job" and then he came into the living room, took Grammy, and me and Margot headed into the bedroom.

It was like an Easter Egg hunt looking for the container and after a few minutes of searching we finally found it in the bathroom.

I went to put the syringe in the cup to suck up the sperm and I started gagging. Just the whole texture of it was like boogers. Then it happened --- I barfed.

Thank God the toilet was in the same area and I made it!

After I barfed I was fine, continued doing the syringe and we performed the insemination.

I sat two hours with hips in the air and was fine after that.

Of course, I have yet to get two damn lines on my O sticks. AUGH.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Black and single?

Then I've got the site for you! Black Singles are hooking up on!

Tired of dating the same Black brothers? Or the sisters that everyone has been with?

Move on, my friend and join us in the 21st century!

BlackScene is free of charge, easy to use, and has tons of profiles of good looking Black men and women.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Once again...CD 14

I feel like my body has really let me down.

Today I went in for u/s and b/w. We were planning on going to NYC this weekend and doing home inseminations using Margot's brother.

Well, I have yet to surge (ovulate) on those damn ovulation sticks that cost a fortune.

The ultrasound revealed that I had one dominant follicle measuring 13. Not good. My lining was also paper thin.

I just feel like what the fuck. Why can't this just happen like it does for millions and millions of other people out there.

Why can't I just have one perfect cycle, resulting in one perfect pregnancy, and one healthy baby?

Is that asking too much?

Get the hook-up, people!

You know I love a good website that offers savings. I've found the best one of them all!

Get your free savings with! You can shop at most of your favorite stores like: Target, eBay, Office Depot, CompUSA, Sears, and Barnes and Noble and get rewards in the form of US Savings Bonds!

Signing up is easy and the website is informative and a breeze to use!

On average customers save about 6% more with BondRewards than they do with other online rebate/reward websites.

Check it out -- you can't afford not to!

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Humble beginnings.

I have always come from pretty humble beginnings. My mother worked as a paralegal and my dad worked a 9 to 5 jobs with computer. (Imagine Dilbert with wife and kids). We lived in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in the suburbs.

When I was growing up I always swore that I'd make good money and strike it big.

Of course, that still hasn't happened.

We live in a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house. It's a great house -- just small and we've outgrown it. I stay at home with the baby and my partner works as a Landscape Architect making about as much as my father makes.

Do you see a trend here?

In my recent endeavors to get rich quick I stumbled across a book called "The Secret." I purchased the book years ago after seeing it on Oprah. The book talks about every topic in life and gives some really inspirational information. At the end you feel inspired to go out and live your life to the fullest!

I was happy to see that "The Secret" lives on now! The makers of "The Secret" are now offering seminars on "The Secret Science of Getting Rich". I'm quite interested in the seminar and the information that's provided.

Supporters of "The Secret" include Oprah Winfrey and Larry King. It's also been the rave in tons of publications including: "New York Times", "The Wallstreet Journal" and "Time" magazine!

The program is currently being offered for a mere $1,995 and I'm sure within a few weeks you'll see that return and much, much more!

Check out the website now and learn to live life with the wealthy!!

Got mommy a gift!

We went to GameFly today because I wanted to check out the new games and low and behold they have the "Cooking Mama" game. It looks so cool! You make all of these different ethnic dishes using the Nintendo Wii-mote. I think Margot will love it too.

So Grammy bought it for her as an early Mother's Gift.

Letter to the insurance company...

Here's the letter that I wrote to the insurance company. Pretty damn awesome huh?

Dear Review Committee,

I am writing to appeal as part of the formal review process for denial of in vitro fertilization coverage. In September 2006 Dr. Robert Kiltz’s office (CNY Fertility) appealed the initial denial of in vitro fertilization coverage based on the medical evidence that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and at that time had undergone 3 in vitro fertilizations, 5 intrauterine inseminations (IUI), and 1 intracervical insemination (ICI).

Following the appeal made by Dr. Kiltz, I was sent a letter October 6th, 2006 from the medical review board (Dr. Rosenberg) stating “If you are infertile you will be required to do 3 FSH/DS/IUI to be eligible for in vitro fertilization.” (See attached review letter.) Starting in November 2006 I underwent the three intrauterine inseminations required to meet the guideline set forth in the review letter by Dr. Rosenberg. (See attached cycle sheets.)

I was initially diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome by Dr. Jose Torrado (Cayuga Women’s Health) during my initial consult in October, 2002. I then did two IUIs with his office before transferring over to my current doctor – Dr. Kiltz.

Dr. Kiltz’s assessment concurred with Dr. Torrado’s, upon initial consult, and the diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Ovarian Dysfunction were given. (see doctor’s notes from Kiltz and Torrado)

I am currently on Glumetza 2000mg to treat the PCOS. I have been on Glucophage in the past and had intolerable side effects. The medications are supposed to help with egg quality and decrease the chance of miscarriage.

I have had the following treatments:

Treated with Cayuga Women’s Health – Dr. Torrado
11/19/02 – IUI w/Clomid, HCG
12/19/02 – IUI w/Clomid, HCG

Treated with CNY Fertility – Dr. Kiltz
1/19/03 – ICI w/Clomid and under supervision and direction
2/15/03 – IUI w/Clomid, HCG
3/12/03 – Did not ovulate this month and cycle was cancelled
4/7/03 – IUI w/Clomid, HCG, and Glucophage
5/2/03 – IUI w/Clomid, HCG and Glucophage
9/6/03 – IVF using donor embryos
12/22/03 – IVF

Treated with SIRM – Dr. Sher
8/18/06 – IVF using donor embryos

Treated with CNY Fertility – Dr. Kiltz
11/1/06 – IUI w/Gonal-F, Lupron, HCG
11/30/06 – IUI w/Gonal-F, Repronex, Lupron, HCG - resulted in miscarriage.
2/21/07 – IUI w/Gonal-F, Repronex, Lupron, Glumetza, HCG

Throughout all of the procedures and attempts of trying to get pregnant --- I have only achieved pregnancy once. That ended in a devastating miscarriage December, 28th, 2006.

The Center for Applied Reproductive Science states:

“First trimester pregnancy loss is increased in PCOS. The major cause of this is probably poor egg quality and problems that were present at the time of fertilization.”

When Dr. Kiltz appealed the decision from Blue Cross Blue Shield in September 2006, the consequent medical review letter dated October 6, 2006 clearly noted that once I completed three rounds of injectible IUI that I would be eligible for In Vitro Fertilization.

In addition, Dr. Rosenberg stated that “If the same donor’s sperm was used successfully with the donor eggs in 9/2003, it suggests that the problem is with your oocytes.” The sperm donor has proven fertility in over 15 different cases using many different women and both donor and non-donor ova.

Therefore, the only clear resolution that can be seen as to the reason for my infertility is “that the problem is with my oocytes” as noted in Dr. Rosenberg’s review.

By doing IVF that would allow the Embryologist and Reproductive Endocrinologist to choose the healthiest appearing eggs and allow for fertilization of sperm directly.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine states:

“IVF is increasingly being used for treatment of PCOS. Perhaps the largest benefit, a desire shared by both clinician and patient, is to evaluate the capacity of the oocyte to be fertilized.”

It’s obvious that I am classified as infertile due to not only having issues with getting pregnant but also maintaining a pregnancy. I am currently being treated for PCOS and I do not ovulate nor do I start my period without assistance from medication.

The most recent injectible IUI I had over 14 mature follicles, an estrogen level of over 4,000 and risk of high-order multiples. Due to the ovarian hyperstimulation, I was advised to go to the Emergency Room for evaluation and treatment. I went through with the high-risk, FSH/DS intrauterine insemination because it was a requirement by Dr. Rosenberg in order for me to be eligible for IVF in the future

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine states that:

“An additional advantage (of IVF) is that a more aggressive approach can be taken toward ovarian stimulation. With PCOS, hyperstimulation is somewhat less of an issue because the preovulatory size follicles are aspirated and a limited number of embryos are replaced. Not only does this decrease the chance of multiple pregnancies, it reduces the risk of more pronounced cystic change.”

It’s clearly in my best interest to provide coverage for in vitro fertilization through my insurance plan. I have met all of the requirements of the prior letter sent by Dr. Rosenberg. I have also been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Ovarian Dysfunction which are the most common causes of infertility.

I ask that the decision “to do 3 FSH/DS/IUI to be eligible for in vitro fertilization” noted in the October 6, 2006 letter be upheld and that coverage be granted in a timely matter. I am due to start Lupron March 29th and so I will need an immediate answer.

Please contact myself or Dr. Kiltz if you have any further questions.

I await your positive response so that I can achieve my dreams of becoming a mother.

Your paying customer,

So tired.

I don't know if I've ever been so exhausted. I feel like I should stay away and catch up on blogging but I can barely keep my eyes awake.

Maybe, I'll get a second wind when Grammy goes to sleep.

Or maybe, I'll fall asleep with her!

What a fabulous idea.

It seems like it doesn't matter whether you're trying to conceive, pregnant, or have a child --- your life is always full of worries! I worry about not getting pregnant. I worry that if I get pregnant again that I'll have a miscarriage. I also worry that someting bad will happen to my two year old daughter, Graem.

I guess it's just part of being a mother - even before conception!

I know very soon there will come a time when I get pregnant and will need to consider Maternity Health Insurance! Maternity card gives you the some great benefits and best of all peace of mind. It's perfect for people who don't have insurance coverage at all, people who don't have maternity coverage, or for people that are private pay. offers a great website with information on how to save on everything you need in order to prepare for baby. The MaternityCard also includes: Doctor's visits, Hospital Stays, Lab Work, Counseling, a Nurse Hotline, and many other services.

Do what's best for your baby. This is a great chance for people who don't have insurance to get the care that they need for their unborn child.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I hate moving.

Good thing there are companies you can hire to do the job for you. I think that's one main reason why I'm not interested in moving!

Over the years we've accumulated over three floors of CRAP! I can't imagine transporting all of our junk to another destination!

More than likely we'd hire a cheap moving company to move for us! The money that we spend on movers really would be worth the fights and arguements that we'd get into by packing and moving!

Not to mention, many of the moving companies insure your items. So if something breaks or cracks -- the good thing'll get paid for you and you can get a new one.


This would have helped...

When we were buying our house we would have loved to have had a mortgage calculator! offers some great education information for potential home buyers.

You can also get an idea of the current mortgage rate available. Also, they have specific information on Nevada Mortgages and Washington Mortgages!

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TGI ...


Today we went to Mitch and had a pretty good counseling session. We talk about our next steps, how I obsess about all of this infertility stuff, and how Margot can be more supportive.

We came to the conclusion that I'm allowed to plan for the future and that we're going to try inseminations with D for a few months and then re-examine!

Hopefully, we won't have to reexamine and we'll get a pregnancy on the first shot.

God, I really hope it works.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Take control.

We have friends that own many properties in college town and time and time again it's so hard for them to keep everything together. There's constantly home improvements, taxes, finances, among other duties that have to be dealt with on a timely basis.

I am actually going to recommend the Real Estate Management Software to my friend Jen. It would make her life much more organized and she could have all of her information in one place!

Siterra's software allows you to have a fully integrated, web based program that helps with planning, building, managing, growing remote sites, assets, and leases.

What a great Christmas gift!

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What's going on with me??

I feel like a little flower these days. It seems like the littliest thing makes me cry these days. Then something happens and I'm happy as a clam.

I've never been "unstable" but I feel like I have PMS in a major way. Maybe I just need to hook up with some happy drugs to regulate my moods.

Got space?

This time I'm not complaining about how small our house is! Instead, I'm complaining about how small our computer hard drive is!

We are constantly deleting items from the hard drive so that it doesn't crash. In fact, we've had to burn all of our pictures to CD so that our computer starts up!

One option that we've seriously considered is portable drives. Pexagontech offers some really cool portable drives in five different colors that you can personalize for free!

The portable drives are not just cool...but really reasonably priced. They offer 40GB to 160GB drives starting at $59.99.

That's awesome considering that you get a cool color hard drive and tons of space for under $100!

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Monday, March 19, 2007

I feel like shit.

So, I'm absolutely depressed. I feel like everything sucks and it's not going to get any better.

I'm tired of being let down. Whether it's the miscarriage in December or most recently the denial of benefits.

I never get any breaks.

I know I should be excited about moving forward with doing home inseminations -- but I just can't get past feeling angry and mad at the most recent happenings with the fertility center and my insurance company.

Maybe after getting away this weekend and doing the home inseminations I'll feel better and more hopeful.

The good thing is ... I just spoke with D. He's so on board for making this happened and seems to really want to do this. That makes me feel good and hopeful that if we stay the course...good things will happen.

I wish I was sitting...

in front of a nice, warm, fireplace! Right now I look at the window and we're buried in about 2 feet of snow and it's still snowing!

When I was a kid we had gas logs and they were perfect! They warmed the whole living room and it was nice to have a fire going without having to worry about the dangers of fire or the mess of cleaning up a fireplace!

Fireplaces have always been so soothing to me and I am always drawn to them. offers some great fireplaces, fireplace mantels, and some great accessories for your home.

When we remodel our house over the next few years I think it would be perfect to include a new fireplace in our living area. I love how you can build your fireplace on!

They make shopping for fireplaces easy, fun, and AFFORDABLE!

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Another frustrated post.

So, I'm trying to get everything together that I'm going to send for my appeal to BCBS Mass. I call CNY Fert. today to find out that Dr. K has no signed the letter not devised another letter on my behalf.

I'm so frustrated with this place I could scream. The last time I was upset with them was because they had made an error and never done an E2/FSH test on CD3. This is a basic test that all REs do as part of a work up on a patient to see what their egg reserve is.

Both Dr. and Nurse apologized for the error and that was that. A mistake.

This on the other hand is blatant poor customer service and really not caring one way or another.

I figure I'm going to make an appointment with Dr. K and he can review my concerns. I don't think that they are asking too much for a doctor to write a short letter on my behalf after treating me for 4 years and receiving over $45,000.

What do you think??

Can I get your numbers?

Oh boy...ya gotta love going on that first date! The great thing about online dating is that you somewhat get through the kinks of the "first date" in the comfort of your own home with your keyboard in front of you and maybe even in your pajamas!

JustSayHi offers a free online dating service for those searching singles out there! We've actually had friends go through other services and they were so expensive. Of course even more ridiculous than that is that they charged for every single thing!

This can obviously get expensive and if it's still not working then not only are you dateless and lonely...but also broke!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Sign me up!

I absolutely adore "The Apprentice." On one of the most recent episodes one of the guys got fired by "The Donald" for saying he was "white trash". God knows, Donald doesn't want "white trash" working for his classy organizations!

I would love to purchase the Trump University Speaker Series. It has some of the greatest former contestants answering how they became successful.

The whole idea is that you can listen to these great business people and become successful too! Plus, you'll be able to say that you took classes at Trump University!


I don't know what's been going on...maybe it's the stress of all of this stupid infertility or insurance stuff but I've had the worst headache the past few days.

I literally feel like my brain is about to explode and it hurts so bad that I feel like I have to squint just to see things.

Thank God it's a weekend. I can rest, Wii, and blog.

Just starting out?

When I started my business it was very hard to get my feet off of the ground. In fact it would have been really nice to take out a small loan just to pay for the legalities and the marketing material.

Business loans through is the perfect solution for merchants who need a hand. They offer short term, working capital loans. The great thing is the interest that you pay is tax deductible.

Check the website out - it's easy to find and has tons of information. You can also call the 1-800 number or request for someone to call you!

It doesn't get much easier than that!

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Those kids.

Today I subbed for the local middle school and the kids were absolutely horrible. If I were that teacher I think I'd probably be an alcoholic!

I'm not sure how teachers do it sometimes.

It's a rare that I think that teachers have it easy and that's because some of them get away with teaching two classes a day!

These kids were disrespectful and had total disregard for authority. I sat there with my handful of referrals.

Too bad I didn't know any of the kids names!

Are you protected?

When I was a kid we had an alarm system on our house. It was a great safety feature and always reassuring as a kid when I came home to an empty house and had to deactivate the alarm and it showing that there were no intruders.

My parents spent thousands on the alarm system and even more to have it monitored through the a company every year.

LaserShield alarm system is a great option for people like us - who want protection but don't want to spend an arm and leg on it. It can be purchased at Comp USA, Home Depot, Costco, Kmart, Montgomery Ward, Sears and more.

LaserShield is an easy to install portable security system. They offer 24/7 monitoring and it's perfect for nearly every space including a small office, home, or apartment.

This is a high tech infrared detection system at only a fraction of a cost of it's competitors. Plus, it's easy and convenient to install.

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So if you haven't noticed I'm still quite pissed at BCBS. I talked to them today and they are standing behind their ruling that I haven't had 12 months of being infertile and that since I had the miscarriage that it starts all over again.

Our attorney drafted up a really good letter, our doctor is writing a letter too, and we're submitting a letter - as part of the appeal process.

At this point since they aren't approving it I figure we can do a home insemination this month (next weekend in NYC). Then we will continue to do monitored injectible home inseminations. That way I create tons of follicles and then we just use Margot's brother and stick the stuff in there.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Margot and her dumbphone!

Margot's phone is from the dark ages. It's that silvery color and some of it is even chipping off. I make fun of her phone but it's been the better of the two phones that we own - plus hers was free.

Wirefly's done it again! They are the all time provider of cell phones, cell plans and accessories but now they've devised a list of the Wirefly Top 5 Smartphones.

The Blackberry and the BlackJack are in the top two and I can't wait to see how the Apple I-Phone is going to rank when it comes out in June!

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I hate them.

I'm talking about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mass. SO the newest thing that's going on is that I'm not infertile because I was able to get pregnant back in December.

So, they are stating that I have to undergo 11 more IUI procedures before I am considered infertile and they give me insurance.

What a fucking slap in the face. I seriously can't believe it.

So, we've contacted an attorney and not only are we going to do an appeal, our attorney is going to send a letter on our behalf too.

The shitty part about it is the Fertility Center that I love so much is no longer going to stand by and support us and the mean old lady called today to say that they can't "waste" any more time on it.

Excuse, me bitch...but I've been with you guys for over 4 damn years and paid your salary for at least a year!!!! After $45,000 you'd think that your provider would give you some kind of support?


I feel better. Really.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh man, I'm lost again!

I am possibly the worst navigator known to man! At one point for my old job I was constantly traveling and putting close to 5,000 miles on my car a month. Each day I had a new destination. Although, they purchased map software for us to give us. That included turn by turn directions --- it didn't matter. I'd always end up at the local convienant store asking for directions.

Now there's a new option for mapping services for business. offers some great and helpful maps. They offer acrylic panels, floor plans, exterior sign boards, and pocket maps.

I like the layout of the website. It seems to be easy to follow and also easy to find what your're looking for. The website is simple but doesn't look boring or detached.

One thing that I can appreciate is that they offer a free, online, mapping tool to their users. It's so easy to find mapping software online -- but the good ones charge an arm and a leg. It's nice to know that a company that specializes in maps can offer their product as a courtesy to interested parties free of charge.

It might be helpful to put some of the contact informaton on the front page such as an email contact form, or even a phone number. When I was looking for that to see the location of the business it seemed a little hard to track down. (I found it under contact on the top tab)

I realized that there is no advertising and while I don't typically like advertising on websites I realize it's helpful in building revenue to a website. Thank you for not putting advertising on the website!!! I think it detracts from the website as a whole.

All in all ... I think the website peaks interest and is easy for the average joe to navigate through, purchase items, and get all of the information they might need on maps!

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Fucking bastards.

So, I've been on the phone all day with the Fertility Center and Blue Cross Blue Shield. It appears even after the most recent stint of 3 injectible IUIs I've been denied for IVF coverage.

I'm so damn frustrated I could spit.

The last letter I got from BCBS stated that I had to do the three injectible IUIs and then they would approve IVF.

Now, they are coming back and saying that I didn't meet their "medical necessities standards."

However, when CNY called they said that because I had the miscarriage that it starts back at 1 and that I'd have to have 11 more IF procedures.

So, I'm going to call CNY first thing tomorrow morning and get all of this straightened out. Also, Margot's going to draft a letter for Dr. K to sign.

Obviously BCBS says that I don't have an infertility diagnosis.

Jesus Christ -- after $45,000, 12 procedures, meds out the wazoo, a miscarriage -- what other diagnosis do I need to be considered infertile?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Lost in the dark ages.

That's how I feel living in upstate New York. When we go to New York City we are constantly in awe of how people are so tech saavy with their PDAs and cell phones that go online!

Now, you can get video streamed into your cell phone!! Check out the South Asian (INDIAN) Video Distribution Website.

In a world of technology it looks like there might be a new leader among us!

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Mama down?

I'm so exhausted and thank God I got out of school early today! The teacher only had homeroom and two other classes! So, I had to teach Intro to Business and Marketing. And I walked out the door at 11:45am.

Now, I'm just going to lay down on the couch and take a snooze.

Put your money to work for you!

We are constantly looking for good checking and savings accounts that we can put our money in. Currently, we have savings accounts with ING, Emigrant, and our local bank. The most that we are able to get is 5.05% through Emigrant.

We've all but given up on finding a good checking account to put our money in! Our local bank offers less than 1% on balances for checking and savings!

Compare online banking, find a savings account or checking account and earn more interest today with

The website is easy to use and all of the promotions are on the front page and list all of the terms so you don't have to look at the fine print!

Put your money to work for you --- no use in it sitting in an account and getting dusty!

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Too damn early.

I am so exhausted. I feel like all my posts these days are the exact same. I have to sub this morning and be there at 7:30am and I feel like a damn zombie.

Margot was snoring all last night and the whole night I felt like I was waking up to tell her to be quiet.

Too bad the kids at school don't get a nap time!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Find that special someone!

Margot's brother, Dennis, has turned into quite the mack-daddy. (That was the old school term we used when I was a kid, not sure what the equivalent is these days!)

He had two dates with one girl last week and mentioned that he might have another date with one of his co-workers in the upcoming week.

The hard thing for him of course is that he's spending way too much money on these girls! For the first two dates he dropped close to $200.

One thing that I have mentioned to him is that he should try online dating. That way he can talk to a girl online for a little while decides if he likes her and doesn't have to spend a dime. He's tried but it was so expensive that he cut off the membership!

If he does like her he can then take her out and wine and dine her.

It's kind of like doing a phone interview - then if the company likes you they call you in for a face to face!

JustSayHi offers a free online dating service. The great thing about it is that you can sit back and talk to someone while wearing your pajamas and if they are crazy just don't reply to their messages!

This post sponsored by: JustSayHi

This is something that I found on one of my boards...

Although it's somewhat religious I think you can probably read it and interpret it in your own way:


Couples experiencing infertility often receive well-meaning but extremely insensitive "advice." We can all list the most popular ones: "Just relax and you'll get pregnant," or "adopt and you'll get pregnant," of the most painful from those who think they've got the goods on God's plan, "Maybe God never meant for you to have children." The sheer audacity of making a statement like that never fails to amaze me.

These same people would never walk up to someone seeking treatment for cancer and say, "Maybe God never meant for you to live." However, because I am infertile, I'm supposed to get on with my life. It's hard to understand that people can not see infertility for what it is, a disease for which I have to seek treatment. What if Jonas Salk had said to the parents of polio victims, "Maybe God meant for thousands of our children to be cripples, live in an iron lung or die." What if he'd never tried to find a cure? Who could think for one minute that that was God's plan?

What do I think God meant when he gave me infertility?

I think he meant for my husband and I to grow closer, become stronger, love deeper. I think God meant for us to find the fortitude within ourselves to get up every time infertility knocks us down. I think God meant for our medical community to discover medicines, invent medical equipment, create procedures and protocols. I think God meant for us to find a cure for infertility.

No, God never meant for me not to have children. That's not my destiny; that's just a fork in the road I'm on. I've been placed on the road less traveled, and, like it or not, I'm a better person for it. Clearly, God meant for me to develop more compassion, deeper courage, and greater inner strength on this journey to resolution, and I haven't let him down.

Frankly, if the truth be known, I think God has singled me out for a special treatment. I think God meant for me to build a thirst for a child so strong and so deep that when that baby is finally placed in my arms, it will be the longest, coolest, most refreshing drink I've ever known.

While I would never choose infertility, I can not deny that a fertile woman could never know the joy that awaits me. Yes, one way or another, I will have a baby of my own. And the next time someone wants to offer me unsolicited advice I'll say, "Don't tell me what God meant when he handed me infertility. I already know."


Well, I'm almost finished with my period but I've been pretty crampy lately. My ovaries still feel swollen and it doesn't feel like things are back to normal.

I'm still pretty bummed that we won't be going through with the inseminations not this weekend but next --- but I guess it'll be alright.

I figure at this point I can't sweat the small stuff and if it's meant to happen it will.

I have absolutely no control of the situation. The weird thing is...I keep having dreams that I'm pregnant and that it worked.

In fact, the past few nights I've just had this weird feeling that this is going to work. Aside from Margot's snoring --- that's another reason why I've had a hard time sleeping.

I think I get carried away thinking about the "could have beens" and I yearn so badly to be pregnant and a mama again.

I still think about the baby that we lost and it's hard being around our pregnant friend because she's 20 weeks and I would have been 17. Almost 1/2 way there. I know it's just going to get harder as my due date approaches...

I've just got to hold on to hope that it's going to happen and when it's going to be amazing.

Oh American Idol. just finished and I am at a loss for who in the world I like best. There are 4 people that I really like. Even though I'm an avid viewer and it's my favorite show I have yet to vote!

My favorite all time singer was Chris Daughtery. He just released his first album and it's suppose to be pretty good. I'd say he's a mix between Eddie Veder and Live. Reminds me of the good ole' 90's!

Do you have access control?

I know I never did!

When I worked at a corporate healthcare company it didn't matter what I did...someone would always upload a virus! Not only did people not get the whole idea of deleting mail that had various attachments from strangers - but they'd constantly open up websites that contained viruses.

One way to gain access control of your computer systems is through Symark. Not only can you see what your employees are doing while on the clock but you can monitor items so that your network remains virus-free.

This could have saved us many days of down-time had we had a simple program like Symark up and running!

Not to mention all of the frustrations and cursing that took place!

On a much cooler note.

CANCUN BABY!! I'm so damn pumped and I can't even begin to tell you how long I've been waiting for this vacation. I'm glad Margot finally agreed. I think sometimes she has an overwhelming sense of responsiblity that it gets in the way of our fun!

It takes me pushing her out of her comfort zone and into the fire. That is what gets me into way too much trouble ... but for her I think it's a nice balance.


Well, it looks like we won't be going to NYC in the next few weeks. I was really excited because we were going to hang out there, see Margot's family, and do some city stuff.

Also, we were going to do the inseminations with Margot's brother. Of course, I loved the idea because this is the first time that I hadn't been on tons of infertility meds and thought my body was getting a nice rest.

Anyway, we get a message from Margot's dad today that they're moving to the new house and so we can't stay with him.

Dennis has classes that weekend and I don't want to burden him to stay at his place and use his sperm.

So it looks like we'll probably just hang out in Ithaca and skip the idea all together.


I am seriously exhausted.

I don't know if I've ever been this tired. Margot kept me up all night last night snoring. I was about to kill her!! Then I had really bad stomach cramps (non-AF related) and the scoots at around 2:00am. Finally, at 3:00am I decided to hell with sleep and woke up and started doing websearches and blogging.

If I'm awake anyway I might as well make good use of my time!

Stop dating thugs!

Have you done online dating only to meet thugs and losers?

Are you ready to meet Mr/Miss Right?

Well, now there's the perfect dating website for people who want to get serious about dating. No more games, no more heartaches. Just people looking for love and devotion.

My perfect date is just a little alone time with the person I love over a fabulous meal and a bottle of wine followed by a romantic evening and a little hanky panky!

As a woman we all have the need to be loved, pampered and taken care of! Of course, those same needs are exactly what a man needs too!

Not only would we love to find the perfect sugar daddy but we want a generous person who will take care of our needs and treat us like a lady.

Check out for successful men who are interested in attracting beautiful women but either don't have the time or don't feel like playing the "games" of dating.

Not only is the website easy to use and navigate through but the profiles are clear and you can search by characteristics and locations.

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Home sweet home.

We just got back from the first outing in two days! We had to get Graem's passport information turned in for our trip to Cancun. I picked up Margot at work and we went to the courthouse.

It was actually a lot easier than expected and $152 later we should have Grammy's expediated passport within 4 weeks!

Of course, Margot's freaking out that it might not get here in time!

That's right...I'm the boss.

When I worked at Alterra I was constantly remind employees that computer work was to be 100% official business and not to go on chat or check personal emails.

Of course, when I was not around I knew employees were doing their personal internet useage! The second I would walk in the door they would change their screen or automatically log out.

Now there's some great spy software that I wish I would have had access to! Not only with EBlaster can you see what your employees have entered keystroke for keystroke. You can also view the websites, chats, and emails that are sent out from their account.

True signs of a good boss - knowing what your employees are doing!

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It's official!

We're going to Cancun, Mexico! I'm still on the phone trying to get Grammy's ticket through US Airways. But we're leaving May 11th and coming back to Ithaca May 17th.

I can hardly wait! Sun, beaches, rest, all inclusive, and did I mention free premium alchol?

What more could a girl want!

Hopefully, I'll be knocked up and won't be able to take part in the drinking festivities!

Cancun, here we come!

Well, it looks like we've found the perfect vacation and I'm going to book our all-inclusive trip to Cancun! Of course, I've got to get a bathing suit and some new sandals for the trip.

One place that I've looked at for a great sandal selection is They offer reef flip flops, keens, crocs, and rainbow flip flops! Plus, they have free shipping on orders over $75!

Cancun, take me away!

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Ain't nothin' like the real thing baby...

I'm talking about gold of course!

One thing that never loses it’s value is gold! Even when our stocks are floundering you can always look to silver, gold, and precious metals to maintain their value.

Monex Deposit Company offers silver, gold, and other precious metals for delivery or they will make arrangements to have your metals stored privately and securely at a bank or depository.

I didn’t realize this but Monex Deposit Company (MDC) is an industry leader. They sell gold in two forms: coin or ingot. The world demand now exceeds the supply demand for gold - which makes it a pretty smart investment.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm getting old.

I feel like I'm eighty years old sometimes. Years ago at my old job I hurt my back and I've tried to everywhere including: chiropractic, physical therapy, and even acupuncture.

Maybe when we go to New York City in a few weeks I can check out New York Sports Medicine.

They have a great website and useful information on lower back injuries.

I really like the fact that their office is open from 7AM to 7PM, Monday through Friday!

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Why is that baby awake?

We've been cleaning house and doing laundry all day and at noon we eat lunch and finally at 1:00pm we get dressed!

At 2:00pm I try to put Grammy down and she won't have any of it. She plays with my hair, rubs my face, says "Mama, I love you." And for as damn cute as she is... she's not napping!

So now, she's having a little "alone time" in her crib!

While Mama tries to clean up the rest of the house. She obviously needs to rethink this whole nap thing and come to the conclusion that naps are good!

Jack Bauer's favorite store.

Most people know that one of our favorite shows is "24" with Kiefer Sutherland. He plays this agent with the Crime and Terrorism Unit of the United States Government.

Jack Bauer (Sutherland) always has the coolest gear and at times we've wondered where he gets it all! He always has the perfect devise for the wild situation he's getting himself into.

I've come to the conclusion that he must shop at They have the coolest gear out there including the polarized sunglasses that Jack always sports.

They also have a great selection of other cool gadgets like radar guns, binoculars, telescopes, and flashlights!

There's no doubt that before Jack goes on scene to his ... next episode he hops online to OpticsPlanet to pick up the best gear at the best prices! They also offer free shipping on orders over $29.95.

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CD 4 and our upcoming plans.

Well, it's been decided by all parties that we're going to go ahead and try the egg + sperm = baby idea.

We're going to NYC on CD 15 (2 weekends from now) and Margot's brother is going to be our sperm donor.

We haven't quite worked out the logistics, except that we know that we'll probably get in a couple of inseminations and try to do them in the evening so I can just go to bed with hips up in the air afterwards.

I called the Fertility Center today and they still hadn't gotten approval from my insurance company. So hopefully, that will come through so it can be our backup plan if Plan A doesn't work.

Affordable artwork!

We absolutely love good art. We appreciate every type and throughout our house there isn't a wall that doesn't have some form of art on it!

That's when I came across Daily Painters Gallery - affordable contemporary art and I fell in love!

Not only is the art really good, but the prices are affordable and everything is under $100!

When I was looking at the website Graem kept insisting that this painting looks like our cat, Murphy!

The painting is an oil painting and priced at only $9.99! You can't go wrong with that!!

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Saturday, March 10, 2007


I am such a miserable bitch right now. My period is in full force and I feel like hell. Not only am I bloated to high heaven but I feel like my insides are falling out.

It's a good thing that Margot's around this weekend to take care of Graem or else I'd have to call in sick!

To live or die that is the question?

We've learned quite the lessons over the past few months when it comes to life insurance.

Just a few weeks ago we looked to increase Margot's life insurance through State Farm since she's the one who makes the main source of income we figured that we should probably increase so that if anything ever happened Graem and I would be taken care of financially.

They sent out a nurse to do a physical and although Margot's physically fit and we thought she'd be eligible for non-smoker insurance and non-medical insurance - she wasn't!

They want to charge $405 per year for a 31 year old to have $200,000 worth of coverage all because she has asthma! It's not like her asthma is severe or life threatening.

To say the least we passed on the offer. However, one option that we are looking at is through They offer an easy to use website and you can search for policies right on the front page.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Go with the pros.

When I set up my website for my business I had no idea what in the world I was doing. Margot got it hooked up on the search engines. But I'm not even sure that it actually comes up!

I ended up not getting any business from it - due to the fact that it wasn't getting exposure for the right words.

San Diego SEO helps with web exposure. They can market your website like no other business can and find those hot links that will get you tons of exposure to your online website.

A little money towards your business could go a long way. If you're going to invest in a website and getting it up and running...make sure that people can find it!

Hire a good SEO company to market your product effectively.

Gotta love a good shrinkage.

Well, we haven't been to our couples therapist in a month or so and it's due time. We missed our last appointment because we forgot. OOPS.

So this time we both had it on our calendars and thank heavens we remembered!

I'm not sure having a session on a Friday afternoon is a great idea. It means that we can be pretty miserable with each other all weekend long - or - have a great weekend filled with love and cheer.

I hope it's the latter!

I've been Grokodiled!

There's this great new directory that I just added my website too! You know that the internet is all about connections and I'm constantly looking for new ways to market my websites.

So check out the newest blog directory Grokodile.

I like the fact that it's sorted by region and so I signed up for Ithaca, of course. But I can also view other blogs from the Ithaca area.

You can check out my listing here. Give it for for ME!

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*Bang*Bang* I stunned you.

We are a non-gun owning family. Being raised in Texas we always had a gun in the house and there were even times when my mother slept right next to her gun. (I know trashy).

When I moved up here I wasn't ultra conservative and surrendered my spurs and gun at the door. I've never felt the need to have a gun and always figured I could kick anyone's butt with my baseball bat. (Yeah right.)

The perfect compromise, however, might be a stun guns. Stun guns come in different shapes and sizes and the reality is that they could do some pretty serious short-term damage to a predator.

With Margot working late and me being home late at night...there are times when it can be quite scary. Just the other night as I was walking down to the bathroom I kept thinking of all of the people that I fired at Alterra and how anyone of them could come after me!

A good cup of Joe.

I've never been a coffee lover...til now.

When I gear up for a cycle I try to be coffee-free. But when I realize it's a bust...I go crazy and I have to have coffee running in my veins throughout the day.

I love the taste, the texture, and the way it makes me feel.

Do I sound like an addict?

I've actually learned how to appreciate a good strong cup of black coffee without sugar or cream. I did this out of necessity of course because I was too damn lazy to go to the fridge and get milk and sugar.

Thank the good Lord and the Colombians for coffee!

Hook a sista up!!

Our iPod is an old school one. It's HUGE compared to the smaller and newer iPods out there and doesn't have color!

That's why I think we need a new one. We would be more than happy to donate our iPod to Grammy and put all of her Backyardigans, Barney, and Sesame Street music on it.

Even after a hard day of working I'm going to hop onto and try to win a new iPod.

Get a Free iPod from Now!

I figure they've given away more than 3,000 iPods so far...what's one more, right?

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I hate it when...

I go to an online vendor and I find everything I'm looking for, the price is perfect, but the second I go to put it in the shopping cart either the site stops or there's an error message!

Most times I don't go any further with that company and end up going to another website, paying a little bit more, and buying the same product.

I think all companies should invest in good shopping cart software! If you aren't able to check out the items that you've purchased --- as an online company you might as well take down your website and stop doing business! offers some great software to help online vendors do business and provide a consistent marketplace for their customer.


Today I got my period full force. The morning wasn't going too bad and I was going to drop Graem off at school and come home, blog, and clean the house.

Well, I got a call from one of the schools that they were desperate for a sub. So I was suckered in!

I worked from 10am-2pm and got paid $ that's a pretty good deal.

Of course, I feel so miserable now and my cramps are killing.

Gold, baby!

I have always preferred gold over silver and it looks like that's what the economy is going to favor this year too!

With the stock market being so unpredictable lately investors are hesitant to feed the economy that way because they don't want to lose money. The best way to go, at least until the stock market stabilizes, is to invest in a stable product.

Gold is one of the oldest products of trade and because of that it has instant value. Every year the demand for gold exceeds the production.

General Metals Corporation is a huge producer of some of the finest gold in the world. The company is a reliable company that is looking to increase investor and potential revenue in the upcoming year.

Right now is the perfect time to buy this stock since it is down a bit. Not only would this be a great buy...but in the next few months I expect to see a short term gain in your investment!

Take a look at this press release:

Gold Expected to Dominate the Investment Horizon, Experts Advise Early Stock Purchases (Reno, NV – March 5, 2007) Traditionally, gold has had an inverse relationship with the stock market. When stocks go up, the price of gold usually falls; when stocks flounder, the price of gold usually skyrockets. Some experts believe it could mean a lot for investors in 2007, because gold is once again catching the eye of the investor. For General Metals Corporation, the news couldn’t come at a better time. “With our plans to begin drilling at Independence Mine, we’re more than thrilled to hear gold is making a comeback,” states company CEO Stephen Parent. “We’re even more excited with our location; it’s a proven producer.” General Metals acquired the Independence Mine in northern Nevada and became a public company last year, trading under the symbol GNLM. Predominantly a silver mine from 1938 to 1987, the Independence Mine is estimated to contain over two million ounces of gold, as well as over two million ounces of additional un-mined silver. As the Independence Mine is essentially an island within Newmont Mining’s Phoenix Mine, the area is already a proven producer. According to Parent, they plan to remove the precious metals in two phases. “Phase one includes our ‘shallow’ targets,” says Parent. “The shallow targets contain less gold, but they’re easily and quickly accessible, which will encourage early cash flow. Phase two is where the majority of our gold will come from. It’s deep mining, but we expect it to produce 1.4 to 2 million ounces of gold.” They expect to produce 20,000 ounces of gold in the first year, 60,000 ounces in the second year and 70,000 ounces in the third year -- approximately $101 million from early estimates. The company also anticipates an additional $1.36 billion to be gained from phase two production. In an effort to increase their mining production, General Metals has recently acquired the Nyinahin Mining Concession in Ghana. Located in one of the most active exploratory areas in the world, this concession shares borders with several major mining companies, including Newmont Mining, Napoli Gold and Dunkwa Continental Goldfields. “Financial experts are predicting gold to play a key role in investor’s profiles during 2007,” adds Parent. “But due to the timely nature, potential investors will need to act quickly in order to maximize their gains.”

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

I want to be in Arizona today!

Okay, I'm absolutely sick and tired of the weather in upstate, New York and anywhere would be better than here!

When we were in Las Vegas this summer we ventured over to Arizona and took a look at the Hoover Dam - which is right on the boarder.

Arizona is beautiful and I wouldn't mind actually vacationing there at some point. I'm sure they have Arizona hotels located in a beautiful setting with red rocks and perfect blue sky background! offers great information for the native or traveler of Arizona. They have information on hotels, restaurants, and recreation.

Check it out if you plan on going to sunny Arizona anytime soon!

Good Ole Aunt Flo

Decided to make her way to town this morning. That's right. I got my period!

I've decided that I'm not going for my last and final HCG blood test. The reality is --- I'm not pregnant which of course is evidenced by my period!

Plus, I'm a cheap ass and don't want to spend the $20 copay.

Looking for a good Christian companion?

Are you a Christian and just can't seem to find that "perfect" Christian spouse out there?

Have you prayed for God to send him/her to you?

Maybe you just haven't looked in the right place! Online dating offers a new setting for Christian singles to meet their partners.

The website is easy to use and you can even build a profile online and look at other profiles too!

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A good game of b-ball.

When we were in Houston last time we saw the Women's Comets play at the Summit. Lucky for us we got awesome tickets a few rows back from the players. We had a great time and it made me miss living in a big city and having professional sports.

As a kid we used to go to Rockets, Astros, and other games in Houston. There was always something going on and we always had tickets!

Of course, now as an adult, I only want to go to a game if I have stellar seats! I will not go to a Yankees game because the only seats you can get your hands on are all nosebleed seats.

If we were ever to go to Miami (where Margot's dad has a condo) we would more than likely want to get Miami Heat Tickets. PremiumSeatsUSA offer some great seats and their prices aren't too bad.

Might as well pay a little bit more and get the seats that you'll enjoy -- than sit in the nosebleed seats and not see what's going on!!

Baby down.

Graem was quite the pip today when I tried to put her down for a nap. I know it's always going to be hard if she gets close to sleeping in the car.

I tried to lay her down on the couch as usual and she kept trying to make excuses to get up out of bed.

Finally, I got her stuffed ducky and she's sleeping soundly after about 20 minutes of excuses and yelling!

Back home.

Well, we ran all of our errands and grabbed McDonalds for lunch. I really wanted to go to Pizza Hut for lunch but as we parked the car in the Pizza Hut parking lot Graem started screaming for McD' what the hell. Lunch is lunch.

After lunch we went to my Cardiologist appointment. Everything seems to be fine and Dr. Brand didn't seem too concerned about any of the readings that my pacemaker was giving.

I'm due back in May for another pacemaker check. I have about 6 1/2 more years before my batteries in the good ole pacer need to be replaced.

I love you Mexican food!

When I moved to New York the one thing I sacrificed was the Mexican food that I got in Texas. It was so perfect, greasy, cheap, and delicious! We have two Mexican restaurants in Ithaca and it's just not the same.

One place that I used to love is Taco Cabana. They are a big chain in Texas and they even have a drive through! They had the best tacos and a great salsa bar.

They now offer Mexican Food Catering! If I had an event I needed catering for I wouldn't think twice about having these guys come out and provide services and great food.

By the way...did I mention how delicious their margaritas are too?

Take me back to Texas - NOW!

My aching back.

Yesterday, I went for my lovely massage and today I feel like I've been run over by a mack truck! I'm not sure if she just stretched out the area or if something bigger is going on.

I have the slipped disc issue on L4 and L5 and muscle pain surround the area. Today, my back feels like it's really lose down there and that if I do anything it's going to take me down for the count.

Eat outs.

Okay, so we've been eating out almost every meal. Last night was the first meal that we actually had at home and it was eggs and hot wings. We've got to get some groceries in this house or before you know it we'll be eating butter and tomato paste!

Hmm..I'm sure you can come up with something yummy with those two items.

Peanut, peanut butter, and JELLY.

A few weeks ago many people were affected by the huge peanut butter recall due to salmonella.

Many people suffered damages, pain and suffering, and possible death because corporations did not take specific procautions to make sure that their product was safe and healthy.

If you were involved in the Peanut Butter recall and got sick from the digestion of peanut butter then you should contact attorneys that are currently trying to head up class action lawsuits against ConAgra Foods.

If you are looking for the Peanut Butter recall lawsuit information no further - the case is currently being represented by Parker Waichman Alonso Mark LLP and Neblett, Beard & Arsenault LLP.

Be part of the action! If you've suffered don't let these corporate monsters get away with the shortcuts and trying to save money. We trust them every day to provide us with safe and healthy products. They've failed us miserably.

What a great night ...

Last night when Margot came home we had such a nice evening. We hung out, laughed, watched a little television, and played Wii!

It was like old times!

I think lately, we've all been wrapped up in our own little worlds and it's so easy to do with work, and home stuff...

I just love reconnecting and feeling a bond with Margot and Grammy as a family.

No poop in panties!

That's what Graem yells out when she's about to poop! Of course, at that point I make a mad dash for a diaper and try to put it on her as fast as possible!

I think there have only been two poopy accidents in panties and I think the wise thing to do would have been to just throw the panties in the trash!

At some point we've got to encourage or persuade Grammy a little bit more to poop in the toilet --- these 2 year old craps are killers!!

Baby gifts.

It seems like everyone in their grandmother is pregnant. (Excluding me, of course). I have been looking around for the perfect baby shower gifts and have yet to find them. I want something original that the family is going to like - but not too expensive.

One place that offers personalized baby gifts is These gifts are perfect if the person has already had the baby and you find out the name and sex.

If you're going to a baby shower and the sex and name is unknown you might want to get them a little something for the shower and then order something personalized after the baby's born.

I really like the hooded towel with the baby's name on it. We received a few when Graem was born and she's still using them! Of course, it would have been really cute to get one with her name on it!

Better get ready!

Today I have a PT appointment at Island Health and Fitness. Then I have to go get bloodwork done and then a Cardiologist appointment at 1:00. On our way home we have to swing by and get medication at the pharmacist.

At least when I'm at PT they have daycare there!


I've been watching the news and it's such bullshit that there are so many parents out there that are beating their children. There was just a segment on how this lady punched her three month old child.

What the hell is wrong with these people?


I have a few friends that have been pulled over for DUIs. Both of them got their licenses suspended and had to actually go to a class. I think it's a good thing and I hope that they took the offense seriously.

The thing about DUI that I think is unfair is that all judges and courts have different stipulations and punishments. It just depends on who your attorney is, how good of a job they do, and how much money you have!

There are many San Diego DUI Attorneys - but when it comes to something like a DUI you really want a firm that specializes in DUI/DWI. Liberty Lawyers have provided legal services for thousands of people who have had DUIs and DWIs. They know the in's and out's and are able to provide you with the very best legal information available.

Check out their website. It has some really useful information that could save you from getting your license suspended.

Bad Me.

So I was suppose to stay on my meds Monday and Tuesday night and go for another HCG blood test Wednesday. Well, I haven't been too good at that and neither Monday or Tuesday did I do the injections.

Yesterday I didn't get the bloodwork done either! I figure I'll go this morning and get my bloodwork done.

Waking up this morning!

I woke up at about 7:30 this morning and Graem was still sleeping so I laid back down and watched her sleep. She's so silent and perfect.

A few minutes later I had to make a run for the bathroom because I had to pee so bad! When I came back at 8:15am Graem was upstairs in bed and looked pretty grouchy.

We came downstairs and once again - she wanted eggs!

So, eggs it is!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If were were rich...

We would want to have a house in a sunny place!

Obviously, here in Ithaca, NY our relator of choice is Mary Stoe. If we ever wanted to buy a house I'm pretty sure she'd be the person we'd contact.

However, if we wanted to buy a house in sunny Orlando we'd have to look for an Orlando Real Estate Agent!

Property values in Orlando are always hot and it's a very good investment. Margot's dad owns a house in Miami and already the value since he purchased it a few years ago has increased drastically.

Check out for great information on Real Estate agents in the Orlando, Florida area.

Too busy on my day off!

Today was quite the busy day - even though I didn't have Grammy! I got a lot done and was able to have a mixture of fun in between.

Tomorrow I have a physical therapy appointment and I also have to go to my cardiologist appointment at 1:00pm.

It's always a trip taking Grammy to my appointments cause I have no idea how she's going to do! Sometimes she's a perfect little angel and other times she drives me crazy.

Hopefully, she won't make my blood pressure go too high during my appointment!


I love playing cards! In fact, when we went to Vegas I didn't do too shabby. Too bad we had Grammy with us! I felt bad for having Margot and Graem walk around the casino as I was busy gambling!

A few years ago we had a game night and our friends brought out their poker table and chips. The chips they had were ordinary and it didn't seem like there were enough for everyone.

I think for the next party our friends Mary and Elise should invest in some personalized poker chips. Mary's a real estate agent so she'd love to see her face on the poker chips along with a catchy little real estate slogan!

E-PokerChips offers personalized poker chips at really good prices. I like the thicker clay chips because they make me feel like I'm in Vegas!

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When I was a kid...

my grandmother owned a doll store. She made ceramic dolls from scratch and collected antique and collectible dolls.

I had around 200 dolls when I was younger. When I was a teenager my mother put all of the dolls in the attic where the very expensive Madame Alexander dolls melted in the hot Texas heat.

Begoths offers some great collectible dolls that are so original in style! They have character and they're not the "innoncent" baby dolls that I used to collect! These dolls are sassy and have attitude -- just like a little goth kid!

Check them out before it's too late. They've already sold out many of the styles but you can special order yours online now!

I need to de-stress!

Even though my life isn't overly stressful at this very moment it seems like when stress arises I don't handle it very well. I've talked to many people who do stress relieving exercises such a yoga or pilates and it seems like they are so happy and find such peace.

Pranayama, Breathing Exercises explained through YogaWiz. YogaWiz is a great resources for those looking for enlightenment and ways to release negative energy.

I've thought about taking up yoga for some time to relax and "let go." After visiting YogaWiz I think I'm going to try some of the breathing exercises at home!

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So, I was sitting in the Starbucks waiting to meet up with my friend Diane. Can you believe they aren't wired for high speed wireless?

So, now I'm sneaking my ass into the Hilton next door and acting like a patron of the hotel.

It's actually pretty nice here as I sit next to the fire with classical music in the background sipping on my venti cup of starbucks coffee.

Oh, to be a stay at home mother minus the kids.

Looks like plans have changed...

Due to L&L having Rainbow Connection at their church we have decided to have The Social Committee Saturday instead of Friday.

It's a good thing cause typically Friday's are crazy and by the time all is said and done we are all exhausted and not too much fun.

I hope our crowd doesn't get too rowdy Saturday. God knows, the T-Burg police don't want to make an appearance at our house!

Oh perfect!

We've been talking lately about the perfect get away. Some place that is kid friendly but has great beaches. We've tossed around the idea of the Caribbean and Key West but neither of them seems kid friendly.

One place that seems to be just what we're looking for is Kissimmee, Florida! They have sun, beaches, and amusement parks all in one place! Kissimmee hotels are at an all time discounted price to try to get new tourists like us to visit too!

Where else can we go to find 52 theme parks and great beaches 40 minutes away?

Sounds perfect to me!

What a day...

This morning we woke up, got dressed, and I dropped the keys off at the mechanics. Last night when we went to drop the keys and the car off we realized that the drop box for the keys was a mailbox and you could reach your hand in there and get the keys out.

So, with our better judgement we decided to play it safe than sorry and drop the keys off this morning!

I also picked up Dunkin' Donuts for Grammy's teachers. They are always so nice to us and we just love them to death.

Went to buy stuff at Target.

Then I went for the infamous Melissa Massage! It was amazing.

She also referred me to a massage therapist professor that does Mayan Massage. It's suppose to be a special massage that actually helps promote blood flow in the uterus, tips the uterus a little and help with infertility.

I'm going to give her a call and see if I can get some treatments when I we do the upcoming IVF.

At this point I'm ready to do voo-doo or witchcraft - if that's what it takes!

Today's shopping expedition!

Today I went to Target with a handful of coupons that I was able to cut out of the newspaper this past weekend when we were in the hospital. The great thing was that we received 4 different coupon fliers in the newspaper with the same coupons!

So, I purchased tons of toiletries mostly items that I had coupons for. I was able to get away with only purchasing one item when the coupon asked for two. I even slipped in a few extra coupons too!

My grand total before coupons came to $199.29 - after coupons $122.83.

Now that's some savings! Of course, the 10 people behind me in line kept giving me this death glare.

But who gives --- I saved $77!!!