Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little gambling ...

goes a long way!

Years ago when I was in college I was involved in some casino games. In fact, I became quite the professional at playing online blackjack.

It was so easy and all you needed was a paypal account or a credit card. Considering that my credit card limit was only $100 I couldn't go too far!

One day Margot noticed that I was playing and got pretty upset. Then she realized that I was making some good money! Within a few days I had tripled my money and with that money we went to the store and purchased a new PlayStation 2!

I've heard that online casinos for USA players are hard to come by these days. Many of the websites don't run out of the USA and so not only do they have different rules and regulations but it's harder to work with websites with different languages and personalities!

In fact, recently I did a search for online gambling websites and there are thousands. Never in a million years would I know which ones are the best or most reputable. I am guessing there are probably a handful that are scamming and then there are a handful of honest websites that have some decent payouts. offers a great website that actually reviews the websites! Not only is it an easy-to-use website but with the thousands of websites out there it can really point you in the right direction!

Just a few words...

* I got a new job.
* Sometimes it kicks my ass and I'm overwhelmed.
* Still trying to balance mom and work.
* Fortunate that it has flexible hours.
* I want to do a good job.
* I find myself being bitchy to my kids too often.

I'm going to work harder at being a better mom.

Enough said.

Not another ticket!

I got a speeding ticket back in October. It was horrible. I was going up a hill to pick Graem up from school. Emmy was in the back seat screaming and I was in a hurry. Sure enough...busted.

I've always been a fan of radar detectors! We have had ours for about eight years now and it has saved me thousands of dollars in speeding tickets.

Most of the time I put the radar detector up if we're on long trips. Lately, it's been making a weird beeping noise and then cutting off.

My next paycheck will more than likely go towards buying a new radar detector considering that over Thanksgiving break we're driving to North Carolina!

A two year old and a lost tooth.

So much has happened over the past few months.

Emmy turned two. We had a nice little birthday party. She's still getting therapy and she's doing quite well. She has the vocabulary of a three year old and she's so strong willed at times we really don't know what to do with her!

Graem lost her first tooth the other day and the tooth fairy left her a shiny half dollar. IT was so fun seeing her wake up in the morning and finding her tooth box with a coin!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My poor skin.

Saturday when we went to the swimming pool I kept applying sunscreen. It didn't matter though - it kept coming off in the water and the sun was so strong I ended up getting burned.

The good thing about a sunburn is that it keeps the acne. THe bad thing is that not only do I look like a lobster but I also run the risk of geting skin cancer.

Maybe I'll stick with the acne and just look at the pronexin review for acne relief!

I'm a fair weathered fan.

I'll be the first to admit. I like cheering for the winner. I'm not an underdog kind of person! If I hear that my hometown baseball/basketball team is on a winning streak then I'm all about that team!

I guess you could say that goes for the World Cup too. I was totally into it...then the US started sucking. THey got some pretty bad calls too and before long they were out of it.

Today I'm going to try and find another team to root for. I think there's a game at 2:30 and I plan on watching it!

It's that time of year again...

the time that my body has to fit into a swimsuit!

Unfortunately, I'm able to wear the same fat suit as last summer when I had a baby. Darn.

I've thought about looking at the best weight loss supplement available.

Years ago I was on weight loss pills and they worked great. Plus, it provided me with that little boost of energy that I needed to lose quite a bit of weight. Once I got started and motivated my body took over and I weaned off of the medication.

Now, I feel like I'm right back to that point and I just need a little jump start to get me going.


it's so goddamn hot I feel like I'm melting!

We're hanging out in the living room now and the a/c is trying to keep up but after being on all morning the thermostat still reads 78 degrees. UGH.

On a good note...I was able to pick up my car today and it looks good. All repairs have been made to the bumper and it's up and running again.

Plus they washed and waxed it!