Wednesday, September 02, 2009


The other day when we went to Target I noticed that the cashier was not actually ringing up our merchandise.

She kept using the barcode scanner and it was making a beeping noise but not registering.

About three items into our order she realized it and went back and rerang our order.


It's done.

Well, it's been close to three days since Emmy has nursed. I still have to pump every morning but I'm shocked that I don't have more issues with hard boobs or leakage or needing to pump more.

I'm pretty bummed that she didn't go longer. I enjoyed it because it was really the one and only time that she sat still enough for me to snuggle and hold her.

Now she's doing her own thing and on the go.

I talked to the pediatrician today and she agreed that it was probably Emmy's decision to be weaned and why she was biting in the first place.

So sad.