Monday, January 21, 2013


I've been trying to make some good home made meals.   I let M and the kids pick out what they want for the upcoming week and I go out and get all of the ingredients that I will need for the upcoming week.   Typically, a  meal ends up easily costing more than it would for us to go out to eat at a restaurant!!  

Tonight we are having meat loaf and rice.   It's gooooood stuff.

Old fart.

Well, it's happened.   Another year.   I'm 36 years old.   Damn, that's old.   I remember I was 14 or so when my parents were my age.   I thought they were so old.

And to think that I have a one year old?!  

I had a pretty good birthday.   It was somewhat upsetting that M didn't do anything to plan for my birthday.   I got a card.   We are broke from Christmas.   I was also afraid that my father had forgotten my birthday.   So that evening I was on the edge of tears.

Then I get the call/message and email.   It made me feel better.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

The best.

The one thing I'm a snob about is getting the kids good winter gear.   My kids spend so much of the winter days outside that they need to stay warm.   Typically, I shop online and try to pick up good deals on the best brands.   My favorite is patagonia kids.    

Patagonia offers great quality products.   Yes, they are a bit more expensive but with three kids - the jackets, buntings, and hats LAST!   

I just got my Patagonia R2 Jacket in the mail the other day and it's so warm and fuzzy!   I don't want to take it off!

Making money....

These days I've been looking for ways that I can bring in just a little extra money.   It's hard because you get to a point where if you work you lose money because you're paying out so much in daycare!!!    Then there's the aspect that I really don't want to work because I have three kids that I want to be home for.

I wish I could just pick up a little part time job that would let me bring Keane to and/or would pay good enough where I could work a few hours a week and not feel guilty about getting a babysitter!


We are constantly looking for ways to invest.   Margot is confident that putting money into Apple is going to make her $5,000 investment into millions.  

I want to buy gold bars!   Gold has done amazing over the past few years and it's shocking the increase that it's had.   Even when the stock market was in the gutter gold prices were at an all time high. 


I am so glad that Emmy got accepted into pre-K.   It's been such a good fit for her.   And us.   The only downfall is that they get out early on Fridays and typically I pick her up and we hang out for 4 hours until Graem comes home.      Just if she'd take a nap she'd be in much better spirits!


It seems like everything in our house goes at once!   Right now we are battling the plumbing and trying to figure out why we have a slow drain in our kitchen.   Margot bought a snake the other day and wasn't able to pull anything out but sludge.

Today I'm going to call the plumber out to see if he can do some piping work to help the waterflow.

I'm glad that we don't have to buy the iqair prefilter this month!   However, we do need to replace our fridge filter.