Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enough meds already!

Tonight I took all of my shots which included progesterone and lovenox. I forgot about the sting and the pain.

I have a friend who is getting low testosterone treatments and he actually is having to do injections too.

It's interesting how we all have to go through our own daily battles to get what we want!

I just wish that it didn't have to be so painful! Why can't we just take another pill?

Not so good news.

I got the call that out of my 8 eggs only 3 were good and 3 fertilized.

I'm truly disappointed. I know with aging stuff like that happens and you become less fertile. However, I expected to have more to work with.

Here's hoping that those three embryos continue to grow and I have some perfect 8 cell embryos Wednesday.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Makes sense.

When I was in healthcare they were always looking for ways to make things more effective. In doing so they came up with point of care cart. That way you would have all of the supplies you need on hand instead of running back and forth to a closet or storage area.

It was shocking how efficient this made working and typically the aides were able to almost double their work just by having supplies on hand!

This is going to be fun!

I just talked to my grandma and she's booked her ticket to visit my uncle and aunt. Then they're making the roadtrip here with my cousin and her husband and kids!

I'm so excited!!! It's going to be so much fun. Now I just have to get the house in shape AND...clean!


Too bad our kitchen won't be finished.

Friday, April 01, 2011


I'll be in the market for some personilized baby items !

This time around we would not find out the gender of the baby. I loved it when we didn't know for Graem. It was fun. We have everything for a little girl and I think I'd be really shocked if we ended up with a little boy!

It's also going to be hard to go to an ultrasound and not look for the goodies! I think since we've done this so many times I might actually be able to figure it out.

One day of meds down....

8 more to go! WOW...this is going fast and I'm hopeful. But anxious. I want it to work.

BUT...if it doesn't I think I'm going to be alright with that.

We've gone back and forth on the number of embryos to transfer back and I just don't know what to do...

We talked about if there are more than 4 splitting them up and freezing the others. Or we could always just wait and do a 5 day transfer.

Right now I feel like I can't count my eggs until they are retrieved!