Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sweet tea!

We just got back from North Carolina and my favorite part (aside from seeing relatives) is the sweet tea!!    I was told that you have to buy Luzianne tea and then mix the sugar in when it's still hot.   I've never done tea brewing so this concept is still new to me.

I prefer both sweet and unsweet tea and this summer if I want to keep the pounds down it might make sense to go with non-sweetened!

Everyone is getting older...

Thursday I go for Emmy's kindergarten meeting.   It's hard to believe that my kids are getting so big.   Graem is half way through her elementary experience.    UGH.   Slow down.  

I have enrolled the kids in three camps this summer and Keane is due to start daycare in the fall.    I'm excited for him ... but also ready to go back to work.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Keep an eye out...

We keep getting notices of a predator that keeps trolling our area and asking kids to approach the car.   We have had the conversation with the kids about saying "no".   However, I'm know how kids are and ours are super friendly.   I need to make sure they are protected and stay safe.

I looked up where can you buy pepper spray and it's harder than you think!   I couldn't find a place locally so I had to purchase some online.   

Almost done...

I painted the kitchen and dining room.   Tonight we are going to do the backsplash tile.   We weregoing to go with glass tile but instead we decided to do stainless steel.   I think it will be really nice once we finally have it done!