Tuesday, November 01, 2011


We've talked about doing a little ceremony in the spring. We'd love to get our friends and family together and do something simple...but fun. Our main goal would be to have good food and a good time. Plus, we don't want to spend tons of money on one day. We'd much rather put it in the bank and go for a nice honeymoon!

One of my friends was looking for plus size bridesmaid dresses and unfortunately, they options were so limited! They went to the local bridal places and they were only able to find dresses up to a size 12. SERIOUSLY?

Then when they went to the big chains the dresses looked like moo-moos and not fitted and beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

In the end they had to pay a fortune just to have a dress that matched the other wedding party.

Jumping Jack.

So now that the boy is getting bigger I can feel him stretch out and kick but I'm not feeling the full body movement that I was once. He's learned to do a full jumping jack in my belly. I feel him stretching his arms down low and his legs up high!

I am hoping that he's going to be a laid back baby. Some days I think he's calm and laid back...other days I wonder if he's not going to pop out that minute and he doesn't sit still for a minute.

I started having some BH contractions a few days ago when I was walking in Target. Nothing to be alarmed about...just my uterus practicing for the real thing!