Saturday, April 25, 2009

I need a vacation!

I know Margot is the one putting in the long hours at work but I've been putting in the long hours at home and I'm so darn exhausted!

I'm ready for a nice long vacation!

I've looked at cancun vacation packages and I'm so ready to book our flight and hotel stay!

Karisma Hotels offers amazing hotels situated in the heart of Mexico. The rooms are beautiful, top notch service, and the restaurants in the hotels are culinary expertise!

Of course, I'm all about the white sand, blue water, and delicious drinks. Of course, we're going to have to figure out what to do with the children!

Anyone want two little girls for ten days or so?!

Ear hurt.

The other day I went to the doctor because I was having killer earaches. I'm just getting over a cold and it seems like I have tons of fluid behind my eardrum.

Today I heard a popping noise and now my ear feels like it's going to fall right off. UGH.

I'm seriously a wreck. I have a black eye on my left eye from softball and my right ear is killing me.

Our new house. Kinda.

One of our friends came over tonight and she hadn't seen the house since we painted, got the table, and switched around the living room. She was shocked and really liked the way that we turned our space into bright, airy, and more comfortable.

Today as I was mowing the grass I was so happy to live in our house. I love our yard (except when the tractor got stuck in the swamp!) and the house itself is really starting to look good!

The good ole days.

I can't believe that I've been staying home with the kids for almost four years now. I still think about working at my old job. Heck, I advanced so quickly that I would have probably been the CEO by now!

Just the other day I noticed a toilet seat riser and thought of many of my old residents that needed assistive devises installed in their apartments.

Not only was it hard on the family to track down the perfect devise but since we're in such a remote area we have absolutely no local selection!

That's why I'm glad I came across Allegro Medical. They have a great website that's easy to use and also offers some great prices and free shipping!

Still cloth diapering!

Which is a shock to me. I figured I would probably do the cloth diapering but either I would get tired of doing it or it would gross me out once the big poops came into play.

The good thing about solid poops is that half of the time they just roll in the toilet.

We're still using the Bum Genius 3.0 and they've been a fabulous diaper and work just as good now as the day that we bought them.

I tend to do diapers every three days and I actually enjoy the alone time that I get when hanging them to dry in the laundry!

Almost walking...

The girl is so close to walking. She walks when we have her hands. Walks when she uses her baby walker and so desperately wants to go places!

I think part of her frustration is that she can't go places fast enough and she realizes that crawling just plain sucks. friggin' hurts her knees!

Graem and Emmy are both so different. We're constantly trying to remember how things were with Graem.

What we know so far is that Emmy is one strong willed little girl that is going to do things on her watch!


I have never really been into coin collecting. We tried to collect all 50 states and decided they were putting them out too slow and gave up on that whole idea.

Heck, I even purchased the quarter holder for the coins and I'm sure it's in the basement somewhere with $1.50 worth of quarters collecting dust.

I wouldn't know rare gold coins if they were to hit me in the head!

However, I think it would be really special if we were to find Graem and Emerson's birth year and purchase rare coins in their honor. When I was a baby my grandparents were able to find the coins for my birth year and had them mounted. It was always really special to me. offers a great website for people like me who are newbies to collecting coins and need a little extra help along the way!

Laying low.

Tomorrow I'm just going to hang out with little Emmy. I have a feeling t hat she's been acting up because she needs her nap and her whole body is out of whack.

I figure at least we can make sure she gets her morning and afternoon nap. Then of course I can try to dose her with Tylenol when she seems like she's in pain from the teething.

Bad mama.

I feel horrible about not doing a good job updating my blogs. Seriously. I used to update the blogs all of the time when I was pregnant and when Graem was a baby.

Now I feel guilty because our hard drive crashed and supposedly we have them backed up through this online place. However, we're unable to recover them.

Makes me sick to my stomach to know that all of our pictures. Every single one of them....could be gone.