Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nothing on.

My favorite show "Flipping Out" is over. I'm totally bummed because there is nothing else that I've been watching. I have quite a few shows taped but I can't get into any of them. I'm also scared to start a new series on television because it seems like the ones that I like never make it to a second season and then I feel robbed of the hours that I sat in front of the television watching the one and only season of a show!

I've thought that maybe I should look into download videos so that I can watch at my own pace and also not feel like I have to watch in a hurry or that I'm paying a fortune for a video mailing service.

Baby stuffs...

I've been trying to get all of the baby stuff togethere! We only have 16 or so more weeks before this baby comes! We are actually in pretty good shape and all of the baby stuff that's on my list is "extra" and not totally necessary.

I was glad to find out today that I can get a liner for the stroller that covers up the fushia pink in the Maclaren 250$ stroller! I had started to look at other strollers and quite honestly, that's the last thing in the world that I want to spend my money on!

For better or worse..

We really should start looking at better life insurance. Especially, with a new baby on the way and me not working again. Margot is the sole supporter. God forbid anything were to happen to her. THe last time we looked term life insurance quotes we became very overwhelmed and couldn't sort out the best one for us.

Not to mention, Margot's got asthma and I'm fat so that puts us in a higher bracket than your typical couple.



I've been in charge of dinners for the past days and let's just say...it hasn't been good. Tonight I'm taking the kids to Moe's for kid's night while Margot works late.

I went to Wegman's yesterday and dropped $200. That has to last us until we go on vacation in a week and a half Of course, I'll probably have to stop by next week for a gallon of milk and some eggs.

We eat and poop away so much money!

Holiday shopping...

I know I should start thinking about Christmas shopping because it's going to be here before I know! Plus, I could be giving birth to the boy and won't be able to do the last minute shopping that I typically do.

The hard part is that my kids constantly want different things. I know that Graem would probably love a new game or two for her Nintendo DS and I've been trying to find good gamestop coupons.

I'm really going to try to do most of my shopping online this year because it's so much easier and I'm hoping to skip the lines and dealing with big box stores!

24 weeks!

We went for our 24 week appointment and ultrasound and it went perfectly. THe boy is getting bigger and in the 26th percentile for weight which we're happy with. He was cooperative during the ultrasound and I must say...he has Emmy's nose!

I went to BRU this weekend and picked up the carseat and stroller combo. It's nice and I'm glad that I didn't spend tons of money on it.