Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We need more of it! We have to pay off the HD card and the van and then we officially have a little more breathing room. Then there's the carpet I want for the playroom and the new kitchen I want remodeled!

We have friends who have used a cash advance to help out when they were in a bind. Fortunately, for us we have a bank overdraft program that helps when we're in a small crunch and need to buy a few days before a paycheck comes.

Vacation time?

I keep looking online for good getaways for Graem's fall break. Of course, all of the good deals are after her break. DAMN. I'd love to do a trip to Florida or a cruise but I really don't want to spend $2,000.

I'll keep looking and hte good thing is that we can leave last minute if we need to because Margot is taking the time off.

Much better.

With Margot's father having colon cancer we really have been trying to do things that are better for our health. We've thought about doing a colon cleanser so that we can flush or bodies out.

I've heard if you do it on a regular basis you can really reduce your risk. Margot went a year or so ago and got a colonoscopy and they found some small polyps. So they will have her come in every few years to make sure that she stays healthy and that nothing bigger grows.

The finishing touches...

Well, we finished the playroom with the exception of some touch up stuff and new carpet. Now we've got to finish up the basement room and to start thinking about what we want to do with the kitchen.

The race is on too! CU graduation is in a few months AND my family is going to be visiting a few weeks after. EEK.

The good thing about this is that it really makes us move our asses to get this house up and running!

Need to lose it!

I'm talking about the holiday weight. Then there was all that birthday cake that I ate last week at Graem's party. I have a doctor's appointment 2/28 and I really want to lose major weight before then.

I've thought about over the counter diet pill that works. However, I think I need to read up on it and see some information on people that have tried it before.

The alternative could just be to move more and eat less!


Tonight we get to go over and see our friend's new baby! Pretty excited to see her. She's been a long time in the waiting/making! Plus, there's nothing like holding a newborn.

I'm sure this might kick in my wanting for #3 to full force.


Life is good.

Right now I'm lying in bed with Emmy. She's doing everything she can to get out of taking a nap and I'm working on some blogging catch-up.

Life is good. I have a healthy family. I can work part-time as needed and I get to spend much needed time raising my kids.

I'm lucky.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


We have iphones and absolutely LOVE them. However, Margot's has been acting up and some days it's so slow. We're also not impressed with the carrier. Our calls constantly get dropped and the plan we are on is a fortune!

In the next few months we're up for renewal and I might take a look at all of the cell phones out there because I'm guessing that there are some other phones that work just as good.

Day off.

I seriously need a day just to hang out on the couch and watch bad television. WITHOUT KIDS.

The past week has been crazy at work and so I'm hoping that this week slows down a little bit. Of course, I love the bigger paychecks because it lets us do some nice things with the house that we might not be able to do otherwise.

This week....toilet. That's right. I get a new toilet for my birthday.

My computer...

is actually doing a pretty good job with all of my work stuff. I've had my eye on an iPad but I wanted to wait and let them work out the kinks.

I've also seen the netbooks and I love how small they are! WHen I travel for work it's nice having a smaller computer and I really would like having a smaller one because it'd be easier to set everything up on a table while working.


The holidays went by way too fast. I seriously don't know what I did other than finishing up the playroom. It seems like I take on these projects and they always take longer than I think they'll take.

I think Margot's going ot try and take off a week or so and we're going to try and head out of town. It will be nice and it's a much needed getaway!