Monday, March 31, 2008

Serious help!

So I have to admit that every once in a while I like to throw my resume out there and see if any potential employers bite. I guess it's me wanting to stay marketable...but also I like to know that I still have what it takes!

However, I've had a chance to look at different resume templates and I must say that I really should work on updating my resume and having it a bit more "user friendly."


Lately, I've had the hardest time trying to go to sleep. Actually, it's not the act of going to sleep because I go down pretty quickly. It's staying asleep.

My bladder is working overtime and I literally wake up every hour to go to the bathroom.

Then there's the pillows. I can never seem to get them just perfect! I battle all night with them and end up sleeping with my arm under my head.

Then it starts all over again and my arm gets tired...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Love is in the air!

Margot and I met online over ten years ago! It was quite the experience and one that I think was perfect for both of us.

When I met Margot her dad was dating a Russian lady that he had met in New York City. She was actually one of his patients and he had done plastic surgery on her. She was an exotic dancer!

Ten years later, Margot's dad and Gala are happily in a relationship!

Russian Brides make very devoted spouses and the relationship really works for a lot of people. LoversPlanet offers a great website that has profiles of women located in Russia. Many of the women are bright, educated, and beautiful!

Through LoversPlanet you can actually check out the Russian women profiles, see their pictures, and write them messages!

If you're looking for that special someone and haven't met them yet...check out the internet for Russian dating!

Honkey Tonkin'

Every year my grandparents try to make it out to Branson. They love all of the live entertainment and I've heard that it's really a good time.

If you were thinking of bringing the family it might make sense to look at a Branson condo so that you can have some space and a place to call your own for the stay!

30 week ultrasound photos

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008


When we first moved into our house we really didn't have a whole lot of money to make changes.

So we did the smaller things that didn't cost a lot that made a big difference. We started out by painting all of the rooms and ripping up the shag carpet. THen we changed all of the light fixtures.

You wouldn't believe how much of a difference we were able to make with about $10,000 worth of spending!

There will come a day...

when we will have enough money to actually renovate our house.

Who knows when it will be but with two little girls and two big mamas we've got to at least add a bathroom!

Of course, I have my eyes set on a new family room which would come fully equipped with a home theatre center. Of course, we'd have to have one of the new Sony HD Plasma widescreen televisions. We'd also need home theater sconces in order for the look to be complete!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Need credit help?

When I first moved to New York I had a handful of credit cards with balances and no income! Talk about a bad situation!!

Eventually, we were able to pay off the cards - only to add more when we went through infertility treatments!

Now there's help with Bad Credit Credit Cards! Many times the Credit Card Applications can be stressful and take tons of time. is an easy to use website that allows you to search through creditors who are willing to offer credit to people who have bad credit.

There are such things as second chances!!

Many times after experiencing bad credit it is important to re-establish yourself and have a credit card or two. Over the years of paying the bills on time and being a loyal customer you will see your credit score increase!

Got storage?

We've been constantly looking for storage and we've purchased an external drive, mozy back up, and a usb flash drive.

It seems like among our pictures and music they take up most of our hard drive and so in order for our computer to run smoothly we've got to figure out something else!

Of course, the only thing that's actually going to save us if our house catches fire is the online back up!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Project dollhouse - COMPLETE!

Take a look at these pics from my ongoing dollhouse project. My mom got Grammy tons of cool furniture and goodies to put in the dollhouse.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yum yum - gimme some.

I remember when I was a little girl I think I might have actually tried Gulf oysters.

Since we're from Texas and my mother's family is from Louisiana we're all about hooking up with the seafood! In fact, we used to go once a week to the seafood buffet that had oysters, shrimp, and other delicious crustaceans.

The oyster post-harvest process is quite interesting and I found a lot of good information on

I can't wait til the summer comes. We haven't made plans quite yet but I know we're going to try to get away to the beach at least once. Maybe we can grab oysters and seafood!


Things lately have been totally up in the air. The other night Margot gets a call from her uncle that her dad isn't doing well at all.

Supposedly the incision from the surgery is an open wound and very infected. They keep giving him antibiotics but they aren't touching the infection.

THe other news was that the finances are a complete and utter fucking mess.

The check that was suppose to pay for his health insurance bounced - he only has $400 in his checking and the check was for $2,000.

Not to mention....he has no assets and he's defaulted on every other bill. Including life insurance.

The whole situation makes me really sick to my stomach since he is all about "show" and when it comes to taking care of business -- he really ended up fucking his family.

I'm trying to be supportive of Margot because I know she needs that more than anything right now. But it's just so frustrating when all of these years he's made her feel like shit for not being a doctor and now he can't even pay for his own health insurance. Yet, he has a $100,000 Lexus in his drive way and a 2 million dollar home. (About to be repo'd of course.)

Friday, March 14, 2008

I love...

the new diaper store in town! I was shocked to see that they offer great deals on cloth diapers and they also offer some great nursing wear for new moms.

Today I went in and they were able to answer all of my questions and I purchased a few diaper covers.

They have the inventory that you'd expect from a franchise store.

Mama big!

Yesterday I went to the OB and I was shocked to see that I'm up 28 pounds for this pregnancy. Holy crap!

I'm really glad that I was able to lose 75 pounds before getting pregnant because at this rate I would have been so big I'd really be in trouble and probably need to get a Rascal scooter.

When the baby is born I'm really going to try to lose weight and hopefully it won't be too hard.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Before and after.

I think this picture was taken at 8 weeks pregnant:

Now for pictures at almost 28 weeks:

Monday, March 03, 2008

Las Vegas!

A few years back we went to Las Vegas to do infertility treatments. It was quite the adventure with a 1 1/2 year old and us trying to get pregnant.

I wish we would have done more of the sights and had someone to watch Graem so that we could check out the great restaurants.

Perhaps in the future we can check out Las Vegas hotel reservations and get a good deal so that we can actually enjoy Vegas instead of going for a purpose!

Today's agenda

Initially, when we woke up this morning I thought we'd have a pretty laid back day. Now I'm looking at the list of things I have to do and I'm not too sure about that!

1. Call midwives - find out doseage of Synthroid
2. Get reservations for dog
3. Do laundry
4. Clean house
5. Make haircut appointments - go to haircut appointments
6. Pick up financial form at new Montessori School
7. Pick up new Backyardigans video!
8. Get carseat installed at the fire department
9. Eat at Garcias
10. Come home and take a nap

So much for hanging out today and watching a little Tom and Jerry and staying in our pajamas! At least it's a beautiful day and I've heard it's suppose to go up to 55 degrees!

All natural, baby!

Yesterday we went to our local cooperative market and picked up a few groceries. We're really trying to live healthier and also buy things that are healthier for our skin and body.

Just a few weeks ago there was a report out that highlighted many of the baby products we used and showed them to have negative effects towards children and when they grow up it could affect their fertility.

Since we know my fertility was an issue - I'm not taking any chances.

That's why I was so happy to get a sample of naked naturals shampoo and conditioner. Natural shampoo has actually been pretty hard to find in Ithaca and I was unable to find it at Target a few weeks ago.

I received the Awapuhi and Lavender shampoo and conditioner. After I applied the shampoo I was shocked at how much body my hair had - even in the shower. Then I applied the conditioner and it really gave my hair quite a bit of body and fullness.

Not to mention, I loved the way the products smelled. They weren't overwhelming and too much like many of the natural products out there. They were light and when my hair was dry the great smell was still there.

I can't wait to use my dollar off coupon to buy more Naked Naturals shampoo and conditioner!

92 more days!

Give or take a few before we get to meet our newest little girl. We're really excited and despite being really busy with family stuff we're trying to get our act together!

Today I should really work on getting the carseat installed and taking it to the fire department so they can push it in there better.

I think we're also going to head to Grammy's new school and pick up the new Backyardigans movie! She's been talking about it for a while and I think it will be good entertainment when we're traveling over the next week to Margot's dads for his big surgery.