Monday, December 12, 2011

37 weeks!

I'm here! I really can't believe it! He's fully cooked! Today we went in for the doctor's appointment and the boy weighs around 6lbs13ozs! Much bigger than I ever would have thought. I thought they'd say around 5lbs or so.

They also checked me and I'm still closed and my cervix is up high! Doesn't sound like he's coming any time soon!

The doctor seems to think that he will be here before 12/28 though?!

Friday, December 02, 2011

The quick solution.

So I must admit that we went pretty cheap with our flooring in the playroom. We have no idea what we are going to do with that area once the kids no longer use it for a playroom.

I've looked into the quick step flooring and it just makes sense. It's a good price plus it's super easy and durable!

I've thought about doing something like that in the basement too. Again, it's a good space, but we don't want to waste money on a room that we hardly use. BUT...the concrete basement floor is COLD.

THe weekend!

These next few weeks are going to be absolutely crazy! We have tons of parties to go to and of course we are just waiting for the boy to get here - so I want to also work on getting some house work done!

I feel like I'm a ticking time bomb and we're just waiting for "the sign".

It's shocking that I haven't had any contractions. I think next week the OB will check to see if I'm dilated. I'm guessing maybe 1cm. Sometimes I feel like he is low...other times I feel him floating up high!


We have been looking at camcorders for the birth of the boy. We have an old one that we spent a fortune on when Margot was pregnant with Graem. The picture is alright but it uses those cassette disks and it's hard to actually view them without using the camcorder as a player.

At some point we will just convert to one of the HD camcorders that transfers easily to a computer and DVD.

36 weeks!

Wow...1 week away. It's going super fast.

Yesterday we were at a store and I fell in a pothole. Twisted the hell out of my ankle and landed in the ER with a trip to the labor and delivery unit for monitoring. The boy was in good shape and I was released.

BUT...I have an aircast and crutches. Totally sucks.

I hope the boy holds off for two weeks because I really really really want to have my foot back!