Monday, April 30, 2007

This might be Margot's lucky day.

We've been with Verizon for some time now - almost 4 years. Our contract ends in February of next year. However, I was told that since they keep raising our "Administrative fees" that legally we can get out of the contract at any time.

I visited the Sprint Kiosk a few weeks ago at our local mall and looked at some of their plans. A few years ago I had Sprint for work and the service didn't even work when I walked in our house! To say the least within a week I had gone back to Verizon.

Now, I have to look at T-Mobile and their great plans. Not to mention T-Mobile phones! They are HOT! They offer the Motorola RAZR and the Motorola PEBL. Yes, the Motorola they are offering free is the one that I spent over $200 for. Please, don't rub it in!

I like the cool and sleek design of the Motorola PEBL though.

I think we'll all have to hang on for a few months to see what cell phone providers are going to carry the i-phone. We're dying to see the reviews and hopefully, it'll be as great as all of the critics are saying!

Until then, we'll just hang out with our old broken phones and crappy, overpriced service and wait.

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CD 14

So here's the deal. I peed on an ovulation stick and it looks like I almost have two dark lines. Of course the control line is dark but the test line looks to be getting just as dark.

So I'm debating actually going to New York City for the next few days to get sperm.

It's such a hike and of course there's still the question of what to do with Grammy. I hate messing her schedule up. She's already been out of daycare for nearly two weeks now and I feel like we're just starting to get her back on track.

Maybe I'll pee on another stick this afternoon and then tomorrow and see what it shows.

Aching in Vancouver?

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Pick the firm that's going to work the best with your needs and fight for every penny you have coming.

No more ugly.

I just stumbled across a hot new dating website. Now don't feel the need to tell Margot about this one. It's not just for dating but for meeting other people with common interests! They have games, profiles, and other cool information about people! offers chat and also webcam useage. The great thing about the webcame option is that you know that you're not just dealing with some yucky grandma on the other end! When using a webcam it's a pretty sure deal that you're getting the real thing.

Just make sure that at some point they smile and you can see their teeth. (Take it from me...)

Check out - webcams, chat, personals!

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I'm laughing my ass off about now because this website has moved up the ranks and now has a page rank of 3! Go figure, the website that I set up to talk about my periods, ovulation, trying to get knocked up, and miscarriage ranks higher than our intimate portrayal website full of pictures of Grammy.

Who's ya mama?

Backwards eBay!

I love winning and I hate eBay. I have been sniped so many times for things I'm bidding on and in the end it just frustrates me! Now there's a way that I can win auctions and prizes!

bid4prizes offers a great way for Unique people like me to win Unique auctions! Just like that!

Right now they are accepting unique bids for a new Scion. Of course, being that I'm quite selfish and love gifts - I'd more than likely keep the new car and sell my other car for some hot cash!

I've got this great website bookmarked and I'm sure to visit it.

That new car is MINE!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


I didn't even realize cause I've been so busy ... but I haven't taken a break in quite some time.

Good thing it's a weekend and Margot's watching Graem. God knows she'd be tearing up the house about now!

Got education?

I've thought about getting a higher education but I haven't been able to find a credible program that offers flexible scheduling at a reasonable price.

I've thought about online education but I'm not sure if that would really work for me. I'm not sure how disciplined I would really be with my part time jobs, business, and kid. offers an online university where you can get many different advance degrees. You can also check out and read articles written by Sara Orem "Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change".

If you're looking to make changes in your life and head towards positive change - check out the article!

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Where is O?

I'm not sure if I O'd or not this month. I did take a ovulation test a few days ago and I only had one line. So I don't know if I surged or if I just didn't do enough sticks. I'm thinking I might have O'd on the airplane. I had tons of CM and that would have been CD 14.

Gotta love how when we get back from vacation I go in for surgery. I don't know whether to hope they find something or not.

At least they would be able to remove the scar tissue and that might be the answer to why I'm not getting pregnant.

Gotta pen?

I love cheap pens! Every time I go to the doctor's office I try to sneak some of the pens that the pharmaceutical reps leave.

I just checked out and instead of stealing the pens from the doctor's office I can now buy my own pack!

Of course, the best part about is that the pens are so darn cheap!

Maybe I'll have to get my name printed on some and hand them out for Christmas and Birthday gifts?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Get the leads...

I was just talking to Alex the other day. Alex is an advertising manager and works with an agency that does advertising for airlines. They basically find clients and then represent them and buy space on airlines entertainment channels.

The main problem that he's having though is stirring up business and getting quality business sales leads. His market is really any organization that wants to get the word out to the middle and upper class who might be traveling on the airlines.

Alex should look to a company like They offer lead databases that will give him nice leads and a headstart to getting some quality customers.

The amount that his company would spend on these demographics would be paid for with one customer signing up with them.

Who knows...

what our gameplan at this point is to get a baby! We obviously skipped trying this month because it was just too hectic. However, I have a feeling that I ovulated right before we left and it might have been a good attempt.

I got my Clear Plan fertility monitor in the mail the other day and so either I can do a clomid cycle next month or I might even have enough meds to do an injectible round.

I think I'm going to travel Wednesday to pick up some donated meds for a friend. I have to travel 4 hours each way...but I figure it's worth it for almost $3,000 worth of meds.

Our consult with the place in San Diego went really good and he confirmed what every other doctor has. I have never been stimmed properly and I've never really had a fair attempt at getting pregnant.

So I'm feeling that maybe we will go through with IVF and IVF New Jersey. It's somewhat local and we could stay with Margot's Aunt and Uncle in Jersey. Plus, they aren't totally outrageously priced. I think the cost for IVF is around $6,000. Which seems to be the going rate. Plus, their success rates are high and staff seems really on top of things.

Slept like a baby!

Last night we went to bed at around 11:30pm or so. I closed my eyes and was gone. I slept so good and Grammy and me didn't wake up til 11 o'clock this morning!

Thank God, Margot woke up and picked the dog up from the kennel or else she would have been there for another day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ready for vacation!

With all of the stress of traveling for the funeral and also intensity of the situation I can't wait to go on vacation in a few weeks. We've really been waiting for a while to do a family beach vacation and couldn't be more excited.

Since we like beachy places more than likely at some point we'll want to check out a Puerto Vallarta all inclusive vacation.

We have been on all inclusives at St. Thomas and our next stop is Cancun. We love the fact that we can eat, drink, and be merry all we want and it's the same price no matter what. offers some great deals too for travelers looking for any type of vacation. Plus, they specialize in all-inclusive vacations.

Heading home tonight...

Well, we're heading home tonight and I'm quite relieved. It's been a great trip but there's no place like home. We've hung out with Margot's family and it was really a pleasure to meet them.

I also think it was so good for Margot to say her last good byes and for Graem to meet her great great grandmother.

Today we're heading to the church and then we're heading to the hospital since Margot's great great grandmother is there for a possible TIA.

Out this cycle.

With all of the pressure and stress that everyone's been facing we've decided not to do an insemination this month. I'm totally not disappointed and I think in the end it wouldn't have worked anyway because of the stress not to mention there's so much pollution here in the Philippines I'm not sure my little egg would have survived!

Monday, April 23, 2007

From the marketing guru

When marketing my business it was always important to do market research. It's always important to do market research on an audience or group before spending money on advertising or marketing projects.

You've got to know your audience in order to get the best response and to market your product effectively.

So many companies enter into larget marketing campaigns without actually knowing who they are marketing to - what a waste of money!!


It's been so interesting for me to see the Philippines. It's very Catholic here and there are Catholic churches everywhere. Margot's mother's ceremony was Catholic and they had mass every evening.

Catholic gifts are always a good idea to give the family because they would really treasure them and hold them close to their heart. offers a great website where you can buy gifts online and have them shipped. Christmas shopping and birthday shopping made easy.

The gift that keeps giving...

I'm talking about silver of course!

One thing that never loses it’s value is silver coins! Even when our stocks are floundering you can always look to silver, gold, and precious metals to maintain their value.

Monex Deposit Company offers silver, gold, and other precious metals for delivery or they will make arrangements to have your metals stored privately and securely at a bank or depository.

I didn’t realize this but Monex Deposit Company (MDC) is an industry leader. They sell gold in two forms: coin or ingot. The world demand now exceeds the supply demand for gold - which makes it a pretty smart investment.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Get the loandown

If you've ever looked into getting a Mortgage you know how much work is involved! To be an informed consumer you really have to do your homework and know the facts. is a great website for people looking to buy a house. They offer great articles on home improvements and information on mortgages!

They'll help you decide if buying a house is the right decision for you and your family.

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Too damn hot.

Have I told you how damn hot it is here? We're suppose to be getting ready to go. Margot and Den already went to the funeral home but I can't get my fat ass off of the couch and into the "shower". Grammy is also with me and I have to get her ready too.


Hookin' up?

If you're looking to get the hook up --- stop going to sleezy bars and paying crazy online rates for dating services! Now you can check out!

They offer an online dating website absolutely free of charge. You can view profiles and if you're not too ugly you might even score a date!

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In the Philippines!

Well, we're here! It's hotter than hell outside and the second you step outside you start sweating. The cockroaches are so big I'm afraid one night they might carry me down the stairs and out the front door.

The water is full of bacteria and there is a lot of poverty.

Margot's family has been really nice to me and for that I'm very grateful. It's a very Catholic place and we weren't too sure how accepting they would be of us being gay.

It's been very hard seeing Margot in so much pain and not knowing what to do. I know just being here is helpful.

Get the help you need.

Many people that have issues with addictions always have excuses as to why they can't get better or seek treatment.

For me and my addiction to food I constantly say - "I'll start my diet tomorrow or next Sunday." Then either I forget or I choose to eat poorly and not exercise.

Many people that struggle with drug addiction have many of the same thoughts too. Or they just don't know where to turn to. They don't know of any drug treatment centers and don't have the support that they might need to make the best decision.

Now there is a place to offer them support, education, and a great referral source. is the perfect website where you can learn about treatment, addiction, and even staying drug and alcohol free.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I know the importance ...

of having a good landscape design! Even though Margot's a Landscape Architect when we moved into our house we had no idea what we wanted to do with our flower beds.

We threw a few bulbs here, few shrubs there, a tree in the corner. Thank God, it all came together and over the years things have filled in nicely. But it could have been a real train wreck!

Not to mention, we spent a lot of money on nice plants and if they're not in the right place they could have died because of sunlight or soil type.

If we had it to do over and lived in the Boston area we'd go through a company like SLDA Landscape Design Associates! Hmm...this might also be a good place for Margot to get a job if we ever move to Boston!

I'm obsessed!

I'm sure most of you know what a compulsive shopper I am. I love finding bargains and deals online and most of the time I don't just order one of the special sale item. I order enough to "last me."

That's why I'm so glad that I've discovered umanSearch Shopping. This website is designed for the shopping enthusiast who loves to get a good deal. They offer tons of different items and the prices are great.

It gets better...

If you find an item at a better price than one of their items listed you just go back to the website, push a button, and you'll get 10% of the item cost (up to $20) sent back to you! It's that easy!

It gets EVEN better...

They offer featured products each week or month. These items are killer deals and you can't even beat these deals at places like Walmart or K-Mart. If you find a deal that is cheaper than the featured product - they will BUY the product for you and ship it directly to you.

I must not let Margot read this post or know of this amazing website. She'll cut up my credit cards, ban me from the computer, and tie me up in the basement. (Okay, maybe not the basement part.)

This could be a very dangerous addiction in the making.

One word. Unbelievable.

I'm in love.

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Mommy's coming home!

Each day when Margot walks in the door Graem gets so excited and squeals "MOMMY'S HOME!" at the top of her lungs.

It's so darn cute that one day I should get it on camera. I know there will be a time when we walk through the door that she'll run up to her room and slam the door.

Get me out of here.

I'm sitting in the living room and looking outside I see about a foot of pure, white snow. It's sickening, really. It's APRIL for God's sake.

Where's spring?

I absolutely can't wait for our vacation May 11th - 17th. We're staying at a 4 1/2 star all inclusive hotel. Of course, I can't wait to eat the yummy food and drink the premium alcohol that's included in our package!

I shopped around for days for the best deal and although we got a good deal online --- I looked online and was able to find even a better deal. Darn!

I guess that's just how it goes and you take that chance with any travel that you do.

I looked for Hotel Reservations on about 10 different websites along with airline, and rental car reservations. offered some great deals on hotels and was pretty easy to navigate.

I actually ended up going through Orbitz because they offered a killer package including car, hotel reservations, and an airline ticket from Syracuse. The hardest part of booking all of this is that we had to also book a ticket for Grammy.

I had to actually book them directly through US Airways because through regular travel website you can't buy a kid's ticket without the purchase of an adult ticket and all of the travel sites required you buy both of them. Orbitz wanted to charge a fee for the ticket and I said forget that!

Who would have ever known that making travel reservations would have been so easy, yet hard. I guess the hardest part was trying to arrange travel for all three of us. Plus, we really had an idea of what hotel we wanted. So, I guess we aren't the easiest travelers to accomodate.

All in all, it's important that all travelers shop around. Each time you travel one website might offer a better deal over another --- you just have to do your homework and know your stuff!

I love me some man...


That's exactly what we're having tonight and I've been craving it all week! God, the little things that make this girl happy. Grammy and me had delicious Indian food that I made from last night. It was even better and Graem would not stop eating off of my plate.

She would say "Tha's HOT!". Then she'd drink some soda and ask for more!

I love that she likes it hot!

The compromise.

Well, Margot and I made a deal a while back that I wouldn't bitch about her working so much and she would support my infertility "adventures". So far, it's been going pretty good. I miss her tremendously when she works. Even though we don't do much when she's home.

It's nice to have help with Graem and I miss her being around.

It was almost nice that she took off of work yesterday to attend the consult. Even though I know she has no idea what questions to ask or what to do. Having her around showed her support.

Lunch break.

Well, Graem is finally asleep after fighting it for about an hour! She didn't finally go to bed until 4 or so. Now, I have to catch up on blogging and doing my home chores such as the 200 loads of laundry in the basement.

Maybe we'll hire that housekeeper Margot's been talking about afterall!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Looking for love in all the wrong places?

Margot and I met online over ten years ago! It was quite the experience and one that I think was perfect for both of us.

When I met Margot her dad was dating a Russian lady that he had met in New York City. She was actually one of his patients and he had done plastic surgery on her. She was an exotic dancer!

Ten years later, Dr. Chiuten and Gala are happily in a relationship!

Russian Brides make very devoted spouses and the relationship really works for a lot of people. LoversPlanet offers a great website that has profiles of women located in Russia. Many of the women are bright, educated, and beautiful!

Through LoversPlanet you can actually check out the women's profiles, see their pictures, and write them messages!

If you're looking for that special someone and haven't met them yet...check out the internet!

I need this.

I always have major problems with my bowels. I always have and never been regular. Even if I eat bran flakes or oatmeal every morning it just doesn't happen for me.

One thing that I've considered doing is a Dual Action Cleanse.

Many people who do a cleanse every month or so feel refreshed and clean. They also feel healthier, less bloated and have radian hair and skin. offers cleansing solutions that start at only $79.90 plus shipping!

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Our consult today.

I'm pretty excited about our consult today. The doctor is pretty good and he's been on many talk shows. Not to mention he has one of the highest pregnancy rates in the US! I sent over my chart and so he should have that prior to our consult.

I'm going to ask him what he thinks obviously and see if the embryo adoption idea is the way to go for us or if he thinks we should try IVF one last time.

I hope Margot makes it home before our consult.

I already take nine pills a day!!!

I've thought about taking some vitamins but the reality is -- I already take nine pills! I take a prenatal, glumetza, baby asprin, synthroid, and colace! To get the nutrition that my body needs I'd probably need to take five more pills!

Oh wait.

I just came across a new 12-in-One MultiVitamin! The best part about them is that they are soft caps and easy to swallow.

Oh, did I mention that they offer a risk free 30 day program??

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Mail's here.

But I'm too damn lazy and cold to run out to the mailbox to see what we got! I'm guessing I might have a check in there and even my fertility monitor. I ended up cracking and buying one of the clear blue plan fertility monitors! I got a steal on ebay and figured even if I don't end up using it I can sell it for more than I bought it.

Plus, I think it's pretty accurate so even if we decide to take a month off with meds - more than likely I can use it and get a pretty good idea if I ovulate by myself or not.

Be aware.

Gamma Knife Saves Lives

We've heard a lot lately about Gamma Knife surgery. In fact, I read an article just a few minutes ago about how it's an up and coming way to treat patients with brain tumors. It allows for perfect accuracy. Obviously, when you're dealing with a sensitive area like the brain there's little room for error.

Radiosurgery is the whole idea that you have a computer that does the exact measurements and then the gamma knife performs the surgery. It can measure to the most exact point and has been most successful over the years.

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Exhausted baby.

It seemed like Grammy woke up this morning and was grouchy. She's so overly tired and isn't forfeiting to sleep! Right now she's laying down and playing with my belly and I hope to get a nap out of her in a few minutes.

Wish me luck!

Help is on the way.

We didn't know a whole lot about cancer before Margot's dad was diagnosed. Lately, we've been trying to do all of the research that we can get our hands on.

We have learned that brain tumor treatment is having new breakthroughs every day. The Gamma Knife is helping doctors worldwide to help brain tumor patients by now cutting into the patient.

BrainTumorTreatment.Org offers a great website where you can learn about tools, treatment, and new medical advances.

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Will it ever stop snowing?

I seriously can't believe how much snow we got overnight. This weekend went by so fast and it was like a huge whirlwind!

I got my period yesterday but today it's in full force so it's considered CD 1 today. I also got more meds donated so it looks like I'm going to have a medicated cycle this month!! We're just doing the home inseminations and so we'll be heading to NY in a few weeks.

I go tomorrow to the fertility center so they can make sure I don't have any cysts and then we're off on another cycle.

Today I have my consult with Dr. Wood for the embryo transfer in San Diego.

I feel like we have a few options.

That's nice for a change.

Las Vegas, Baby!

Last year when we went to Las Vegas I couldn't believe how dolled up and expensive everything was! We went to a few of the boutiques and you couldn't get a shirt for under $200!

That wasn't the only thing that was on the pricy side. I've heard that Las Vegas real estate is hot these days! Many people are buying nice houses and using them as investment homes.

The reality is the demand for Las Vegas is always going to be strong and the space and development in the area is limited. will help you sale, buy, or rent your home or apartment. They offer a great website where you can even see the listings available in a certain area of Las Vegas.

If you're considering real estate in Sin City go with the professionals who are working for you!

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Friday, April 13, 2007

I just saw...

The coolest makeup mirrors ever! offers many different varieties and styles at really reasonable prices. I like the brass mirror that you can mount with lights all around the rim. Pure Luxury.

Of course the only reason I would use the mirror is not for make up (I'm sure that's a given) but to pluck my unibrow and pop an occassional pimple.

Sexy, I know.

The perfect all around program.

Being that I have a marketing background I'm constantly interested in new marketing tools and software. I think even though I stay home with the baby it's still important for me to keep current with the trends and at any time be able to get back into the business scene right where I left off.

That's why I'm so interested in a new program that provides stellar lead management. AIMPromote offers all of the features of the other lead management softwares but at a fraction of the cost. In fact, when I was a Marketing Director I used three different programs to do what AIMPromote will do in one!

Being that I have been doing some healthcare consulting on the side and although it hasn't been too much and I don't have an over abundance of clients -- this might be the perfect program for me.

It's great for the small business owner because it's economical and can be purchased for a small $33! Not only is that a great deal but I can try it out for 14 days before actually having to buy it.

That way I can make sure that it works for me and my current business and financial situation.

Dude, your killin' me!

I'm sitting next to this old guy who keeps farting some major stinkers. I don't know if I can stand it much longer and I'm almost willing to pick up from my perfect comfy chair, next to the window, and electrical outlet and sit on the other side of the cafe!


Oh great...he just sneezed. That seemed to push the fart smell over a bit and now I just smell bad breath.

Damn. This sucks.

Missed my window.

I'm starting to think that I missed my window of oppourtunity. I was so starving and I didn't get off of my ass to grab some food. Now it's 3:30pm and I still haven't eaten and we're talking about going out to eat for Thai food.

I would typically grab a milkshake or something else yummy. But since I've started my diet I'm trying to stay away from crap like that.

I can't say that fruit sounds all that yummy on this freezing cold day either!

Talked to Alex.

So I talked to Alex and he said that I could totally hang out in Long Beach with them if I were to decide to come out for the embryo transfer in San Diego. That's nice to know because hotel rooms in La Jolla run approx. $200-$300/night!

God knows, the cost of the $5,100 procedure is hard enough on the pocketbook!

Take me away, Mickey!

I just overheard two ladies speaking about the weekend and that we're suppose to get nailed with snow!!

I wish I was somewhere sunny. In fact, we've talked about going down to Orlando when Grammy gets bigger and have even seen some great packages on the television and online.

One way that we can actually save money is by going with Kissimmee hotels. is a great one-stop-shop website! You can look at rental homes available in the Orlando and surrounding areas and you can even hook up with theme park tickets and book your vacation online!

I love a place that saves me time, money, and has a convienance factor too!

Do you need help?

I obviously have battled addiction of food for the past few years. Many times even when I try hard...I just can't get food out of my mind. I think about meal after meal and it's really been a struggle.

Lately, I've started getting back on track and eating better in hopes that it will increase my chances of getting pregnant.

Everyone has their own battle and just like my addiction to food my friend Jamie is addicted to alcohol and cocaine. She drinks almost every night and has really used alcohol and cocaine as a crutch for many of her problems.

When she's in a social setting you'll always see her with a beer or other mixed drink in her hand. She can't do without it and I didn't realize she had a problem until I ran into her mother the other day at the grocery store.

Come to find out Jamie went to a drug treatment center about 6 months ago and she just got out a few weeks ago.

Her mother said that she's slowly getting back on her feet but each day is a struggle.

Jamie's mom mentioned that she went to a program in Michigan. She said that it's a really nice facility and the staff was firm but also caring. Which was just what Jamie needed.

I gave Jamie's mother our home phone number and urged her to give it to Jamie.

God knows we all have our own demons and if we can be a friend to Jamie during her time of need I'm sure she'll get stronger.

Stone Hawk Rehab offers a drug rehab program for almost any individual who needs a helping hand. They are there for you 24/7 and you can contact them online using their website or through their 1-800 number.

CD 36

So, I'm on cycle day 36 and been on prometrium for three days and still no friggin period. I'm almost wondering if I should take a pregnancy test because I have absolutely no signs of getting my period.

I just got the call today that since I have "IVF coverage" that I'm not eligible for the NYS grant.

Fucking bullshit. Yeah, after I do 12 more IUIs and 2 years later.

I hate this all.


I'm hanging out at the Boarders today doing blogging and posts and I must say that it's pretty nice. No screaming kid, no barking dog. Just me, my water, and computer.

Of course...I have about 200 posts to do!


I'm starving but it's not like there's anything I'm really hungry for. Maybe I'll just check out a fruit plate at Wendy's. I knwo it's horrible to skip meals but when I'm on these diet pills they make it where I'm just not hungry!


Many people that I know don't have time nor the funds to go back to school. In fact, a few years ago I thought about going back for my Masters in Business Administration.

I was later discouraged at the outrageous costs and figured that I didn't want to pay student loans for the rest of my life!

Online school is a great option for many people. Our friend, Lyd, is a teacher and the only way for her to get her masters is by taking classes online. She can do it around her schedule and it's much more convienant for her to do so in the evenings when she's not working. is a great place to find listings to all of the great online colleges. Not only can you search by program but you can get all of the information to sign up online!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I love shrimp!

I must say that I'm a huge fan of shrimp! I love shrimp vindaloo and also shrimp scampi from Red Lobster. I just came across a great place for Shrimp Recipes. You can find just about any type of recipe having to deal with shrimp at

S - Sit still and eat my shrimp!
H - Heaven knows shrimp are good for you!
R - Ready-to-eat shrimp suck.
I - I love the shrimp at Dinosaur BBQ!
M - Multiple shrimp hanging out ready to be digested is always a treat!
P - Please peel my shrimp for me.

A good ole' shrinky dink.

Gotta love feeling energized again after going to the weekly shrink appointment. Somehow after I get out of the appointment I don't feel so crazy after all. Of course, I'm pretty exhausted and at this point should turn to the vices of alcohol and food.

Get the 411.

Being that we don't live in the city I'm constantly amazed when we go down there at all of the different fashion trends. It seems like 2 years later those same trends tend to hit Ithaca!

The good thing is we're only 4 hours from the city and we visit pretty regularly so at least our kid won't grow up to be a hillbilly!

Another way to keep up with the most recent fashion trends is to follow Peter Belisi! He always seems to know what's how in the fashion industry and he's voicing his opinions on!

Hmm, maybe we can cut out those New York City trips afterall and just check on the web for the newest trends?

That crazy girl.

Graem was very quiet so I walk into her room and she's covered with a red liquid. I ask what it is and she says it medicine. "I sick".

So, it looks like little girl has digested quite a bit of Triaminic and also ended up spilling some of it on the bed, on her clothing, and on the floor.

Next time she walks out of the room...I'm sending Bailey after her.

We love Peter!

Peter Belisi of course! Not only is he gorgeous, have a great sense for fashion, but his accessories are absolutely stunning.

This weekend I was able to see some of the ties that part of one of his older lines and they are not just elegant but very well detailed and high sophisticated.

Now Peter offers some great advise on his blog called You can get fashion tips, information about health and fitness, and one article of interest is actually acupuncture!

You've done it all, Peter - fashion, radio, writing.

What's next? What about home decorating and fashions for the home? God knows, Martha needs to retire soon and the world is looking for her next replacement!

CD 35

Well, I'm extremely late with my period and there's no sign of it anywhere! I haven't had menstral cramps or anything. I started the Prometrium Tuesday and so hopefully, any day now she should show her ugly head.

I keep going back and forth about the whole embryo adoption thing. These embryos are basically the bottom of the barrel embryos and although they still get women pregnant --- I don't know if it's worth $7,000 and traveling cross country.

I called the fertility center today to see if they have any more funds from the New York State IVF grant. Who knows, we might be eligible and that would include IVF and meds for around $2,500. I figure you can't even do a few IUIs for that these days. Plus, after sperm freezing and testing we could be at that price anyway.

It's just money right?


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Take me away. NOW.

The weather is finally decent outside and after a very violent winter the sun even came out today!!

The good thing is our vacation is right around the corner. We're heading to Mexico and I couldn't be more excited!

We're thinking that next year we will want to check out a Hawaii Vacation because we just love doing the sunny and beachy hotspots!

Especially, after brutal winters like this one!

When we went to Las Vegas we looked at places that were rentals by owners and there were some great places at really reasonable prices. is the perfect place to book your vacation to Hawaii and to land a sweet pad for your stay! Not only can you see where you're going to stay but you can find something that works within your budget.

I can be a superstar too!

Finally, there's a chance for the average Joe to go to the top! I'm referring to the top of websearches that is! Right now when you do a search for my website, even if you use two mamas, I'm on the second or third page. UGH.

My page rank is two and there's only so much a girl like me can do to increase it without offering free porn or a webcam!

I think the only way I'm going to have a chance to increase my ranking on search results is to bid for position through!

The website is soon to be the up and coming directory and the good thing is - all links are permanent! So once, I bid and get a placement --- I'm there forever!

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My PCOS Diet.

I think I'm going to look for a book on the PCOS Diet. (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Supposedly, if you eat better and lose weight there's a chance that your body could start working and you might even be able to ovulate on your own. Plus, the whole insulin resistence thing could go away.

I think there's also a link between PCOS and miscarriage. God knows I should get as healthy as possible because I can't bear to lose another baby.

Margot's dad, the immigrant.

Margot's dad has lived in the United States for over 30 years. He's a practicing doctor in New York and still doesn't have his papers to live in the United States. He's hired attorney after attorney and each one has taken his money without doing the job!

Too bad he doesn't live in Vancouver, Cananda because there's a great resource called Immigration Lawyers Vancouver. is a referral source for people who are looking for attorneys. You can search the database by location, attorney, or even type of law practiced.

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Almost time...

to go pick up the girl!

I love hanging her with me during the non-daycare days. But I must admit some days I just need a break from her badness! Plus, it's great to be able to actually work without her asking to "see pictures" or with "The Backyardigan's" in the background!

Hanging from the chandeliers!

This weekend when we visited Margot's dad we couldn't believe all of the lush furnishings they had throughout the house! They have chandeliers in almost every room and most of them are t-a-c-k-y!

I wish Gala and Manny would have gone through D'Legne and purchased some high quality and high class chandeliers for their two million dollar house! offers an easy to use website and you can even shop online.

How much easier can it get to by the best?

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I really shouldn't.

So you know I have this major addiction to coffee these days. Not only do I drink the vat of coffee that Margot leaves me every morning but I've also started drinking coffee throughout the day.

It's bad.

I can't just settle for a small cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. Instead, I've got to get the Venti, Large, Gordo.

Me loves coffee.


a website that makes you think! I love looking at random facts sometimes because there are things that we talk about or are around on a daily basis and we never really analyze the topics until more facts are presented or we take the time to sit down and use our brains! is a really great website that presents many different topics from global warming to evolution. I like that the author takes on some controversial topics and isn't afraid to share his views but also supports his analysis with research.

The website is also very easy to follow and you can easily choose a topic of interest directly from the webpage.

Another website that I'm sure I'll become addicted to. Thanks, just what I needed!

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Diet Day 2.

Well, I started my diet yesterday and it's going pretty good so far. I started back on Phenteramine and the only draw back is that I couldn't seem to go to bed before 1:30am this morning!

This is how it was last time, if I remember correctly and the med makes me a little nutzo.

I figure it's all good as long as I get enough sleep to survive and I'm able to drop some pounds and get into my bathing suit before Cancun!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Be my friend?

Recently my family decided to close down our family website because each year they were paying an annual fee and it just because too expensive, plus, noone was using it!

Now, I've found the perfect website!!!

As many of you know, I'm pretty big into social networking online! That's where I met Margot, my partner and I continue to meet other great people through the different infertility websites. offers a great website for people that are interested in science, science fiction, technology, and gadgets! That's my kinda place!!

Not only do I love my technology and gadgets and have my cell phone in one hand and laptop in the other --- I love meeting other people that appreciate technology and science!

Since, I've been subbing middle schoolers and high schoolers I'm constantly looking for a way to stay ahead of the curve! Sci-Edge helps me do that! They have great message boards, quizzes, chat groups, and most recently I even established my own homepage! Take a look!!

Finally, a myspace for the tech geek! Not to mention, a great place for my friends and family to communicate online and not pay those outrageous annual fees!!

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Lazy day.

Today's been a pretty good day. We woke up on the later side, got dressed, cleaned up the house and left for the road!

I had to get some paperwork to Margot so that she could make some copies. Then we went to the bank to deposit some money.

When we got home Graem was ready for a nap and actually asking to go to bed!!

Makin' history - one post at a time!

I've never been part of world records and it seems like a cool thing to do in your lifetime. Not only is it a cool conversational piece but I think it'd be a cool thing to tell your kids and grandkids too!

So when I saw the chance to contribute to the world's largest blog comment chain then I was pleased to help out!

The whole idea is really a good one and I'm sure it's going to be quite the undertaking. Especially, since they are looking for users to leave a 25 word comment.

Who other could sponsor such a contest than my favorite company - Pay Per Post!

They're always doing silly stuff and it looks like this time they're trying to make their mark on history. I really like the fact that not only are bloggers involved but by spreading the word readers of blogs, family members, and coworkers can participate too!

It'd be really cool if they were to get a big shot corporation such as HP to offer some type of donation to a non-for-profit if we actually make the World's Record. Not only would it be a plug for PPP, Hewlett Packard, and the bloggers - but it would help a great cause and totally tax deductible too!!

CD 33

Yesterday, I went to the fertility center and they ran bloodwork and it came back not-pregnant, progesterone showed post ovulation, and my thyroid was fine.

It seems like they have to dig up a diagnosis so that I can get the laproscopy surgery. Basically, it's just going to be exploratory so that they can see if there's anything around my tubes or uterus that would cause me not to become pregnant.

I also called the Reproductive Science Center in San Diego to get more information about the embryo transfer and also find out about the actual embryos. The Chinese male is 5'11" and 200 pounds. He has a M.S. in Biochemistry and works in sales. We figure he must have some major money if they were able to spend $30,000 on their egg donor!

Plus, we talked to Den last night about coming to Ithaca for two days to donate to the clinic so that they could freeze his sperm. That way if he's out of town I don't have to stress out about not having the goods.

I think we have some good plans in place ... the coordination of it all just makes me so anxious.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Take me away!

We planned our vacation this year to Cancun and I can't wait til May 11th!! Now of course I just have to worry about getting into my swimsuit from last year. Eek.

In the next few years we will more than likely take an Orlando Vacation. Graem has yet to get into the whole amusement park or Mickey/Minnie obsession. I want her first amusement park experience to be the best!

Plus, I can't wait to go on "It's a small world" ride again!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

We feel so good!

We just woke up! That's right 9:30 and we just crawled out of bed. Graem and me really needed the sleep. We've been sick and reallly sleep deprived.

We were going to head out to Walmart and pick up some stuff for the trip to NYC but I'm thinking that we might just stay in and pack, do laundry, and clean the house.

I figure shopping would be much easier tomorrow when it's just me - after I drop Graem off at daycare!

Got fat?

Have you recently looked in the mirror only to realize that you put on a few too many "holiday pounds" and now we're approaching swimsuit time?

I certainly have! At one point I had lost 75 pounds and now I'm down to only 50! With our trip to Cancun fastly approaching I'm looking for a way to take off the unwanted pounds!

Now there's a new diet weight loss pill on the block! Check out Nueslim and lose those unwanted pounds in a flash! offers some great information on the product and right now they are running a "Thin in 07 sale".

Just what the doctor ordered!

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So fun!

Last night we had such a great time with Jen. We ate tons of food and could barely move. Then right before she left I remember that we had American Idol Karaoke Revolution.

Jen and me are absolute stars when it comes to karaoke and that being said...we were out of control. Actions included bad singing, teddy bears, and even some dancing.

I'll have to dig up the video and post it online.

Until then, take it from me. We were cwazy!

Good thing the party was over by 9:00pm.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Can - Coon!

I absolutely can't wait for our vacation May 11th - 17th. We're staying at a 4 1/2 star all inclusive hotel. Of course, I can't wait to eat the yummy food and drink the premium alcohol that's included in our package!

I shopped around for days for the best deal and although we got a good deal online --- I looked online and was able to find even a better deal. Darn!

I guess that's just how it goes and you take that chance with any travel that you do.

I looked for Hotel Reservations on about 10 different websites along with airline, and rental car reservations. offered some great deals on hotels and was pretty easy to navigate.

I actually ended up going through Orbitz because they offered a killer package including car, hotel reservations, and an airline ticket from Syracuse. The hardest part of booking all of this is that we had to also book a ticket for Grammy.

I had to actually book them directly through US Airways because through regular travel website you can't buy a kid's ticket without the purchase of an adult ticket and all of the travel sites required you buy both of them. Orbitz wanted to charge a fee for the ticket and I said forget that!

Who would have ever known that making travel reservations would have been so easy, yet hard. I guess the hardest part was trying to arrange travel for all three of us. Plus, we really had an idea of what hotel we wanted. So, I guess we aren't the easiest travelers to accomodate.

All in all, it's important that all travelers shop around. Each time you travel one website might offer a better deal over another --- you just have to do your homework and know your stuff!

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Ate too much.

I'm sitting here with a big, full belly of food! We had a yummy Butter Chicken Curry dinner followed by Girl Scout Ice Cream. It was delicious!

Now we're just sitting around watching a repeat of the L-Word season finale with our dear friend Jen S.

Of course I'm still working on the laundry - but that's an on going task that will never go away.

Down with eHarmony!

Finally, a website where people who are creative and consider themselves artists can meet other people like themselves! I have heard from friend that eHarmony costs a fortune but has the same loser people who are pretentious and lie n their profiles!

Online dating is something I'm quite fond of since that's where I met Margot. It's nice to be able to chat with someone for a few minutes and know if you're compatiable. If you are, schedule a date and talk more. If not, put them on ignore and never cross their path again.

It's really a beautiful thing! offers an awesome website where people who are creative, artists, or people looking for a more hip place to meet your soul mate!

TheWhole9 is easy to navigate and search and you can find profiles from Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

If you're ready for the "next step" then check it out!

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What if...

Okay, it's crossed my mind more than once...what if I am pregnant this time? I didn't ovulate and we know that from the ultrasound and bloodwork. But I have been having quite a bit of discharge and after the inseminations I actually had some ovarian twitching.

Boy, I would be shocked if it worked beyond belief. In fact, I wouldn't know what to do with all of the NyQuil, Coffee, and prescription drugs that I've put into my body!

I guess my parents did it with us and we didn't turn out too bad.

Oh, right.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hook me up, PPP!

I know I've talked about my love for PayPerPost on more than one post. Now they are running a promotion which makes my love for them grow even deeper.

Every Tuesday they will be giving away a $1,000 opportunity! It's called 1K Tuesday! It starts tomorrow at 12:01AM and goes til 11:59PM. I figure since I'm pretty glued to my computer I have a pretty good chance at making it happen!

I am constantly waiting for good opps to show up on the PPP website and since I have two blogs I have a good selection of offers that I can accept.

Most recently one of my friends emailed me to ask how I was able to stay home with the baby even though we have been used to having two very good income. I shared the information of blogging for money and they are planning on starting up within the week!

It's amazing how popular blogging has become and even my friends who are in their 60's are computer savvy enough to start a blog, hop on PPP, and start bring in the big bucks!

God knows, it's hooked up my family and not only does the extra money help with the day to day finances. But it's also helped us afford our upcoming vacation to Cancun, Mexico.

Of course, Mexico would be a little sweeter with an extra GRAND in my pocket!!


Baby down.

Grammy went down pretty easy today. I was so glad because she's sick and really needs her rest right now. Of course, with that said, Mama should be taking a quick nap too.

But I'm busy blogging and also I'm waiting for our new computer to arrive.

Good thing Margot's not getting home til 6:30pm or so. That's more time that I get with our new computer!

Move over

I've just stumbled across an awesome new website that's going to take over!

Social networking has never been hotter and in the past it's catered to the brainless blondes who can barely spell their names. Much less actually interact in a knowledgeable and intelligent manner! That could be why has been so popular. It asks all of the questions and typically people fill it out using one worded sentences. Nice.

Now, there's a website for science hobbyists, techies, gadget geeks, and sci-fi fans! is your one stop shop for blogs, photos, quizzes, games, forums, and just about anything else that's related to science!

You can actually build your own webpage like on myspace and invite your friends to do the same! You can add your input to forums or message boards or start your own!

This is the perfect hang out for you and your friends to talk about the newest PS3 game, cell phone, or Spiderman 3 movie coming out!!

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Today's agenda

This morning we woke up at 8:00am and were both feeling pretty crappy. Graem had snot coming out of her nose and a sore throat. I had the same.

We ate breakfast and then I started laundry. I decided we needed to do something fun so we started planting our seedlings. Graem liked doing the pumpkin seeds the best. The other seeds we did were way too small.

Graem hated having her hands dirty and kept crying because she had dirt on her fingers. My daughter the pansie.

After planting about 4 seeds she was pretty tired of that and ready to move on to the next adventure!

Now, we're trying to get dressed and out of here so that we can pick up meds at the pharmacy and also pick up some fruit at the grocery store.

We were going to head out to the playground too but Graem lost that fun activity because she wouldn't listen to me this morning when we were getting dressed. She absolutely ignores me when I call her name and even when I threaten to take things away it doesn't phase her.

I can't wait for the teenage years.

Where's my thinner body?

A year ago I was happy as a clam. I was working out, ambitious, and had lost a total of 75 pounds. I was on Phenteramine and Xenical. Two medications that were prescribed by my doctor. They were perfect, however the side effects weren't so good.

I've since gained about 20 pounds trying to get pregnant and am thinking about going through a much more natural way to lose the weight. I'm going to get a gym membership but I've also thought about taking supplements.

I'd be very interested in Discount Supplements because the ones at the local store cost an arm and a leg. By the time I purchased them I won't have any money for food! is a website that specilizes in supplement and nutrition for body builders and those looking to lose weight and live healthy. They have a great line of supplies and even offer work out equipment.

The best part is that they offer some great deals! Including free merchandise and money off of your total invoice price.

If you're in the market to take of the pounds or bulk up -- this place is right down your alley.

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New computer in route!

We should get our new computer this afternoon and I'm pretty excited. We had planned on getting a new computer but not this soon. Graem spilled water on our last computer and it completely died.

By the time we got it fixed or bought a new hard drive it wouldn't be worth saving it.

I think the new computer that we're getting has most of the basic features that our old computer had.

We will be getting Windows Vista Premium with the new computer. I'm interested to see if it sucks.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Selling your car?

Have you ever been able to sell car? Most of the time we've always just traded ours in knowing that the dealership is taking advantage of us --- but not wanting to deal with the hassle of selling our car outright!

Now there's a new way to sell your car. is a website where you can post your car and receive interested buyers.

Take the middle man out of the equation and get the money you deserve for your used car.

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CD 24

Well, I know it's safe to say that this cycle didn't work because I didn't ovulate. But I have been having quite a bit of discharge and even some ovarian cramping. Maybe my body is just simulating a cycle where I might have ovulated?

At this point, I just want to get my period so that I can go ahead and start clomid and move forward.

I'm hoping that I don't go into CD 35 before I get my period and I might decide to start up progesterone to induce it if I haven't seen it by CD 32.

Closing the deal.

Back when I was a corporate girl I constantly signed up for conferences and most of the time I was able to do it online. I always appreciated a website that wasn't broken and that had all of the information of the conference online so that I didn't have to call and ask questions.

Now there's a new event registration service that seems to do-it-all! In fact, RegOnline has provided a new program that will allow an administrator to contact someone who might have an incomplete online registration and ask if there are any questions or to simply request more information.

This in turn, makes signing up for the conference easier for the person signing up -- but also leads to "closing the deal" for the conference holder!

As an attendee I think it would be great because the only way my registration would be incomplete is if it was a system failure on the conference's end!

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Ready for the Easter Bunny!

Grammy's getting older now and this year we're going to try the whole Easter Bunny thing. We bought egg die, Easter cookies, and tons of easter candy. Last year we bought all of the stuff but she had no idea what was going on!

Hopefully, the chocolate bunny will be in one piece, and we will not have pryed into all of her Easter candy by next Sunday!

Keep in touch.

It seems like my therapist and me are always missing each other. I call her, she calls me back and we leave message after message. Now there's a new way for us to talk and connect without actually getting together!

Isellim: Connect with experts online now via Instant Messaging

A new website at allows experts to set up an account and get paid by clients for their expertise.

Are you a great financial planner? Maybe you have excellent fashion sense or can tell someone how to optimize their website

How much is your time worth? $75 an hour? $15 for 15 minutes? $30 per call? Whatever you like. People will only be able to

contact you when they've prepaid your rate.

"Creating a simplified way to sell knowledge is a logical and overdue step on the economic evolution of the net," said

isellim's creator Richard Ellender.

The concept of isellim is fairly straightforward, experts are able to list themselves in a directory.according to their

professional expertise and will be available for hire by any isellim client. They receive all the tools necessary to

communicate with clients who are searching for immediate help.

From the clients's point of view isellim is an online expert advice service that enables them to contact a real person who is

an expert in the chosen area of inquiry.

"With an isellim account, you are in control of when you are available for work," Ellender said.

When an isellim expert is available, an "online" button appears in the directory of the isellim site or on the experts's web

site, blog or email. Pricing can be set per minute or per call with a set time limit.

The entire service is free for experts, save from a 10 percent commission taken from all Instant Messaging Sessions. "Anyone

on the web can use this, without any money down," Ellender said. "There is only a charge if it's used. The Internet will be a

saviour for knowledgeable people looking to make some extra money."

isellim allows anyone with expert knowledge in their field to use the service; traditional service providers like accountants,

therapists and legal professionals, as well as other experts and enthusiasts, to earn money by connecting online immediately

with their clients.

Try the new Instant Messaging Service at

I can't eat another bite.

Today we met up with Sharon and Trudy at Thai Cuisine. We ate so damn much I feel like I'm going to pop. We had over 40 dim sum plates and our bill was close to $150. I know we ate a lot but wasn't expecting it to be that much!


Lesbians can really pack it in!