Sunday, November 25, 2012


So I've started Christmas shopping.   I just want to be finished with it already and STOP SPENDING MONEY!   It's like we're bleeding cash.

Then there's the $1,500 that we have to spend in order for Margot to adopt Keane.  

At least she'll be able to get the tax credit and the deduction for the boy.

Monday, November 12, 2012


It's been a while since the tooth fairy showed up.   THe first time she came it was somewhat unexpected and there was a major scramble to find silver dollars.   The local bank was out and so she had to leave dollars!

I saw they have susan b anthony dollar at goldeneagle.    So last case scenario, I get desperate next time I can just hop online and make a big order.   With three kids, I have a feeling that I might just go broke!

Black Friday

I'm just waiting to see the sales ads that will be going out in the upcoming week!   I am looking for a killer deal on a nintendo game boy and a Kindle fire.   Those are the girls big gifts.   The boy has totally been shopped for an he's in good shape.   Lucky thing.

We are doing Christmas pretty "lite" this year.   We decided that we're doing $200/Emmy and Graem and $100 for the boy.   Then we're celebrating Graem and Keane's birthdays a few days later!