Sunday, February 12, 2012

On the road again...

We are trying to figure out what to do this summer for vacation. We have our timeshare in Orlando and that's an option. I was going to call and see if we might be able to go to another one of their destinations.

I've thought about getting road trip medical assistance. It just makes sense. Especially, when you're away from home and have three kids!

I'd hate to be stuck in a weird place where I don't know anyone or any of the services available!

The boys!

I'm so excited that the LA gays are visiting this weekend! Last time they visited I was pregnant and exhausted. So that meant Margot and them hanging out late at night and having a great time and me going to sleep at 10pm!

Now it's on!!! I'm sure we'll have a great time and I can't wait for them to meet the boy!

A new couch?

I have posted our old couch on craigslist list a dozen times now. It's a good couch and in perfect condition but I can't seem to get rid of it!

We were planning on bringing the bed from the basement upstairs. I figure it would be perfect for the it's warmer upstairs.

I've looked at sectional sofas los angeles and I think if we had a nice couch in the playroom that had a great beds it might be the perfect solution for us.


Tomorrow I have such a busy day! I hope that sleep tonight is good. Margot is leaving early in the morning for work which means that it's me and these three kids! I have to make sure that Graem gets on the bus and that I get Emmy to school!

Then the rest of the day is up to me to do errands.

Never a dull day...


We're in the middle of working with the bank to refinance our home so that we can do the new addition. What a pain it has been! If there was an easier way than to fill out 100 forms and give them financial history from the past 10 years --- we would do it!

I remember when we got our car title loans New York we had to fill out a few questions and we were well on our way!

At least when we're done we'll be able to spread out a bit and the kids will have their own rooms!

I can't wait!

The Grammy's

I'm watching the Grammy's. Glen Campbell is retiring and they are doing a tribute. I guess he has Alzheimer's. He's singing now... I just keep on thinking... I hope he doesn't forget the words!

Like a rhinestone cowboy!

I'm addicted...

to Toddlers and Tiaras. Seriously.

It's incredibly trash and every time I watch it I'm shocked to see how those poor girls are treated. Giving your 4 year old daughter a pixi stick and a bottle of Mountain Dew. Really?

I also couldn't believe what they do to get the girls ready for pageants. THey typically do horrible tanning jobs. I wish they could at least find the best airbrush tanning solution so that it didn't make the little girls look orange!

RIP Whitney

We were at the hockey game last night when we heard the news that Whitney Houston passed away. That is just so sad. She was so incredible. I remember singing her songs so early in life. Then she had an amazing comeback in the 90's.

I wish she would have gotten her life together and lived happily ever after. I just read about her daughter too.

So sad...another incredible musical life lost.

7 weeks!

I don't think I've updated this blog since Keane made his appearance!!

Can I just say... I'm in love.

This little boy is the sweetest baby EVER. He's such a good baby. He sleeps, eats, and the girls love him too.

So blessed to have three beautiful and healthy kids.

Life is amazing.