Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's sneaking up on us....

We have our house rented out for CU graduation and a wedding in July.   We know for the graduation we will head to Michigan and visit my cousins and Aunt and Uncle.    We are still trying to figure out the July date.

We have so much to do before then!

We have to:

Paint the kitchen/dining room.    I plan on tackling that this weekend with the help of a few friends.    Hopefully, it won't be too bad and we can nail it out in a Saturday.

Install glass tile backsplash.

Install undercabinet lighting

Clean basement room

Fix plumbing

And then the hardest is to get everything absolutely perfect for the guests!   We hire the housekeeper to come out and clean - but for $1,000/night I have to make sure it looks and feels good!


When I was in college - I smoked.    I didn't smoke a ton but it was enjoyable for me.    Typically, I would do it socially.   The thing is, every time I smoked the next day I would feel awful and I hated the way my mouth felt.  

When we went to London to visit the boys I had to try a Cuban cigar.   It was fun.    However, cigars aren't my thing and I can't imagine it being a habit.     

One of my friends is hooked on perdomo cigars!   They can be hard to find and he has to have them shipped in.

Glad that my addiction is food and I can just go to the nearby restaurant to get my fix!

Back to the grind...

I've been back in town from my California trip for a week and a half now.    It was so much fun and I'm already thinking about doing it again next year.   It was incredible to travel by myself and have a little peace and quiet.   There's alsosomething about not being needed every minute of overy day to wipe ass, pick up toys, or do laundry.  

Margot was home with the kids and they did really good.    Keane started to have a hard time the last day and delays at the airport made me think that I might never get home!

Anyway, I'm back in the saddle and feel pretty good.

Monday, March 04, 2013

This summer...

I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with Graem and Emmy this summer.   I know that we'll probably try to go on vacation but also I want to put them in a few weeks of summer camp.  

Of course, it's all just time and money.    I wish we had more of both!

Plumbing issues...

This past week we have had some major plumbing issues.   The plumber came out last week and we are looking at replacing all sewage pipes with PVC.   We need to go up to 3" and he needs to reconfigure the pipes too.    So much for having extra money after our tax refund?

I've seen straight line action clamps that would have been helpful yesterday when Margot climbed on the roof in the middle of a snow storm!!

Dr. Phil.

Okay, I admit it...   I tape Dr.Phil and it's smutty and then Dr. Phil tries to make it seem like he's holier than JC.    He gets right in there and then sets everyone straight!

The hard thing is...   I can't watch it around the kids!    They have a good idea of what he's saying and half ot he shows are of poorly behaved kids.   God knows, I don't want them picking up bad behaviors!