Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday time!

We are about a month away from Emmy's birthday! We haven't decided what we are going to get her yet. We saw this cool tent at Jillians. Of course, I think Margot has other intentions for the tent which include taking it to the beach and putting a sleepy baby inside! Another great birthday idea is new pjs! She wears hand-me-downs all of the time and so anytime she gets something new she really loves it! I can just imagine in a few years the boy will have all of these pink and hearted pajamas to wear too. Poor kid #3.


I have seen endless episodes of Dora the Explorer and I'm convinced she's one bossy bitch I wouldn't want to come across.

Snow day.

THe kids were home Friday because the doctor thought that they had whooping cough. Of course, this morning I get the call that Graem's test was negative. THEN...we wake up to see snow. School called off school - SNOW DAY?! So now I'm home with three kids. It's 9:36am and I'm trying to find things for the kids to do that don't include television. I haven't had much luck.

Our biker days...

Pre-kids we had motorcycles. Margot took the motorcycle course and I didn't. To say the least...I should have! I was a total liability. We had two bikes. One was a 650 and the other was a 250. The 250 was tiny and the 650 was a monster. Since I was the bigger I decided I should ride the bigger bike, right? I mean it just makes sense. Bad idea. Everytime I rode that motorcycle I would drop it! I'm very lucky that I never got into a wreck or serious accident. Once the kids have left - I'm going to take the motorcycle class and I'm going to get a Sportster! Then I'm also going to have to get some hot harley davidson accessories!

Tree down.

I woke up this morning to around 4 inches of snow. Noone knows where in the hell it came from. The sad thing took down one of my favorite trees in the backyard. TOtally bummed about it. I went to the back to try and cut off some of the branches but there are 3 big branches that have been severed. So sad.

4 months, almost 4, and 7.

The kids are getting so big! I really do wish I could freeze time because I feel like everything is just perfect. Plus, my kids still like me. I figure at some point there will be a time when they don't! Graem is such a good friend. She is so kindhearted and has so many friends at school. She's also SO smart. Everytime we have a parent-teacher conference the teacher raves about all of the great things that Graem knows. The way her brain works is very similiar to Margot. She still says she wants to be a scientist and there's no doubt that she's smart enough! Emmy is my little ham. She's really hilarious. Sometimes she says things and you ask yourself "did she just say that?" The answer is yes. She did just call her baby brother a "cute little tampon". Keane is our little man. We call him Mister Man. He's so damn cute. Everywhere we go he gives people smiles. It's funny because I'll wear him in the babybackpack and he is just smiling away and I won't even know it. Then I find out because big burly guys end up smiling back at him! I love these kids!

Get the job done...

We have yet to find a really good plumber. The last time Margot tried to do plumbing we had to call our guy out and he was here til almost midnight. Then there were curse words flying from his mouth and mutterings about what a crappy job Margot did! To say the least...she hasn't touched plumbing since. She has most of the welding gear including goggles but I really think if she wanted to keep doing it that she should probably consider purchasing welding jackets!


The boy is sick...really sick. He has the notorious RSV. I feel so sorry for him because he's such a great baby and even sick he is still such a good baby. We are on day 5 of it and last night starting at 3am he started coughing uncontrollably. I called the nurse hotline and they were able to tell me what to look for. Within an hour the coughing subsided and he was asleep in Margot's arms. We also thought that the girls had whooping cough. But I just got a call from the pediatrician that Graem has been cleared. We are still waiting on the other two kids.

Monday, April 02, 2012

The clothing never stops..

Can I just say that I'm in love with my new washer and dryer? I got the Maxima Maytag and it's so awesome! It cleans the clothes spotless and it's going to work really great when we put it upstairs.

This is the first laundry set that has ever been able to handle the cloth diapers! It gets out every single stain and makes them smell so good!!

A little boy!

Poor Keane has a birthday the day after Christmas. Graem is three days after Christmas! Couldn't we have timed this better??? YES.

I will start looking for gifts for him over the next few months. He's just going to be walking or I have to start getting the house baby-proofed too!


I'm totally behind on watching tv! I have some great television just waiting for me to watch it.

I wish I would have a free day of just hanging out on the couch doing absolutely nothing at all. I'd probably try to finish my book and then I'd watch my television.

Then there's sleep...

A little video goes a long way!

We try to do web conferencing every month or so with Margot's brother. Unfortunately, have of the time the connection is awful or the service crashes.

It's frustrating!

I've looked at web conferencing services and even though many people tend to do it for their job or business, I'm ready to purchase a commercial program so that we can keep talking without interruptions!

3 1/2 months!

My little man is getting so big! He's such a good baby. He has started to coo and I think he's right on the brink of giggling! He gets so excited and doesn't quite know how to get it out!

The girls are doing great with him too. Emmy is a little rough at times and we have to remind her to be gentle. Graem is just a sweetheart and loves him dearly.