Monday, December 12, 2011

37 weeks!

I'm here! I really can't believe it! He's fully cooked! Today we went in for the doctor's appointment and the boy weighs around 6lbs13ozs! Much bigger than I ever would have thought. I thought they'd say around 5lbs or so.

They also checked me and I'm still closed and my cervix is up high! Doesn't sound like he's coming any time soon!

The doctor seems to think that he will be here before 12/28 though?!

Friday, December 02, 2011

The quick solution.

So I must admit that we went pretty cheap with our flooring in the playroom. We have no idea what we are going to do with that area once the kids no longer use it for a playroom.

I've looked into the quick step flooring and it just makes sense. It's a good price plus it's super easy and durable!

I've thought about doing something like that in the basement too. Again, it's a good space, but we don't want to waste money on a room that we hardly use. BUT...the concrete basement floor is COLD.

THe weekend!

These next few weeks are going to be absolutely crazy! We have tons of parties to go to and of course we are just waiting for the boy to get here - so I want to also work on getting some house work done!

I feel like I'm a ticking time bomb and we're just waiting for "the sign".

It's shocking that I haven't had any contractions. I think next week the OB will check to see if I'm dilated. I'm guessing maybe 1cm. Sometimes I feel like he is low...other times I feel him floating up high!


We have been looking at camcorders for the birth of the boy. We have an old one that we spent a fortune on when Margot was pregnant with Graem. The picture is alright but it uses those cassette disks and it's hard to actually view them without using the camcorder as a player.

At some point we will just convert to one of the HD camcorders that transfers easily to a computer and DVD.

36 weeks!

Wow...1 week away. It's going super fast.

Yesterday we were at a store and I fell in a pothole. Twisted the hell out of my ankle and landed in the ER with a trip to the labor and delivery unit for monitoring. The boy was in good shape and I was released.

BUT...I have an aircast and crutches. Totally sucks.

I hope the boy holds off for two weeks because I really really really want to have my foot back!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


We've talked about doing a little ceremony in the spring. We'd love to get our friends and family together and do something simple...but fun. Our main goal would be to have good food and a good time. Plus, we don't want to spend tons of money on one day. We'd much rather put it in the bank and go for a nice honeymoon!

One of my friends was looking for plus size bridesmaid dresses and unfortunately, they options were so limited! They went to the local bridal places and they were only able to find dresses up to a size 12. SERIOUSLY?

Then when they went to the big chains the dresses looked like moo-moos and not fitted and beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

In the end they had to pay a fortune just to have a dress that matched the other wedding party.

Jumping Jack.

So now that the boy is getting bigger I can feel him stretch out and kick but I'm not feeling the full body movement that I was once. He's learned to do a full jumping jack in my belly. I feel him stretching his arms down low and his legs up high!

I am hoping that he's going to be a laid back baby. Some days I think he's calm and laid back...other days I wonder if he's not going to pop out that minute and he doesn't sit still for a minute.

I started having some BH contractions a few days ago when I was walking in Target. Nothing to be alarmed about...just my uterus practicing for the real thing!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bad home theatre...

It's been acting up again. We bought it a few years ago and decided to go with the Samsung home theatre that has blu-ray and DVD. I wish we would have gone with a panasonic home theater system. There have been less problems and I can't imagine that the customer service is any worse than Samsung!

Last night when J was babysitting the kids the DVDs kept skipping and the DVD player shut off completely.

I hope that it can at least make it a few more months. I'd like to pay off some of our credit cards and get through Christmas before we have to purchase another home theatre!

Almost 31 weeks

Shit this is going super fast. I haven't started freaking out quite yet because I know that I still have to get through the holidays ... or at least Halloween and Thanksgiving before the boy gets here!

He's getting bigger. I feel his rolls and they aren't the same small kicks I used to feel. It feels like he's running out of room and I know at some point I'm going to feel him right under my boobs!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost old enough...

This Christmas we've been racking our brains on what to get the kids. We're not going to overdo it this year since the kids really only play with a few toys and each year we buy way too much.

I think we might start looking at pc desktops for Graem. She's at the age where she could figure out a computer and would benefit from some of the computer programs that are out there.

29 weeks!

So I can't seem to get motivated to do things on my "to do" list. Today I have a full day of no kids and so I really need to get my poop in a group! I figured I'd try to clean out the fan, get the stains out of the carpet, vacuum and make an attempt at installing the baby seat.

I also have laundry coming out of my ass. Serious loads of laundry that need to be done, clean the house, and then start installing baby gear.


Maybe I should just sit on the couch and watch Housewives of Beverly HIlls.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Merry Christmas!


We are starting to gather thoughts on what we are going to get the kids for Christmas. They haven't been watching television and really have no idea at what they want from watching commercials!

At one point we were looking at pc desktops. We figured Graem would probably need one over the next few years and it would be a good thing for her to get used to over time.

We don't need anything fancy and more than likely we don't need to spend tons of money on it.

We have also been tossing around the idea of renting a piano. She's become really good at piano and our piano is pretty old and out of tune.


The nurse came out to the house today and sure enough...the boy is bottom down. Breech.

I was told by her that I should really try to get him to flip over - especially, by the time that I'm 30 weeks. That gives me 10 days. I know women can have babies butt first...but OUCH. I don't want my woo-ha to be totally ripped apart by the boy.

On the other hand, I don't want a c-section at all. I figure if he doesn't flip over in the next week or so then I'll start up the acupuncture and chiro appointments weekly.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Another lawsuit.

Over the past few days I have received two notices in the mail regarding a class action lawsuit for toys we had purchased years ago. Of course, the payout is around $5 or less and I threw them right in the trash. Let's talk thousands or millions?!

I also read about the Crestor lawsuit. It's shocking that these medications that go through so much testing and FDA approval that take years to get on the market are not safe!

It really makes you wonder if there's some dirty stuff happening or if it just takes years to figure out the harsh reality that these "perfect" medications aren't so perfect after all.

Margot's been on medications for her cholesterol for a few years now and I can't help but think that at some point they'll say that it's unsafe. I guess as a user we have to do our dilligence and make sure that we're getting the proper followup care and testing.

Good ole' Emmy.

Emmy has reverted back to being a baby. Good times, right? Her therapist came yesterday to work with her and said this is totally normal when a new baby is in the picture.

Yesterday she insisted on drinking out of a bottle. Even when she was a baby she never drank out of a bottle!

I've been trying to bring out baby stuff slowly so that she doesn't notice it. I can just imagine walking into the living room and seeing my 35 pounder sitting in the newborn's bouncy chair!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Ms. Helpful.

One of my ex-employees used to work as a homecare aid and on the side she was a local paramedic. She finally got all of her certification and was able to do Paramedic Jobs full time.

Last I heard from her she was doing great! She had a little boy, owned a house, and had been at her job for a few years.

It's good to hear these success stories. So many times you would see the situation where someone had kids at a young age and never could quite move to the next step.

27.5 weeks!

We just got back from Disney Friday. We had a GREAT time! The kids loved it!

I was glad to get back home because truth - be - told...I'm getting a little anxious about everything getting done before the boy comes in December/January!

I feel like the kitchen is 95% done and we still need moldings, and patchings throughout. Plus, the house is a disaster.

Today is my last official day of work so I'm guessing within the next few weeks I'm going to try to conquer a to-do list.

The countdown begins...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nothing on.

My favorite show "Flipping Out" is over. I'm totally bummed because there is nothing else that I've been watching. I have quite a few shows taped but I can't get into any of them. I'm also scared to start a new series on television because it seems like the ones that I like never make it to a second season and then I feel robbed of the hours that I sat in front of the television watching the one and only season of a show!

I've thought that maybe I should look into download videos so that I can watch at my own pace and also not feel like I have to watch in a hurry or that I'm paying a fortune for a video mailing service.

Baby stuffs...

I've been trying to get all of the baby stuff togethere! We only have 16 or so more weeks before this baby comes! We are actually in pretty good shape and all of the baby stuff that's on my list is "extra" and not totally necessary.

I was glad to find out today that I can get a liner for the stroller that covers up the fushia pink in the Maclaren 250$ stroller! I had started to look at other strollers and quite honestly, that's the last thing in the world that I want to spend my money on!

For better or worse..

We really should start looking at better life insurance. Especially, with a new baby on the way and me not working again. Margot is the sole supporter. God forbid anything were to happen to her. THe last time we looked term life insurance quotes we became very overwhelmed and couldn't sort out the best one for us.

Not to mention, Margot's got asthma and I'm fat so that puts us in a higher bracket than your typical couple.



I've been in charge of dinners for the past days and let's just hasn't been good. Tonight I'm taking the kids to Moe's for kid's night while Margot works late.

I went to Wegman's yesterday and dropped $200. That has to last us until we go on vacation in a week and a half Of course, I'll probably have to stop by next week for a gallon of milk and some eggs.

We eat and poop away so much money!

Holiday shopping...

I know I should start thinking about Christmas shopping because it's going to be here before I know! Plus, I could be giving birth to the boy and won't be able to do the last minute shopping that I typically do.

The hard part is that my kids constantly want different things. I know that Graem would probably love a new game or two for her Nintendo DS and I've been trying to find good gamestop coupons.

I'm really going to try to do most of my shopping online this year because it's so much easier and I'm hoping to skip the lines and dealing with big box stores!

24 weeks!

We went for our 24 week appointment and ultrasound and it went perfectly. THe boy is getting bigger and in the 26th percentile for weight which we're happy with. He was cooperative during the ultrasound and I must say...he has Emmy's nose!

I went to BRU this weekend and picked up the carseat and stroller combo. It's nice and I'm glad that I didn't spend tons of money on it.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just maybe?

We will have a little boy by Christmas time!

My little girls will have to think in advance for christmas gifts for brother!

Of course, he will probably only be a few days or week old...but still! We need to find him a little something under the tree.

Speaking of which, this time last year...I had a few gifts picked out for the kids. I haven't chosen anything!! They are so fickle and half of the time they want something and then they decide they don't want it!

I figure maybe I should just wait til Christmas Eve like most of the other parents do!

Appointment tomorrow

So I'm 22 1/2 weeks and have a midwife appointment tomorrow. I figure this would be a good appointment to take the kids to. There isn't much internal stuff they are going to do and more than likely it will be measurement and then doing the baby's heartbeat.

I have one or two more appointments and then it's going in every week!!!

This is starting to go fast now.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I feel like we're buying batteries! It could be that the children have every toy imaginable and each one uses 4 batteries. We've tried the reuseable/rechargable batteries but for some reason we'd forget and throw them away and after a while they just don't keep a charge and they are triple the cost of regular batteries.

Just a few days ago my friend was telling me about vtech batteries. SHe said that she loves the fact that they last a long time and like most of the Vtech products they are a fraction of the price!

With #3 on the way...I think I need to stock up!

Totally lost count...

So today I had no idea how far along I am...I don't know if it's 20 or 21. I could easily look back at my calendar and find out...but alas, way too tired.

I've been cleaning like crazy today so that my cousin doesn't think we're complete white trash. Yes, there was a full layer of pubic hair on the bathroom floor. I used pure bleach on that shit and the vacuum! Had to bring in the big guns..

Monday, August 08, 2011

Bad cars.

Our cars are out of warranty. Which means that when they break... we're responsible. I thought about getting roadside assistance a few years back when I was traveling a lot for work and we were driving back and forth to NYC for Margot's dad.

Now I'm thinking that it's a good idea because we have three kids, don't have tons of money to spend on road side help, AND...I don't want to be STUCK and waiting for long periods of time!

19 weeks!!!

This is going fast. Real fast! The baby has started moving and it feels so nice. I can't wait til he gets bigger and I can actually feel him on the outside! I think Margot and the girls are also ready to feel him on the outside too.

I've been sleeping better. The only problem is waking up to pee every few hours. My body is really demanding a lot of water and so I'm drinking tons of water... but you know what that means!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

No more smokey treats for me.

I haven't smoked in a very long time. IN fact, the last time I was around a smoker it was too much for me and I had to get away.

I have a friend that only smokes alec bradley! Not only are they hard to find locally but they are suppose to be some of the finest cigars on the market.

I wonder if the trend pass out cigars after the birth of a baby is still around or if it's changed to gum?!

Almost 17 weeks...

I've been feeling some little kicks here and there! At first I thought they were gas bubbles...but then it feels like the baby is completely rolling. I feel it every few days and it's nice.

I'm still listening to the baby every morning and every night to make sure that she's in there.

Still thinking it might be a girl!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The car.

I must say that we're pretty disappointed in our Toyota Matrix. We purchased a Toyota because we thought it'd last forever.

TO say the least...the house is falling apart!!

We were told that one of the corrugated metal hose parts needed to be replaced. Then there's the tires, the plastic tire guards, and the clanking that we hear in the back of the car.

The last thing in the world we want is a new car payment! However, we're going to have to put some money into this car in order to keep it on the road.

A day of rest...

This morning we went to a kid's birthday party and we came home. I thought I was going to try and rest but I couldn't get comfortable. My hips were achy and when I did go down Emmy kicked me.

So, we decided not to go to the music event at the park tonight.

We're hanging out tonight and folding laundry!

Eating disorders.

When I was in college I roomed with my best friend from high school, Jenny. We had a great time. Our sophomore year I noticed Jenny was losing weight. I admitted to her I was gay and she admitted to me she was anorexic.

I didn't realize how serious it was until she went into the hospital and weighed 75 pounds. We went to Houston to visit her and she looked awful and so frail.

She didn't return that semester and I moved to New York. We kept in touch via email for a year or so then lost touch.

A few years ago I talked with a mutual friend who told me that Jenny passed away. I really couldn't believe it.

I wish she would have been able to beat anorexia and go to an eating disorders treatment centers.

I think about Jenny often.


I try to watch this show at least once a week because it doesn't make me feel so bad about the lousy housekeeping job I've been doing! I have one more month of work and I can't wait to go back to doing little things around the house like CLEANING and LAUNDRY.

For the past year of me working things have been quite neglected. It will be nice to have a good 4 months to get things together before the baby comes.

Bad phone.

Margot's phone is absolutely WORTHLESS. It's such a shame because she treats hers like gold. In the next month we're going to upgrade her and hope that the new phone has better luck!

I've heard that new htc incredible s.

Just last night we were over at M and L's and the dog knocked his phone into the dog water bowl. To say the's dead. They went out today and picked up a new phone. I hope they got something good and didn't have to pay an arm and a leg!

The pool.

This year we purchased a pool pass. For some reason I just don't like going. I feel overly boyant and it makes me a little nauseaus. I feel like I can't swim on my belly cause with the boobs and the belly I float right up! It's weird.

Margot has been taking the girls to the pool regularly and it's been nice to have time to do laundry, clean up, and pick up toys!


If I had my act together I would be shopping for Christmas gifts right now! Knowing that our December is going to be a little hectic with the possible arrival of a baby!

I've started looking online for gits and I saw the best personalized gifts for dad.

If you truly are organized about it you can get some great deals right now and not have to worry about fighting the crowds at the Christmas rush!

16 weeks!

And I'm feeling really good. Pending the 2 ice cream sandwiches, guacamole, chips, and cheeseballs I just ate!?!

I've felt some movement and it's been nice. I can't wait to actually see the baby move. That is my favorite part of being pregnant.

We have another ultrasound in a few weeks and I can't wait to see how big the baby is.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We had a great time in North Carolina. Too good of a time. We ate way too much! Margot gained serious weight and so did I. However, I can blame mine on pregnancy!

At one point she might even want to think about the safest diet pills that work! With life being so hectic and us loving food the way we do...we've got to figure out something!

Obviously, what we're doing isn't working!

15 weeks!

Wow...this is going super fast. I can't believe it. Before I know it I'm going to be 37 weeks waiting for this little one to get out!

We had a good midwife appointment last week. The next one is in 2 weeks. We'll get an ultrasound in Syracuse the day before.

I'm excited to see how big she is!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Right now Margot is using our portable speakers outside. It's so nice to use the phone, plug in Pandora, and listen to the music outside!

We've been spending so much time outside these days and it's such a nice place. The deck is perfect and it's so shaded. The kids play in the back yard and we hang out on the lounge chairs drinking cold drinks!


I'm watching the Housewives of OC Reunion. DAMN. It's good stuff.

It was a good season and I must say that the OC girls bring it on so much better than all of the other girls. I also have NYC taped but I don't know when I'll get around to watching it.

This is the first time in weeks that I've had time to sit down and watch a 45 minute show.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little supplement...

goes a long way.

One of my friends is doing the hgh supplements. They feel healthy and it's really helped them balance things.

We have a new vitamin store in town and every time I go past it's empty. I can't help but think that most people probably buy their vitamins and supplements online these days because it's easy, fast, and more than likely they get a pretty good deal!


I hate thinking that anything bad could ever happen to my children…but I know if anything ever did…I’d want the best attorney to take care of the situation!

We have a friend who has a little boy who was affected by a medication drug. It seems like the FDA didn’t do all of the testing it should have and they put the medication on the market way too fast.

Just this morning…
I was watching television and a commercial came on for the Topamax lawsuit. Supposedly, this medication was prescribed to many children and adults and the effects were unknown early. After years of useage they discovered that it had bad side effects that caused many people to become very sick.

One of my friends went to: O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

They had great results and really liked the personal care that they received with their case. They were dealing with personal injury from a car accident and were very happy with the results.

After dealing with the insurance companies for months they were getting absolutely nowhever. When they called the office my friend was happy that they took over EVERYTHING. They didn’t have to worry about the stack of bills or contact with the insurance and their threatening attorneys.

Tired and sick - again

I've been trying to keep down my food. But...its not working too good.

I went to the midwife appointment a few days ago and they gave me more medication for nausea. I haven't picked it up from the pharmacy because quite honestly I don't know how good it works.

Today I threw up twice. Once after breakfast and once after lunch. I should have known Taco Bell wasn't a good idea!?!

Last night I had a nice late dinner of Indian food and everything went good and I was able to keep it down. I don't understand?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

When it comes to my kids...

I'd do anything for them.

The other day I was talking to our friend who has twins. We talked about the risk involved and we talked about her son. He has epilepsy and has been on so many medications over the years. Right now he's seeing specialists all over and they've decided to keep him on his current meds.

The hard part is for him. Socially he sometimes has a hard time in school. He's had his seizures at school and it scares the other kids.

I've read up on Topamax class action lawsuit and I have to say that if a medication had an effect on my child the way that it has on so many I would be the first one to find a good attorney.

But no matter how much compensation you might never replaces having a healthy child.


There's so much rain outside. Margot had planned on spending this weekend doing deck stuff. YEsterday she poured the concrete foundations for the deck. Today it looks like it's going to be raining on and off for the rest of the day. I think this evening is suppose ot have half an inch of rain hit.

WHat happened to the sunny springtime??


Well, I'm almost 7 weeks. I've only puked once and felt sick quite a few times. My belly has popped out.

Tuesday we go in for another ultrasound. At this point it's still hard to think that there are three babies that are growing.

I did the consult with the genetic counselor this week. It provided some clarity and we're going to go ahead and go through with the procedure to reduce two of the babies.

With my heart condition there's no way that I can carry triplets to term.

I'm so sad about it all...but I want and need a healthy baby in the end.

Beauty school...


Of course, that is not my style. To drop out...that is.

One of my friends is a Cosmetologist and I am constantly amazed at how well she does financially! She also works as an airline attendant for American Airlines. When she doesn't have assignments she goes right back to her Cosmetology background and ALWAYS has a job waiting for her!

I think she might have gone to Springfield beauty school, where she was raised.

These days I have been looking at going back to work. I wrestled with the idea of doing real estate and getting my license but maybe I should look for a back up plan in case that does not work. offers Cosmetology school in many different areas and they are an industry leader.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 1415 East Battlefield – Springfield, MO 65804

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big wheels...

keep on turning.

I think I might buy truck gps because I've heard that they'r much better than the gps products that are out there.

OUr GPS is SO slow. It takes 10 minutes to find a satelight and typically you have to wait around for it to even figure out where you are.

Then there's the whole thing with big cities. The second we get near a big building it goes wonky and acts lost!

I think it's time for a new purchase!!


I'm pretty drained emotionally.

We found out there are triplets. All three embryos we put back stuck. To say the least...we're absolutely shocked.

Wish I could write more....

Thursday, May 05, 2011

No more mowing for me!

We have a riding mower and over the years it's been incredible. This is the first summer that I won't be able to use it since I'm pregnant and figure it might just be too much wiggling.

I've been eyeing the honda mowers for awhile and my parents always had Honda mowers. I remember they never broke down and were always reliable!

Of course, I should just save my money because we also need to get a weedeater too!

We're having another baby...

or two.

It worked.

What was going to be our one and only attempt at having another baby worked. The numbers are great and we go in next Tuesday to find out how many bambinos have taken up residence.

I'm excited.

And tired.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enough meds already!

Tonight I took all of my shots which included progesterone and lovenox. I forgot about the sting and the pain.

I have a friend who is getting low testosterone treatments and he actually is having to do injections too.

It's interesting how we all have to go through our own daily battles to get what we want!

I just wish that it didn't have to be so painful! Why can't we just take another pill?

Not so good news.

I got the call that out of my 8 eggs only 3 were good and 3 fertilized.

I'm truly disappointed. I know with aging stuff like that happens and you become less fertile. However, I expected to have more to work with.

Here's hoping that those three embryos continue to grow and I have some perfect 8 cell embryos Wednesday.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Makes sense.

When I was in healthcare they were always looking for ways to make things more effective. In doing so they came up with point of care cart. That way you would have all of the supplies you need on hand instead of running back and forth to a closet or storage area.

It was shocking how efficient this made working and typically the aides were able to almost double their work just by having supplies on hand!

This is going to be fun!

I just talked to my grandma and she's booked her ticket to visit my uncle and aunt. Then they're making the roadtrip here with my cousin and her husband and kids!

I'm so excited!!! It's going to be so much fun. Now I just have to get the house in shape AND...clean!


Too bad our kitchen won't be finished.

Friday, April 01, 2011


I'll be in the market for some personilized baby items !

This time around we would not find out the gender of the baby. I loved it when we didn't know for Graem. It was fun. We have everything for a little girl and I think I'd be really shocked if we ended up with a little boy!

It's also going to be hard to go to an ultrasound and not look for the goodies! I think since we've done this so many times I might actually be able to figure it out.

One day of meds down....

8 more to go! WOW...this is going fast and I'm hopeful. But anxious. I want it to work.

BUT...if it doesn't I think I'm going to be alright with that.

We've gone back and forth on the number of embryos to transfer back and I just don't know what to do...

We talked about if there are more than 4 splitting them up and freezing the others. Or we could always just wait and do a 5 day transfer.

Right now I feel like I can't count my eggs until they are retrieved!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


There are so many scams out there. I'm always weary when I get something via email and I haven't bought anything from television ads since I purchased those stupid candle lights that you put in your windows for the holidays.

I read about the lipozene scam the other day and was shocked! So many people rely on these products for help and it's sad to know that there are companies out there that will take advantage of this.

An easy week?

Tomorrow seems like a light day. I have all exteriors which means I get to go at my own pace and I don't have to worry about making appointments. It looks like I might be done and home around 1:30p which will let me enter my reports and might even have 20 minutes to read or do some laundry.

I like slower days.

HOpefully, this weekend will be just as calm. I'm taking off in a few weeks for the IVF and the kid's spring break and I'm guessing that my boss is starting to let me wind down a bit.

An upgrade?

When Graem was younger we got her an ipod We got tired of listening to all of the Backyardigans and it got to the point when everytime we got into the car she would demand one of those obnoxious songs.

Now that Emmy's in the picture I haven't passed on the ipod. It has all of the old songs and I'm just not sure what Emmy would like.

I've had my eye on the 8g ipod nano and now the price is low enough to pick one up for a steal!

I just don't know anymore...

Today was a rough day. There's so much on my mind and I just don't even know how to write it down. Nor do I know if I want to open up online. I'm due to get AF in just a few days and don't know how supported or prepared I really am.

Death's door...

Our old laptop is on it's last leg. Between two kids and a cat that likes to sleep on it it's surprising that it's lasted this long.

I was looking at custom laptops and I can't decide if we should go this route or that of the iPad. I figured I would let them work out all of the kinks with the 1st and 2nd version but I might not be able to hold back any longer.

The lingering cough...


Had a great post about going how we've switched over the fragrance free stuff and then blogger ate it.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Planes, trains, and motorcycles.

A few years ago one of my friend's children died in a horrible motorcycle accident. It was actually no fault of his own. A car ran a red light and hit him. He died instantly.

Since everything in Texas is bigger there’s no shock that it can take you 30+ miles to go to work one way. Maybe people decide to go with a motorcycle due to the great weather and effeciency and affordability.

I’ve heard that finding a motorcycle accident attorney Austin can be hard to find and my friend mentioned going through - O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.
Posted by Two Mamas at 7:57 PM

The uncertainties.


Just wrote a whole post on this.


Blogger wiped it out.

Saturday, March 05, 2011


Our basement is empty and we are thinking about what to do with it. We've thought about doing a ping pong table or pool table. We have tons of space and it'd be easy to convert it into living space by throwing up some drywall and painting the walls.

I've seen a few good deals on pool tables locally. I think we'd probably have to look around for good pool sticks since we don't really have a pool or billards store locally.


I guess we're starting up!?!?!

I'm freaking out a little bit. I can't believe this is happening. I got test results and everything came back normal except for the glucose was a little elevated. What can I say? I ate McDonalds right before because I didn't realize they wanted it to be fasting.


So, now I wait for AF to show up and it's nightly injections for me. Here's hoping!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


We have been eating out every single meal over the past four days. I'm sick of it though!

I'm craving some vegetables and cold. It seems like every single bite I take tastes like sugar.

I've thought about diet supplements in the past. But this time I'm just going to ride out the fact that I don't feel like eating.

I have my appointment Monday and I'm going to ask him about diet for the next month or so. I really would like to try and drop about 10 pounds before TTC.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad skin?

I'm 34 years old and I swear that I have just as much acne now as I did when I was 16! Recently my chin has been plagued with zits. I have some acne scarring on my cheeks and I've been looking at acne scar treatment.

There's some pretty good stuff on the market now. I know that I don't want to use pharmaceutical drugs because they can be dangerous and cause liver damage. I'd be up for using something herbal or organic though.

Boucing off the walls!

Yesterday we hung out at home because it was snowy and the kids were happy playing with each other and watching the Avatar series. Today I think we're going to venture to the post office, to Mama Goose to sell back some clothes, and I might take the kids to the bounce house.

Emmy has been taking super long naps and so we'll have to leave on the earlier side this morning to get everything done.

I forgot that I also have Sears coming out to do kitchen design and give us a price on cabinets. I don't think they can match any of the online prices...but we'll see.

I need to lose it!

So I was able to drop down to 8 pounds above desired weight when I had the flue a few weeks ago. It was great. Aside from the side effects!!

Now I'm really going to try to drop the pounds and do it the right way. I have my appointment next Monday and I'd really like to start losing weight to get to my desired weight.

I've thought about diet pills but I would really like to try and do it with exercise and diet first.

It's going to be hard...but in the end it's going to be worth it!

Little Crissy.

This morning Emmy found chocolate. She ran into the living room and said "look what I found." She was just about to open it. I made her stop and told her that she had to eat lunch and then she could eat it.

I swear that girl loves sweets. IF we had candy out she'd eat it all. She never turns down a treat.

Saturday facials!

This weekend we had a pizza party at Jenn's house. The kids were happy watching a movie and the girls slipped off to the bathroom. We did facials and manicures. It was amusing but really felt awesome!

Jen had all of the great creams and facial stuff. I wish she would have had some dark circles under eyes treatment. I've noticed that as I get older and sleep less I've started getting dark circles around my eyes.

Hopefully, over the next few days I'll be able to catch up on sleep and they will disappear!

So nice.

I finished up my work on Sunday and haven't been assigned new work since I'm off with the girls this week. I must admit it's been so great and care free. I don't have to worry about appointments or reports. It reminds me of a time when I was just mom. There are parts of it I really miss!

But, I really want to keep working so that we can afford to do the new kitchen and I'm sure that my income will also help with infertility stuff and camps for the kids for this summer.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am constantly shocked that my camera for work has survived It was a rocky start. At first I kept getting these error messages and the photos were horrible. The other day I fell in snow and was sure that the camera was going to break or not turn on at all. The thing takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.

I have my eyes on the new samsung cameras that they have out now.

They are priced low and they've had some great reviews too.

Let it go...

So the great thing about this blog is that it's really not all that public. I have a few frequent followers but I'm not even sure who they are! Which means that I can keep all of my information here when it comes to appointments.

I loved looking back on our other website because it really kept all of the information about there about our cycles and infertility treatments. However, now I've gotten to the point where I'd really like for everything to be a little more private.

BUT...I still want to document it all. goes. 2/28 - Our appointment with the RE. I filled out the paperwork yesterday and I think they'll have me go for bloodwork after the consult to test FSH and thyroid.

Here's hoping....

Thursday, February 03, 2011


We're actually going to host a little SUper Bowl party this weekend. We didn't want it to be too big and so we've just invited a few people.

Speaking of I just read about pci compliant hosting. I've started looking at other hosts because I'm really not happy with the company that is hosting our main website.

We pay a fortune and half the time I check on the site and it's down. Plus, they can't seem to get their accounting right and billed me double. Don't even get me started on customer service...


Tonight Margot is off at a work meeting and I'm home again with the kids. To say the least...I'm exhausted. THe kids have actually have been pretty good the past few's just the little things that add up and then I get crazy.

Plus, I'm really tired. I need more sleep. THe kids are sleeping in their own bed tonight and I just hope that I get to bed before Margot because if I don't I stay up from her snoring.

Hopefully, this weekend I can get some much needed sleep and rest.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


One thing that we did when we first moved into this house was rip out all of the doors, change the handlesets, and hinges. You'd be surprised how nice the new doors look and it really brings an ugly 1950's ranch into the twenty first century!

We decided to go with the six panel door and the Schlage brushed nickel lever handlesets. They look great and have been so durable with the kids slamming and hanging on them all the time!

A nice lunch.

My friend, K, came over to the house for lunch. It was nice to see her and catch up. She hadn't seen the house in a while and so it was good for her to see all of the work we've done.

Last night Margot and I brainstormed what we're going to do with the kitchen. It's really the last room of the house to be done and then we're going to have a newly remodeled house. WOO WOO!

Work on the deck also needs to happen but I think we can probably get that done in a weekend or so.

Be careful.

I am always afraid that my identity will be stolen. Heck, I have a hard enough time keeping my credit clean without someone going out there and stealing my identity and racking up debt!

I read a magazine article a few weeks about electronic pickpocketing. It's happening more and more and unfortunately, with the internet we provide so much information that it can really make hackers have to do very little.

I've tried to do fewer and fewer transactions online and I always make sure that the website is secure before giving out my information. When given the chance I also try to do a Paypal payment.


Today we got a little bit of snow. But of course Margot couldn't get Graem to school. So that meant that she turned around and now I have two kids at home that are bored stiff.

THEN...tomorrow and Thursday are suppose to be parent-teacher conference but it looks like they might be snowed out. SO...they're calling off school for Friday.'s such bullshit. When I called the school they said the reason why they were using Friday is because they needed to get a handle on "enrollment" sooner - than later.

I guess parent's schedules really don't matter. Then in another week they're off again for five days.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We need more of it! We have to pay off the HD card and the van and then we officially have a little more breathing room. Then there's the carpet I want for the playroom and the new kitchen I want remodeled!

We have friends who have used a cash advance to help out when they were in a bind. Fortunately, for us we have a bank overdraft program that helps when we're in a small crunch and need to buy a few days before a paycheck comes.

Vacation time?

I keep looking online for good getaways for Graem's fall break. Of course, all of the good deals are after her break. DAMN. I'd love to do a trip to Florida or a cruise but I really don't want to spend $2,000.

I'll keep looking and hte good thing is that we can leave last minute if we need to because Margot is taking the time off.

Much better.

With Margot's father having colon cancer we really have been trying to do things that are better for our health. We've thought about doing a colon cleanser so that we can flush or bodies out.

I've heard if you do it on a regular basis you can really reduce your risk. Margot went a year or so ago and got a colonoscopy and they found some small polyps. So they will have her come in every few years to make sure that she stays healthy and that nothing bigger grows.

The finishing touches...

Well, we finished the playroom with the exception of some touch up stuff and new carpet. Now we've got to finish up the basement room and to start thinking about what we want to do with the kitchen.

The race is on too! CU graduation is in a few months AND my family is going to be visiting a few weeks after. EEK.

The good thing about this is that it really makes us move our asses to get this house up and running!

Need to lose it!

I'm talking about the holiday weight. Then there was all that birthday cake that I ate last week at Graem's party. I have a doctor's appointment 2/28 and I really want to lose major weight before then.

I've thought about over the counter diet pill that works. However, I think I need to read up on it and see some information on people that have tried it before.

The alternative could just be to move more and eat less!


Tonight we get to go over and see our friend's new baby! Pretty excited to see her. She's been a long time in the waiting/making! Plus, there's nothing like holding a newborn.

I'm sure this might kick in my wanting for #3 to full force.


Life is good.

Right now I'm lying in bed with Emmy. She's doing everything she can to get out of taking a nap and I'm working on some blogging catch-up.

Life is good. I have a healthy family. I can work part-time as needed and I get to spend much needed time raising my kids.

I'm lucky.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


We have iphones and absolutely LOVE them. However, Margot's has been acting up and some days it's so slow. We're also not impressed with the carrier. Our calls constantly get dropped and the plan we are on is a fortune!

In the next few months we're up for renewal and I might take a look at all of the cell phones out there because I'm guessing that there are some other phones that work just as good.

Day off.

I seriously need a day just to hang out on the couch and watch bad television. WITHOUT KIDS.

The past week has been crazy at work and so I'm hoping that this week slows down a little bit. Of course, I love the bigger paychecks because it lets us do some nice things with the house that we might not be able to do otherwise.

This week....toilet. That's right. I get a new toilet for my birthday.

My computer...

is actually doing a pretty good job with all of my work stuff. I've had my eye on an iPad but I wanted to wait and let them work out the kinks.

I've also seen the netbooks and I love how small they are! WHen I travel for work it's nice having a smaller computer and I really would like having a smaller one because it'd be easier to set everything up on a table while working.


The holidays went by way too fast. I seriously don't know what I did other than finishing up the playroom. It seems like I take on these projects and they always take longer than I think they'll take.

I think Margot's going ot try and take off a week or so and we're going to try and head out of town. It will be nice and it's a much needed getaway!