Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Light my fire.

I've been trying to change up our house a little bit. I redesigned the furniture in our living room and even the lighting is set up differently.

At some point I might look to Murray Feiss for some different lighting options. They look great and don't cost an arm and a leg!

Mama can't be sick...

it's just not possible!

However, when I woke up from my nap today I started realizing that I had drippy throat and a headache. UGH.

Tomorrow's going to be a long day with two kids at home and no help.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Can I just say that we're hooked on Pomegranates!?!

We first started eating them in New York City when we received one in a fruit basket. We loved picking out the seeds and they were so fresh. We ate them straight and decided to add them to salads.

Maybe this summer we should consider Pomegranate trees in our back yard?

It'd be great to run outside and pick one straight from the tree!

Birthday parties everywhere!

Graem has been invited to so many birthday parties!

Tomorrow she's going to Dobbs' birthday party at his house. The theme looks to be transformers and we picked up a puppy game the other day that we think he might like.

Graem's party is next weekend and we're having it at the Sciencenter. She chose the frog theme complete with a worker bringing in live frogs for the kids to play with.

I don't know how I'm going to manage with 10 - 4 year olds running around!

We know better now...

We just got finished dealing with Margot's Dad's life insurance. To say the least we've learned a lot through the whole process.

We've learned about wills, life insurance, debt, and funeral arrangements. It's quite unfortunate that we've all had to learn about this stuff at such an early age.

We currently have whole life insurance but I think we might look at term life insurance online. Margot's dad had term life insurance and it's been pretty easy to work with.

I have a four year old?

How bizarre.

Seriously...when I think of my kids I think of a two year old an a newborn. I still remember when Grammy was crawling and now I have another baby on the move and a BIG KID!

Graem will be four years old tomorrow and we're going to one of her friend's birthday parties at his house. Graem has requested sushi for her birthday dinner and Uncle Dennis will be in town to join in on the festivities!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Take me away!

Part of our plans this winter are to schedule a vacation in a nice, sunny destination.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is that I've got to start going to the gym and eating better.

These snow days are killers when you're locked inside and all you do is eat!

Maybe I should look into fat burners or something to do the job!

So tomorrow...

I think I'm going to head down to the Holiday Inn to talk to the front-desk manager. I've got to beg for the $144 back that was charged to my credit card.

When my car got stuck in the snow I decided to walk to HOliday Inn and make reservations. In the midst of being towed, and getting into it with the cops I forgot to cancel reservations.

So, hopefully the lady will have mercy and I can go in with my two crying children and get my food money back!

It's almost a new year...

and we've got to do something about our fatness!

I've thought about researching Decaslim. I've heard it's the newest thing when it comes to weight loss and if it's all natural - it's something I might not mind taking while nursing.

I've got to do something! We're planning a sunny beach vacation and mama needs to get into her new swim suit!


Yesterday we got stuck in the friggin' snow off of Aurora Street. Talk about suckage. Margot was gunning the minivan up the hill and we just kept spinning out of control.

In the end we had to get towed and that cost us $55 DAMN dollars. Then of course we ended up eating bad food - $50 and I forgot to cancel the hotel room $144.

A really fucking bad day.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Since we're not moving ....

anytime soon. I think I should get some good Christmas gifts in the form of electronics!

I have had my eye on a big screen plasma television for some time. Each year we watch the price go down and this year it seems like it's finally reached an affordable price.

My aching feet.

I went to the doctor the other day because every night my feet ache every time i try to walk on them.

I've had Planters Fachitis before and so I was pretty sure it's the same thing. Sure enough.

The doctor said to do ice packs nightly, ordered physical therapy, and said that Birkenstocks are actually good for your feet!

Of course, I haven't done any of the above and my feet are still killing me.

For sale!

That's right.

Our house is on the market. It went up Monday and we've already had two families come out to look at it. We have a real estate sign in our front yard and I'm not sure it's actually getting much attention. Maybe we should look into digital signage.

That way when people pass our house they can actually see that it's on the market!


Today we're expected to get 8-24 inches of snow! I'm surprised that they haven't cancelled Grammy's school yet and I keep checking the newspaper online.

This weekend's going to be a real blast with us packed into the house like sardines.

Is it real?

When we were cleaning out Margot's Dad's house we came across all of his expensive watches. Among those were Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Cartier.

Of course, we can't figure out which ones are real or fake! Margot's brother took the Rolex because we know that's real. But we took all of the other ones and figure that we'll take them to the jewelry store at some point.

It's one of those things that we'll just keep in the family. Who knows...we could have a little boy next?

Or maybe we'll just wait for Graem and Emmy to have kids of their own!

A no go.

Let's just say that the house deal was a bust. The attorney never could get her shit together and wanted us to wait forever to get all offers in.

I still think ours was probably the highest - but I'm sure it's over now.

Shitty night last night and now I just want to crawl back into bed and go to sleep.

Instead, I've got to get out and go to Target to pick up gifts for G's teachers.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At some point...

we're going to find the perfect house. I just know it.

Then we're going to fix it up exactly the way we want it. One of our first priorities is to do the carpet/hardwood floors.

Next on the list is to get a flat screen plasma television and home theater seating! I've always wanted a great family room and if we have the space...we're going for it!


Can I just say how raving mad I am at this bitchass attorney that is in charge of the selling of the house that we want?

She's not communicating at all with our real estate agent and she's power tripping all over the place by acting like our offer is too low.

The friggin' house has been on the market for over three months with one other offer that was $50,000 less than asking price!

Augh. We need to find another house.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I can't get enough ...

of the promotional business gifts that were offered at Margot's ASLA conference!

She was able to land me a ticket to the exhibit and I went up and down the isles and acted like I was interested in products. What I was really interested in was the great pens, tape measures, t-shirts, and kazoos!

They didn't have good stuff like this for healthcare fairs!!

Adoption time!

I'm pretty psyched for our adoption tomorrow. This one went SO fast and I'm glad that we didn't have to wait a year and a half like Graem's adoption.

I'm going to dress little Emm up cute tomorrow and I'm sure we'll have some cute photos to share.

A move?

At some point we might be moving and we'll be in the market for a truck rental.

We still have our eyes on the house in Northeast but we're hoping that they accept our offer. We ran the numbers tonight and we can afford to offer more but the more we offer the less we have to remodel the new house.

I think we might just wait around and hope that they lower the price...

She's sleeping...

that's right.

Little Emmy is asleep on my lap and I'm afraid the second I get up she's going to be up for the night. Of course, I might decide to dose little girl with a bit of Tylenol.

I keep thinking that she's going to cut those teeth but instead she's just a big cranky pants.

Do I need this?