Friday, August 31, 2007

Where to put all of the chitlins?

Hopefully, once we get pregnant again we will be faced with where to put all of the kids. We have a pretty small house and so it's going to be a matter of packing everyone in like sardines!

I think the perfect solution is probably going to be bunk beds!

When I was a kid I always wanted bunk beds and thought that they'd be cool to have even when my friends came over.

Now we just have to find a cool, affordable, and safe set!

I'm getting older...

and I realized that my face is starting to look older. It could be the fact that as a kid I never wore sunscreen but I think at some point I should consider skin care products.

I wash my face every day with Dove and sometimes Clearasil. Of course, my complexion is the combination of oily and dry depending on the time of day and season!

I should look for an all around cleanser, moisturizer, and anti-wrinkle cream!

The perils of getting old.

A simple "thank you".

When I was a director overseeing a staff of about sixty I constantly believed in letting the staff know how much I appreciated their hard work. Whether it was ordering pizza for all of the shifts, a simple thank you, or ordering them gifts every few months.

One month I ordered everyone personalized pens with their names engraved and the company logo. They were perfect wooden pens and pencils sets and everyone really liked them.

That's also a great gift to give for recent graduates or someone receiving a promotion or new job.

Shopping done right.

I could not believe all of the shopping that we did when we were in Las Vegas! We hit the outlet malls and even went to the hotels and casinos where they had huge boutique shopping.

In fact, we went to Caesars Palace and Margot and Graem shopped while I played a little black jack!

Of course, I'd rather not talk about my winnings... but focus on some of the great pieces of clothing that Margot and Graem were able to find!

Eyes and ears open.

Since the stock market hasn't been doing so hot the past few months and still seems to be unstable we've been looking for another way to invest our money. What's been pretty consistent is real estate.

I was just reading that Arizona luxury real estate is pretty hot! It seems like a lot of young couples are relocating to Arizona and the area is growing like no other.

Who knows...maybe what we should do in the future is start buying real estate and managing it from New York!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yesterday's appt.

Well, I got there and instantly was seen. Then the doctor stepped in. I was somewhat suspicious since I had complained to the nurse a few days before about being part of the IVF program and them having to fit me into the upcoming cycle!

So, he did the ultrasound and the NP was with him. We talked about different things we could try and he suggested IviG and acupuncture. I told him I was game for acupuncture but we couldn't afford the $2,500 that IviG costs.

Then he asked if there's anything better they can be doing. I know that was probably my time to say "Yeah, I got pissed at the fact that you guys didn't have a spot for me to cycle on the protocol that worked so well for me in the past."

Instead, I just said "I just want a baby and after 13 negatives, one positive and a miscarriage....I just want a baby."

I think either way...he can tell at this point that I'm desperate and despite what happened days before it seems like he's really going to try to make it happen.

The U/S and B/W went fine and I didn't have any cysts. So I start up my meds Friday. Of course, I got the med sheet and instead of doing 75ius of Repronex .. he's increased it to 150ius. Which meant that I had to bust my ass to get some Repronex on one of the websites that allows people to (illegally) sell their IVF meds.

I was able to get 11 vials for $250+ shipping. That would have cost me almost $800 at our local pharmacy.

It's weird cause this cycle seems like no other. I'm not overly excited to begin and I'm not anxious either. I can honestly say...I feel so neutral about's like it's not even happening.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Take me shopping!

Just the other day I looked online for Grammy a new carseat. You figure if you shop online, darnit, you've got to find good savings!

I was able to find a few coupons for Target that offered 10% off and also free shipping. Go figure, half of them didn't work!

I wish I would have known about Blog. The blog is run by someone who is serious about their coupons.

Plus, if you're looking for a specific coupon and can't seem to find it just email the writer and he/she will go out of their way to pop you an email back with a response!

Now that's getting the hook up!

Over the past month we've spent approx. $700 online shopping and each time we've had a coupon. (With the exception of the grill and ebay purchases). Now I can really appreciate having a "go to" person when it comes to getting a good deal!

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I love my new sling!

When we were pregnant with Graem we went out and bought every baby back pack and sling available. We have the Active Baby Bjorn, a handmade sling, and even had the ergo carrier.

Graem grew out of the Baby Bjorn in a matter of months and then when I read about how it grabbed too much and put too much pressure on the crotch I decided not to use it anymore!

The handmade sling that we had made seems too big and long and many times makes me think like the baby is going to fall out. Plus, we never felt comfortable taking it out of the house cause we were sure that at some point we'd drop the baby!

The Ergo Carrier seemed the most promising but I think we got it too late. We got it when she was 18 months old and I couldn't get Graem situated in it right.

Just recently I was asked to try out a new baby sling by SlingLings. I was so impressed with this sling that I've worn it out the past few days! Graem loves hanging out in it and even though she's a big kid...she's comfortable. doesn't kill my back and feels really natural! I love the fact that it is padded and also curved around where the baby is. Not to mention, it's not just for newborns or just for older kids. It seems like you could use it for just about any kid - newborn to toddler.

ANOTHER PLUS...the patterns are awesome! We got this cool paisley print. It's a thicker fabric and wears nicely. They have some new patterns that are contemporary and trendy too!

Watch out BabyBjorn, ErgoCarrier, and Snugli...there's a new sling on the block!

Here we go...again.

Well, I got my good ole' period yesterday. But officially today is CD 1. I must say with my cold... I've been in rare form!

I called the fertility center with the great news and got one of the girls that I'm not so fond of. She said "well, you might have to get on LUpron until we can fit you into the calendar."

WTF? Do you really think that I spend $20,000 to be fit into a calendar? I gave her an earful without being a total bitch and she said they were going over the calendar and to call back in the afternoon.

So I called right at 1:45pm after I got out of my doctor's appointment for my cold. Good ole' Dr. V hooked me up with Zithromax.

They said that they were able to put me into the schedule for a flare protocol and to come in tomorrow for an u/s.

I think I'm too tired and sick to care.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting hitched?

It's been a few years since we've been to any weddings. In fact, we're pretty convinced that most of our friends like to shack up and then realize that they aren't compatiable before they walk down the aisle.

Putting together a wedding is a lot of hard work and also coordination! When L&L were doing their wedding they spent a lot of time and money making sure that everything went off perfect.

I bet a good Wedding Website would have helped with the organization! has everything that you will need to plan the perfect wedding.

Now all you have to find are the perfect two people. That's the hard part these days!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Real Estate.

Since the stock market is in the toilet we have been looking for different ways to invest our money. Margot's dad owns a condo in Miami and that seems to be a pretty happening spot.

save our homes

I've always heard that Tampa real estate is a great investment and a great place to visit and vacation too!

Of course, I'd love anywhere that's sunny right now as I sit inside watching the thunderstorm out the window.

So excited.

We were able to get some of the coolest books the other day at the outlet mall.

Grammy loves the "David" books and we were able to get "David Goes to School" and also two Graeme Base books that are totally cool. The greatest part about the books is that we got them for $4.99! The cover price is over $15.00 per book.

I've also heard that has some great books and the prices are a steal!

We were just talking the other day...

about how not all drug rehab centers are the same. When our loved one needed rehab we had no idea where to turn.

In fact, we knew he needed help and thanks to the social workers were able to find a place that worked with people that had dual diagnosis such as drug addiction and bi-polar or depression.

What's most important is making sure that the person who has a problem with addiction is getting help...

It could be a matter of life and death.

I'm so not cool.

Good thing I don't pretend to be cool because that could be tragic.

In order to get my daily dose of fashion sense I read my magazines and I also check out online websites such as They have all the latest and greatest fashion advise. Plus, they even have columns that talk about the upcoming fashion trends. You can even ask their fashion expert questions.

This could be a life saver for my father who still doesn't realize that navy socks do not go well with black pants and that he really should get rid of that orange belt from the 1970's!

Of course, it's easier said than done. I've always craved to have a pair of Cole Haan loafers and to this day I look at them and my mouth waters. Of course, I know if I were to purchase them I'd end up single again and live a very long life by myself.

I was glad to see and hear that velvet clothing is making a comeback! I remember wearing velvet clothes as a kid and it always felt so nice.

Velvet apparel isn't just for women either --- I read just the other day that Brad Pitt was wearing this nice velvet shirt too!

It's a good thing I get those trashy celeb mags and check out! God knows, living in Upstate New York I'd never know about the fashion trends until years later!


Nothing more to really say than I'm not pregnant and it friggin' sucks.

I went to my shrink today and we had some words. It was good to talk to a trained professional who I have to pay. I'm pretty sure that my friends get pretty tired of hearing the same ole' shit.

I got a call from the doctor today too. Basically, he said I just have to keep on trying and didn't have much advise other than that.

He also suggested putting many more embryos back in and maybe putting them back at three days instead of five.

Who the hell knows.

I wish I could give up.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

God Bless this Shed!

I couldn't believe that Margot's dad had spray painted in the garage "GOD BLESS THIS SHED." Of course, we're talking about the two million dollar hours that is shades of pink and totally blinged out.

He's got some major garage organization going on too! I was so impressed that everything was put nicely on the wall and he even had it tiled and it was in tip top shape!

I'm sure he's probably checked out before because he's got just about everything that any garage could ever want.


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So much to little time.

Well, we just got back from New York and I have so much to write about ... but I'm tired and really am craving some "Big Love". The television show of course.

So, I'm going to make this short and sweet...I'm more than likely not pregnant, pretty bummed that today is my due date for the baby that I miscarried and I'm sick and tired of fighting with Margot.

Good damn thing I have a shrink appointment tomorrow.

Now I just have to call shrink and see what time the appt is.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


We used to have a Chevy Corsica and that was one of those cars that started out already in the relationship. Margot was given the car by her dad's girlfriend who had wrecked it a couple of times. Then Margot's ex-boyfriend did some damage.

Before too long, we had paid a mechanic to jack up the car just enough to pass inspection and to get us through the school year.

At one point we were looking at car donation, however, every place that I tried to call wouldn't return my call and the places that did return my calls said that they weren't interested in the car!

Margot - being Margot - didn't want to have anything to do with the sell of the car so I put it on the Cornell Marketplace and within a day I had sold the car for $400 to a local mechanic. allows you to donate your car, house, and even boat to their non-for profit organization. In fact, they will even pick the item up and give you a tax deductible receipt!

If you want to know how to Donate My Car - check out Car Angel!

Car donations are the easiest way to not only get a great tax deduction but also help organizations raise the money they need in order to fund worthwhile projects.

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Looking for fun?

I'm always looking for a good parenting debate. Of course, I always think that I have the best parenting skills and love to hear other parents who think they know what's best!

There's a great website that helps parents teach their kids the value of a dollar and also the whole meaning of savings, etc. is a great website that talks about how to raise a kid who really gets what it means to work hard for a dollar.

Something I can certainly appreciate!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mission to Mars.

I got Grammy the Backyardigans Mission to Mars DVD - she loves it! She won't stop singing the songs and it also has a nice little dance-a-long part of it too.

Good thing she'll be able to get her fill of tv time tomorrow as we're driving to Syracuse and New York City!

This time tomorrow...

hopefully, I'll be growing our son or daughter! I called the sperm bank and Graem's donor has 17 live births!! He's up to 7 boys and 10 girls.

Can we say stallion?



Our family has been through a lot over the past few years. When Margot and I got together her family became mine and vice-versa. Of course, that comes with all of the goods and bads.

About five years ago we realized that one of our family members wasn't acting like himself when we were visiting. It was during the holidays and I assume the stress along with a past addiction is what set off a relapse.

All of a sudden we woke up one morning and found our loved one on the floor, passed out from drugs. We didn't know what to do other than to call the ambulance and have him taken to the hospital.

There he stayed for a few days and really didn't get much care at all. We didn't know what to think what going on from a medical standpoint. We also didn't know what type of help to seek.

At that point we didn't know if our loved one needed addiction treatment because this was one of the first times we had see this occur.

So, we got him out of the hospital, he promised to seek treatment and we all went back to "life as usual."

Well, that was fine for a year until we received a call that our loved one had been discovered and that he was entering into rehab. We didn't know what to do and felt quite betrayed about the whole situation.

Of course, the only thing we could do was pray for his recovery and also hope that he was at the right place.

I wish we would have known about The website is a non-for-profit that is geared towards helping people find the right rehab for their needs. They offer a useful website and also a 1-800 for families and addicts to contact.

They really get addiction -- they are open 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. The past few times that we have had to make decisions it has happened in the wee hours of the night and we really had limited resources.

In the next few days we will be going to our family reunion. We will see our loved one who has struggled in the past and every day of sobriety is a step forward.

I'm glad that our loved one is doing better and living a happy and drug free life.

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The new me!

Today I went to the hairstylist and got the works! Let me tell you, it was one hell of a workup for that poor little hairstylist! I thought she was going to start sweating when it came to my eyebrows!!!

She put the wax on and I almost started crying. That was some hot shit! Then she ripped it off. I thought that my whole eye lid was going to come off too!

I saw the tape and it looked like my whole damn eyebrow had come off with it! She was also pluckin' away and even used the shears to go at my eyebrows.

That's some serious browage, if I do say so myself!

Always something...

Well, it was really hard for us to decide the next big step when it comes to fertility treatments. We've already invested so much into this and it have it all lost and still not baby is just heartbreaking.

One day Margot mentioned that we should do the IVF refund program and I didn't think I heard her right. I mean $20,000 is a lot of money. Plus, with me staying home with the baby I just didn't realize it was an option.

The more I thought about it the more I realized that this is what I need to do in order to figure I've tried my hardest in order to have a biological child.

We've always been lucky enough to have good credit so we knew that we wouldn't need secured loans, however, we didn't know which loans would be the right solution for us.

We looked into the different homeowner loans and decided that taking out a home equity line of credit would be our best bet. Especially, since our bank was offering a really great deal.

However, I wish we would know known about It's a great website where vendors work towards your business! What that means in the long run is that you get the best deal available!

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CD 15

The big day is tomorrow! I'm pretty excited about the whole process and I just hope and pray that our one little guy makes the thaw and we have something to transfer.

On a good note, if he doesn't make the thaw then we get to go to NYC a few hours earlier and don't have to go through Syracuse.

I guess that's the way to stay positive either way, right?

As far as side effects from the drugs. I think I had sore boobs last night and that white stuff that's like ricotta cheese is starting to come out of my downstairs.

I keep thinking that I'm going to switch from Crinone to Progesterone but figure I'll use it all up first.

We'll see how it all works out...

Monday, August 13, 2007

My honey do list.

Today I took Grammy to the dentist and to get a hair cut. It's amazing how all of this can take such a long time and consume much of the day! We went to Walmart to see if they had any portable DVD players and ended up buying a stash of toilet paper instead.

Another thing on Margot's to-do-list was work on a no fee balance transfer for some of our existing debt.

We play this game with our debt and it seems like we don't feel as bad about it if we aren't paying interest.

Of course, when I take a look at I start to feel like a schmuck again!

Our favorite card is the Capital One card. It has been an amazing card and we have used the 0% balance transfers and we travel with the card since it doesn't have a foreign exchange charge. has a great article that makes me aware of what's going on. In fact, it's specifically about my Capital One card. Since the economy is going belly up a lot of the credit card companies are looking to raise their interest rates.

With news like this...I've got to hop on the phone TONIGHT in order to make sure that we get that good rate that was offered in the mail just a few weeks ago before the stock market crash.

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CD 13

Well, I've been on the meds since Saturday and I seem to be doing alright. No side effects yet. I think typically, you start to get the effects of the meds like a week into it all.

They totally make you feel like you're pregnant!

Stupid friggin' meds.

The good thing is that I've been pretty good at taking the meds and I'm even making it a priority to take the estrace three times a day!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hire me!

I've been somewhat looking for a job. However, I have an idea of the perfect job that I might be able to do without getting into an overly stressful situation!

I like to look at executive recruiting websites to see what they are looking for in potential employees and candidates.

One great resources is this Executive Recruiting Firm Blog. is one of the leading executive recruiting firms in the United States. They work with all types of recruiting and their goal is to match perfect candidates to perfect jobs!

I think it'd be a fun job to do and I'm sure you get to meet a lot of great people in the process. Of course, it's always hard to find the perfect person because we all know that anyone can look "perfect" on paper!

Too much television.

We are trying to get out of the house and Margot's been helping me with all of the posts that I need to get done before we head out. Of course that means that Graem gets neglected for a few hours.

She's pretty happy in front of the television, however, it becomes a bit overwhelming!

I think the reason why she's so intrigued with it is because I never use it as a babysitter. For the most part she watches 1 hour of television of day. If we stay home I don't just plop her in front of the television and the tv is never on for "background" noise!

Dead trees.

Last fall we had someone come out and cut our trees. We spent close to $1,700 getting a few trees taken down and pruning of our other trees.

Of course, now I'm realizing that we have tons of dead limbs, another big dead tree, and I'm wishing that we would have had them come out in this summer time when you can see what is alive and dead!

Need help with that search?

I'm constantly looking for ways to search businesses. In fact, we haven't touched our yellow pages in months because they are all outdated and torn up!

If I'm looking for a business either locally or in another city I go straight to the internet. The hard part is if I do a search the places that show up are the places that have paid money to advertise or be listed up top.

Not always fair to the underdog that offers a good business but doesn't have the funds to advertise!

That's why I'm glad I came across Internet Yellow Pages . offers an online yellow pages that has over 14 million listings! It's up to date information and easy to use!

August 23rd.

Was our due date. Of course, I still think of what could have been and that had I stayed pregnant I would be due any day now and we could have even had the baby by now.

It's hard to deal with all of this because I feel like at one point we had it all. Now of course, we start right back from scratch each time one of these infertility procedures doesn't work.

I don't think this will ever get any easier and I think even if I get pregnant I'm always going to be sad on August 23rd and even on the day that I miscarried December 28th.


I think we're going to try to check out the concert at Taughannock tonight. Last week we were going to go. I had a really hard time though. I knew that L&L were going to meet with some of their friends who were in their birthing class.

I felt like the whole ngiht they'd be talking about the births of their new babies and I just figured I really couldn't handle it.

Sometimes those situations really make me sad because I really feel like I should be experiencing the same thing.

Plus...I'm not far from when I would be having our baby had I not had the miscarriage.

Credit help is on the way!

When I first moved to New York I had a handful of credit cards with balances and no income! Talk about a bad situation!!

Eventually, we were able to pay off the cards - only to add more when we went through infertility treatments!

Now there's help with credit cards for people with bad credit! Many times the Credit Card Applications can be stressful and take tons of time. is an easy to use website that allows you to search through creditors who are willing to offer credit to people who have bad credit.

There are such things as second chances!!

Many times after experiencing bad credit it is important to re-establish yourself and have a credit card or two. Over the years of paying the bills on time and being a loyal customer you will see your credit score increase!

Today's agenda.

We are going to try to head out soon to go to Trader K's. WE have tons of clothes that have been in the back of my car for about 2 months! Hopefully, we can get some cash for the clothes and we're hoping enough money to at least pay for lunch.

Boy we're friggin' ghetto shit.

We're booked!

Last night we were able to make reservations for our trip to San Fran for Margot's conference! I'm pretty excited to get away. Of course, it will be work for Margot but I figure for Graem and me it will be tons of fun! I want to get out and do the museums and taste the great food.

I'm sure that four days won't be enough to do San Fran justice but we sure are going to try!

I want to go to Orlando!

Right now I'm sitting in my recliner looking out the window at a reasonably nice day starting up. This summer has been anything but beautiful. First of all it started way too late and now it seems to rain way too much!

That's why I think that we should head somewhere sunny and fun like Orlando! We could even check out Disney and Universal Studios and I'm sure there'd be some great things for the kids to do too!

While staying in Orlando I would really want to take advantage of a hotel orlando. I love having space to spread out. It really makes the difference when you have kids or if you go with a group of people. is a great website for people looking to take a vacation to Orlando. They offer places to stay and even information on some of the tourist attractions!

What a nice shirt you have.

As many of you know...for some time now I've been trying to get pregnant. Unfortunately, in this post I don't have any great news to announce! However, I always have faith that it will happen when the time is right.

That doesn't stop me from stocking up on great maternity clothes when I see the chance. Plus, I end up resorting to those when I'm bloated from the darn fertility drugs!

Nothing like stretchy pants with side panels and shirts that balloon your gut! offers some great maternity shirts and dresses at fabulous prices! Most of the shirts are under $20 and right now she's even having sales on many of the items.

In fact, I was able to order a shirt to test it out and I was quite impressed.

The shirt is a really light material which is perfect for the summer and dressy enough to wear to a nice work or dinner event.

Of course, I purchased an XL and it seems to do the trick. I like the cut of the shirt because it really displays the belly without making it one of those obnxious "BABY 07" shirts!

Hopefully, I'll be wearing this shirt soon --- and not just because I'm bloated from the infertility drugs!

I see you!

Grammy has really gotten into the great stage of wanting to dress up! She loves being a pricess and we were just talking the other day about how we should get her some pirate costume because she loves pirates!

I think she would absolutely love having animal masks. offers everything from dinosaur masks to parrot masks! Plus, they offer some great costumes! You've got to remember that Halloween is the next big holiday and just around the corner.


I'm a person who's pretty up on different marketing methods and I've worked with newspaper and even radio. However, I haven't worked much with television and commercials.

Mostly, because in order to get any television here you have to subscribe to cable services and not many people in Tompkins county subscribe. Which of course, means that you only reach about 20% of the people at any given time.

When making a commercial many people resort to using hd stock footage. It's more or less like clip art and you buy the stock footage from a company so that you don't have to shoot every piece of your commercial. offers a great website with many great scenes and footage to choose from.

CD 11

Well, yesterday I went into the RE's office. It looks like my lining is nice and fluffly and I have a triple stripe! Which is what they want to see. The nurse said that they have been having a lot of luck with the frozen embryo transfers. Of course, I've heard that so many times with IVF, IUIs, and now FETs!

I was given a refill for the estradial and also a calendar to start meds! Today I start up my progesterone shots and Lovenox and the antibiotic.

Our embryo transfer is scheduled for Thursday.

I'm getting excited but not so excited that I'm nuts.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Only 6 more months til my birthday!

I'm officially 30 1/2. That's depressing.

The best thing about having my birthday in January is that it's basically a constant party from Christmas through Valentine's Day! Margot always gets me perfume, or flowers--one year (the year we were most employed, of course) she got me a Skagen watch! But what I'd really like is one of those fruit baskets--you know how much I love food and since I'm trying to watch my waistline fruit would be perfect! has both custom and pre-designed gift baskets filled with gourmet chocolates, nuts, wines and fruit--you name it!

I'm getting hungry just looking at the website. Of course so much for my diet...hmm..where are those fat pills at when I need them?!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Did you get the listing?

We have a couple of friends who work their butts off as real estate agents. In fact, we hardly ever hang out anymore because they're constantly trying to close the deal or show houses!

I wish they'd purchase software for real estate agents! offers a great software that will help them stay organized from finances to appointments.

Right now they are offering a 15 day trial period so they can even test it out before they purchase it!

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CD 9

Okay, so I've been a real asshole when it comes to updating this website and posting daily like I promised 2 weeks ago. Maybe what I need to do is just make it a priority to write the cycle day and then what's going on.

I'm on 12 pills daily! Isn't that bizarre? Of course, that's not even counting any back medication I might take for back pain either!

4 - Glumetza
2 - Colace
3 - Estrace
1 - Baby aspril
1 - Synthroid
1 - Prenatal

Of course, I feel that it's best to be manly about it so I try to take them all in one swallow which causes me to want to gag every night.

So far, I've just been acting crazy and I've had a little bit of CM. Other than that...I don't feel any different than not being on them.

Give it up for colace! This is the pooping meds from the gods. I'll leave it at that.

me wants.

I haven't been much into car pride lately considering that we have two substandard family cars. But I just came across these really cool Acrylic Number Plates that are screaming "BUY ME". has an easy to use website and they offer some great plates for your car! Plus, the price is right.

Of course, they would be so much cooler if I had a nice European car.

It just isn't as sexy with a Toyota and Honda. Maybe Margot will buy me a Bentley for our eleven year anniversary.

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Insane in the membrane.

Okay, I feel like I'm seriously going insane. Like what in the hell...I'm nuts. Last night I was having some major anxiety and couldn't go to sleep. I thought about absolutely EVERYTHING!!!

Plus, I've been really anxious about the upcoming embryo transfer. I know I've just got to let whatever happen happen --- but I really do hope and wish it would work.

Maybe I can chalk it up to these damn estrogen pills that I have to take three times a day.

Who in the hell needs estrogen anyway?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

They've got to be smart...

to keep up with our little, Grammy! Let me tell you...the kid is brilliant! I'm not just saying that because she's my kid either.

I can tell in the next few years we're going to have to find her an Innovative Tutor in order to keep her interests peaked!

Of course, we are going to have to located a Score Learning Center since they've been in business for years and specialize in hiring the best tutors and educational professionals.

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I'm in bad shape. I know that I should just be happy and accept good news for what it is. But being told by the doctor that our embryo was 2AA and that the embryologist that it was a 4AA last week...I figured I needed clarification.

So I called one last time today for the tie breaker and to get clarity as to how our little frozen friend was doing and what grade he/she was. The embryologist was really sweet and couldn't find the info at first.

So a few minutes later she called back and said that it's a 4AA.

I think in the back of my head I'm starting to play back all of the disappointments that could occur in the next week or so that might lead to my mental instability.

At least I can check this one off of my list.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Help me!

Lately, I've tried to stay out of the stock market because in all honesty...I'm scared to lose money!

When I worked in corporate America and put a contribution into my 401K weekly it wasn't such a big deal to ride the wave of fluxuation during the stock market highs and lows.

Now since money is a little bit harder to come by I'm a bit more skeptical and I don't have thousands to spend or lose in a rocky stock market!

One place that really looks like a good and trustworthy website is - GStock stock picks.

They have a proven track record in helping people find stocks that are profitable.

In fact you can even take a look at their 1st half 2007 performance. It's quite amazing to see a stockfinder with positive gains during these rocky times and it makes me think that they're on to something!

Go with a supercomputer that will help you choose the right stocks and check out

Here are some of the great screenshots that offers:

Their website is easy to navigate through and very easy for someone like me to pick the stocks that meet my financial requirements. Even the charts are easy to read and give you a clear picture of how the stocks are doing.

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A real bitch.

That's exactly how I feel today. I have been miserable all day and I really don't know what's going on.

I feel like I'm pretty mentally exhausted and tired of being sad. But the reality is... I'm 17 days away from when I was suppose to be due.

So of course that means that any day now I should have been getting ready to have a baby.

I go Friday for my doctor's appointment to see if my lining is thick enough for the frozen embryo transfer.

I'm not sure I could get the news that this didn't work on top of the due date.

Then again...maybe I should just get both crappy times over in one day?


A few years ago I became addicted to online spades. At one point Margot threatened me with my life and so I had to give up on my spades addiction.

We have a very good friend who is addicted to starcraft and she's turned into quite the introvert these days! I'm sure she's aware of the release of Starcraft 2 and is an avid viewer of

Just what I don't need...another addiction!

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AF is outta here!

Well, my period started last Wednesday as I was bitching about her not coming!

Now it's gone and I'm assuming that I'm in the process of building up a nice thick lining. I've been on the estrace since Thursday. I'm suppose to take it three times a day and I must admit getting it in the extra time a day is killing me. I keep forgetting.

My next appointment is this coming Friday and I'm guessing we'll probably do the embryo transfer either Friday or Monday/Tuesday.

It's actually nice to not have to pump your body up with drugs!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gold is a girl's bestfriend.

One thing that never loses it’s value is gold! Even when our stocks are floundering you can always look to silver, gold, and precious metals to maintain their value.

Monex Deposit Company offers silver, gold, and other precious metals for delivery or they will make arrangements to have your metals stored privately and securely at a bank or depository.

You can buy gold directly through Monex and they make it very easy through their website.

I didn’t realize this but Monex Deposit Company (MDC) is an industry leader. They sell gold in two forms: coin or ingot. The world demand now exceeds the supply demand for gold - which makes it a pretty smart investment.

Bad period.

I think this is perhaps one of the worst periods I have had in a long time. Of course my cramps are in full force and the bleeding hasn't been as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Typically, you end up clotting and it's a real murder scene because they build up your lining enough to carry a rhino in there.

My back has also been hurting. For some reason my backache and also my period go hand in hand.

Great news!

I got the call from the embryologist and although Dr. G told us that our last frozen embryo was a 2AA which means that it either grew too fast or too slow. The embryologist said that the embryo that we have left is a 4AA!

It's a day 6 embryo and so it's ready to hatch any minute now and if it makes it through the thaw it could be a pretty good little embryo to put back in.

I'm really not getting my hopes up because they said that there's only a 10% chance that this could work.

But I feel better about it being a 4AA over a 2AA.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Those darn credit cards!

We have about 10 credit cards and lately since we've started paying off all of the balances we have considered closing the cards that had high interest rates and did not have incentives.

The way we see it...our credit is fabulous and there's no reason why the credit card companies shouldn't be giving us goodies!

Sometimes the best credit cards can offer a service that is perfect for your spending trends. You can actually view many different types of cards and see the features and benefits each offers and decides which one is going to be the "perfect card."

If you're looking for great credit cards out there -- check out!

Now, if we could just find a card that you don't have to pay back?!?!

She's back. (TMI)

I swear I wrote a post about how the bitch hadn't showed up and low and behold I go to the bathroom, make a #2 and I realize that AF is here!

Of course, I also had a white clump of what looked like tissue too. That of course, made me sad and I wondered if my three perfect embryos were in that clump.

Sick, but true.

Right now I'm in the waiting room of the fertility center waiting to be seen for an u/s and b/w. More than likely I'll get to come back in 12 days or so and we'll get the embryo transfer done.

I'm glad that I don't have to wait weeks or months for my period to come. body cooperates.

After of course -- not cooperating and holding a baby.

Help for a loved one.

A few years back we had to deal with a loved one's addiction. We had visited him and realized that he really wasn't acting like himself. Plus, his moods weren't stable at all. One minute he would be extremely happy and then in the middle of the night he would start sobbing.

Since he has a prior history of drug addiction we figured, once again, he was struggling.

He had attended a drug rehab and followed it up by drug rehab at home.

However, we thought that he really needed to get pain pill addiction help at an inpatient rehab for an extended stay.

Meditox in Palm Beach offers Suboxone Treatment Programs that have proven success for the many people that have attended.

I wish we had known where to turn when we were faced with a loved one's addiction. I'm glad that we had the assistance of local social workers who knew all about addiction and the many programs available.

Help for a buddy!

Just the other day I was talking to my friend, Alex. Alex is an advertising manager and works with an agency that does advertising for airlines. They basically find clients and then represent them and buy space on airlines entertainment channels.

The main problem that he's having though is stirring up business and getting quality business sales leads. His market is really any organization that wants to get the word out to the middle and upper class who might be traveling on the airlines.

Alex should look to a company like They offer lead databases and a Mailing List that will give him nice leads and a headstart to getting some quality customers.

The amount that his company would spend on these demographics would be paid for with one customer signing up with them.

Take my car!

A few years back we had a Chevy Corsica. The car had seen better days and at one point we had fixed it up and decided that since Margot was getting a new car that maybe we could donate it.

We were shocked to hear that our local charity would not take a local car -- especially one that was running at the time!

Now on the same lines of donating a car -- you can donate a boat to Boat Angel! With the donation proceeds go towards such a great cause - helping orphans in third world countries.

In fact, with funds received they were able to feed 2 million meals, medical operations, prison reforms, and school materials.

It's great to know that if you have a boat that's just sitting in your garage not being used or maybe you're even paying storage - that the money from it auctioned off can go to help children and countries that need funding.

BoatAngel offers fast and free nationwide pick up of boats and cars. They will also provide you with a tax deductible instant receipt so that you can use the amount to go towards your taxes.

What a great way to help out a great cause and also provide help to the boat angel outreach center!

If you're looking for a boat -- check out the available boats that have been donated! You could land yourself a beautiful boat for a great price --- and help a great cause!