Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So many papers! So little time!

Since starting this new job you would not even believe how many papers I have lying around the basement floor. At this point I don't know what to keep and what to throw away.

I figure once training is over I will figure out what is good information and what is trash.

I might look into getting a document management system to help with all of the paperwork.

For some reason I have a feeling this is just the beginning!

Swing batta batta.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I'm playing softball with the girl's league. I'm having a great time and it's been nice to rekindle some of my old relationships with good softball friends. I wish I could find something to carry it over to the fall and winter.

Something must have clicked because I have to admit...I kick ass. Most of the time. My batting has gotten so good that I am nailing the ball all the way to left field. MOst of the time I end up getting to at least first if not second base.

However, sometimes I have some unlucky moment and it goes right to the left fielder!

Printer cartridges.

We have a dinosaur of a printer. Margot keeps wanting to get a new one. However, I don't want to drop the money. Plus, I see nothing wrong with our existing printer! It just needs a color refill.

I've heard that a lot of the stores are using tm-t88iv and now more than ever it's a good way to save money on printers, receipts, and software!

If we could find a good deal on a printer that doesn't cost a lot of money to maintain I'd be game...

But until then...NO!

Playdate today!

Today is our hangout at home day and we might head up to the new park that everyone's been raving about.

One of Graem's friends is coming over and I figure we can do lunch, put Emmy to bed and the girls can play.

Then we'll head out and play!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I *heart* big box.

So years ago I was so frustrated by living in Ithaca. We didn't have any big box stores and we had to go an hour away just to get door handles. Now we don't have that problem and I can honestly say I don't know how long I could have lived without a Target or Walmart.

It's stores like these that have and use a merchant account reseller!

So much to do...

so little time.

It seems like we have so many house projects to do and so little time. Plus, I'm friggin exhausted. I don't know if my steam has officially run out (it was a good run!). Or if I've just given up!

I still have to put the celing tiles in on the basement, patch up walls, and bookcases, install sliding doors.

Bathroom is down to studs and needs walls and tile.

Bedroom needs to be painting.

Playroom needs to be painted and recarpeted.

Kitchen needs remodel.

Dining room needs painting.

Outside needs to be spray washed and painted.

Then of course, there's the trash, lawn duties, gardening.


Yesterday was the first day that we went to the swimming pool. We decided that it really made sense for us to buy the summer pass since we have to pay for two kids and two adults every time we go. I think it cost around $16 each time. This way we pay the flat $120 and we can go whenever - even if it's for 30 minutes!

Of course, I remember last year when the pool pumps went out and it took them a week to get new ones...

Up and running...

so glad that Margot was able to get her dad's computer up and running! It's actually a nice HP desktop and seems to have all of the gadgets.

I might want to look for some good software for Graem too. She's just old enough to become interested in the computer and I'm sure that there are some good games out there that she might enjoy.


No more tickets for me.

I just got finished paying for my last speeding ticket. It was brutal $185. Plus, it put 4 points on my license. Eek!

I might be in the market for a Bluetooth headset to use when driving. The hard part is that I feel like it would be more coordination to put that thing on my ear and try to deal with my phone than it would be to just put the phone up to my ear.

If I were serious about the whole cellphone while driving thing I would probably just pull over to talk!

So tired.

Last night I slept in the basement because it's so damn cool. Previous nights I've been sleeping in the living room with the a/c blasting and I'm still uncomfortable and sweaty.

The one thing about the basement is that the futon is pretty uncomfortable. Maybe what I'll try tonight is actually pulling it out and making it a bed. Or I could just put the mattress on the cold basement floor!

The dream...

Last night I had a dream that I was 26 weeks pregnant and I had not told anyone. Including Margot!

Of course, at that point I would probably be thinking of baby shower invitations and I can't imagine I would be able to hide the whole belly thing.

Then again, I did watch that show "Pregnant and didn't know it." Maybe I'm going to be one of those people....


Today one of Graem's friends came over for a playdate. She hung out, played, ate lunch, and then we went strawberry picking.

When I went to drop her off - Graem was invited to her house to play!

Totally a good gig. Emmy's upstairs sleeping and I'm hanging out in the cool basement waiting for my web conference for work to begin.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I kissed a girl and I liked it!

I know it's somewhat cliche for an older person like myself to like pop tunes including Katy Perry - but I do!

We do not have too many radio stations here and the ones that we do have consider themselves light rock. Ugh.

Being in Ithaca I feel like we are really on our own little planet. In fact, I can't say that I have heard of the group gucci mane.

Plus, I am really starting to feel old when it comes to my cell phone. My old phone used to have some pretty cool ringtones. I had Black Eyed Peas and Fergie.

Since I got the iPhone I have yet to really look into different ringtones and truth be told I am way too cheap!

That is why I'm glad that I came across They have tons of great ringtones for really reasonable prices. Plus, their selection is amazing! It's a one-stop-shop and you do not have to go searching too long to find that special song!

If I had it my way I would probably give Margot's ring something nice and sassy. I am on a Michael Jackson kick these days so I might just find a "Billy Jean" tune.

Who knows, they might even have my all time favorite song "We are the World".

So proud.

Margot's out of town today for work. I was so tired this morning and just wanted to sleep in but I knew I had to actually get up and do the whole "mom thing".

Graem woke up and before I knew it we were getting breakfast ready and everyone was settled in.

Then I told them that I really needed their help because Mommy was out etc.

Sure enough...Graem had corralled Emmy and she had put her clothes on and Emmy's clothes on and EVEN CHANGED EMMY'S DIAPER.

Yes, that's five year old changing her two year old sisters diaper.

Incredible kid.

So proud.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Canada, here we come!

In October we are going to Victoria, Canada for two weddings! Margot's cousin is getting married and then Alex and Dominic are getting married in Vancouver.

We're hoping that the wedding programs don't collide and that we'll be able to make the festivities at both weddings!

Between traveling to and from New York, Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria we will have taken planes, taxis, and ferrys!

Should be fun with two small kids!

Playdates are fun!

Today Emmy had a playdate with her buddy, Oscar. They are getting to such a fun age where they actually interact and play together instead of side by side.

Emmy did really great and shared toys. She even offers toys to him too!

The past six months she has gotten so much better with her interactions with other kids. She's still throwing things but her aggression, biting, and hitting have seemed to be something of the past.

At least I hope...

Friday, June 11, 2010

I love Mexican food!

I must say since I moved away from Texas we have yet to have good Mexican food. We've tried it all up here and it's horrible.

I wish I could find a wedding reception dallas that I could go to so that I can get the hook up!

Yummy chips, salsa, guacamole....Makes me think of Mattitos!

Free lunch.


My friend, Suzanne, just called and wants to take me out for lunch for taking her daughter to gymnastics.

Hell yes.

We're going to chili. Mama needs some good and greasy love.

So many options...

that's how I felt when I was looking at colleges. I looked at a few in state schools and at the end of the day I ended up going where one of my good friends had already enrolled.

Had I actually done my research college degrees I would have realized that I should have probably gone with a more credible school that actually had a good business program.

The school I went to had a great program for teachers - but not very good for much else. is a great website for high school seniors or other people who are looking to go to college. They have a listing of different programs and it directs you right to the university/college that hosts the program.

A little direction is all that some of us need. It took me a while but I finally got on the right path!

TGI ...


Emmy's therapy has been a true godsend! She's with her OT now and they play and then after that Emmy's ready for lunch and nap.

Emmy's been so much better at frustration and communicating since she started therapy and I'm glad that we were able to see the signs and get her the help she needed.

I think sometimes it's easy just to ignore the obvious and hope it goes away.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pink eyes.

That's right.

I've got it.


I swear it's these filthy kids. I have an idea that I got it from not washing my hands after cleaning up Emmy's snotty nose.

Either way...I'm on drops and it still looks like I'm an avid drug user.

Bathing suit time.


So it's been a rough winter. I've gained a little bit of weight and I realize that it's that time of year again where I have to squeeze into a bathing suit.

PLUS, I want to look good for the weddings in October.

So I'm going to look for diets for quick weight loss.

I figure if I can jump start the weight loss I'll be on the right track and be able to keep up the trend.

The last time I lost weight was because I lost a good amount from the flu!

That went fast.

I have a two year old.

How in the hell did that happen? I swear it was just a few months ago I was announcing that I was pregnant and wasn't sure that this pregnancy was going to make it?!?!

Now she's two.

She talks.

She bosses.

She hits.

And she's still crapping in her diaper.

We're working on that this coming week!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

So tired.

I don't know if I am coming down with something or if it's just darn allergies. But my throat is super drippy and I even have a stuffy nose.

Last night I couldn't go to sleep and so I hooked up with some Nyquil. Unfortunately, this morning came way too early and I felt totally hungover.

I think I might want to look into sleep aid for future use.

Who knows? Maybe I can even sleep through Margot's snoring!

Happy Birthday, Emmy!

I can't believe you are going to be two years old! It seems like just yesterday I was going into labor.

In fact, tonight over dinner we talked about how this time two years ago I was in the hospital in labor. glad that I've been living in the minute. But it's still going too fast.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

That time of year...

I go for my annual in another few weeks. I am quite overdo and between kids and house stuff I forgot about it! It seems like when I was doing the infertility stuff I went constantly and never had to think twice about scheduling an appointment.

Margot went a few weeks back and the midwife pointed out the importance of multivitamins and an extra dose of Vitamin D.

We picked both up this weekend and if I can remember to take them nightly I am going to start to!


When we were in Michigan Josh and Margot went Ikea. We ended up getting their cool relax chair and footstool. I was very happy with the purchase but dismayed when I got home to find that the wood on the stool and the chair didn't match.

When I called the Ikea customer support I was put off by the way I was treated and even more put off when the girl told me to send the step stool back OR DRIVE TO BROOKLYN TO RETURN IT.

That's right folks. My options were to either spend 4 1/2 hours on the road returning the stepstool that costs $29.99 OR spend $25.00 to ship the damn stool.

Now I've escalated the call and should be hearing back from a supervisor within the next 24 hours.


That time of month...

It seems like every single month before I get my period I have tons of zits pop up on my face! (No pun intended).

I have thought about getting acne treatment, however, I don't know where to turn. It seems like there are so many different formulas and creams out there.

I was glad to see that there's now a website where I can go to find the latest reviews!


and I have a drippy throat.

It seems like I've been trying to get something for the past few days. At night my throat hurts and in the daytime I feel fine.

I tried taking Airborne a few nights ago in hopes that it would help whatever was coming on.

Hopefully, my immune system will kick in and I won't get full on strep-throat.

We're back!

We had an amazing time in Michigan. I was able to see my cousin and her hubby, my nephews, my aunt and uncle, and my boy cousin and his wife.

The kids played together and the adults enjoyed each others company.

Of course, the sad thing about it was leaving and kjnowing that we live pretty far from each other. I hope that we're still able to keep in touch and I'd love to do another trip or have everyone visit us here!