Thursday, September 27, 2012

Too many books...

and not enough space!

I think we are going to have to figure out another solution for all of the kid's books we have accumulated over the years.   We have way too many!

I want real wood furniture and even looked at rustic bookcases a few years ago.    

They look nice and would fit perfectly in the basement!

Dare i say it?

but I'm watching honey boo boo.    This is some seriously funny stuff!   Can't stop watching!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finally, he sleeps.

These past few weeks have been hell when it comes to sleeping.   I wake up and I'm more exhausted than when I went to bed.

He is up most of the night thrashing around in bed.   Last night we went to sleep relatively early after giving up on sleep training.    He was awake every 30 minutes.

Finally, I left and went into the spare bedroom.   I feel like if I'm out of the bedroom he's not on top of me wanting to nurse every 15 seconds.  


When Emmy was younger I enrolled in a baby/mama yoga.  It was really great.  I could do as much/little as she would let me and typically the class was all about nursing and goldfish snacks.

These days I feel that with all of these children I need time away!

I'm looking at getting a gym membership and I'd really like to take advantage of a slower yoga class.

Of course, I'd need all of the gear - my own mat, yoga pants, and a yoga towel.

A neighbor friend!

We have new neighbors that seem a bit weird.  M met them the other day and said the woman is alright but nerdy.   We found out the guy works at CU and found out that BD knows him!   He thinks he's a total whack job and when I mentioned his name he said he could really be the next unibomber.


In other good neighborhood news...   Graem has a classmate that we didn't realize lives one street over!   Her and Emmy are over there now playing.   They have three kids and dad is a grad student in the business school.   THe bad thing --- they will be leaving in May.  

Easy come, easy go.