Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just maybe?

We will have a little boy by Christmas time!

My little girls will have to think in advance for christmas gifts for brother!

Of course, he will probably only be a few days or week old...but still! We need to find him a little something under the tree.

Speaking of which, this time last year...I had a few gifts picked out for the kids. I haven't chosen anything!! They are so fickle and half of the time they want something and then they decide they don't want it!

I figure maybe I should just wait til Christmas Eve like most of the other parents do!

Appointment tomorrow

So I'm 22 1/2 weeks and have a midwife appointment tomorrow. I figure this would be a good appointment to take the kids to. There isn't much internal stuff they are going to do and more than likely it will be measurement and then doing the baby's heartbeat.

I have one or two more appointments and then it's going in every week!!!

This is starting to go fast now.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I feel like we're buying batteries! It could be that the children have every toy imaginable and each one uses 4 batteries. We've tried the reuseable/rechargable batteries but for some reason we'd forget and throw them away and after a while they just don't keep a charge and they are triple the cost of regular batteries.

Just a few days ago my friend was telling me about vtech batteries. SHe said that she loves the fact that they last a long time and like most of the Vtech products they are a fraction of the price!

With #3 on the way...I think I need to stock up!

Totally lost count...

So today I had no idea how far along I am...I don't know if it's 20 or 21. I could easily look back at my calendar and find out...but alas, way too tired.

I've been cleaning like crazy today so that my cousin doesn't think we're complete white trash. Yes, there was a full layer of pubic hair on the bathroom floor. I used pure bleach on that shit and the vacuum! Had to bring in the big guns..

Monday, August 08, 2011

Bad cars.

Our cars are out of warranty. Which means that when they break... we're responsible. I thought about getting roadside assistance a few years back when I was traveling a lot for work and we were driving back and forth to NYC for Margot's dad.

Now I'm thinking that it's a good idea because we have three kids, don't have tons of money to spend on road side help, AND...I don't want to be STUCK and waiting for long periods of time!

19 weeks!!!

This is going fast. Real fast! The baby has started moving and it feels so nice. I can't wait til he gets bigger and I can actually feel him on the outside! I think Margot and the girls are also ready to feel him on the outside too.

I've been sleeping better. The only problem is waking up to pee every few hours. My body is really demanding a lot of water and so I'm drinking tons of water... but you know what that means!