Sunday, January 20, 2008

Maybe I should...

go back to school.

If thought about getting some continuing education credits just so I can stay up with the latest and greatest management information.

That way when I return to the workforce in the next few years I won't have outdated and old information and styles.

At Capella University they make going back for education easy! They offer online and evening classes that work around your schedule!

Specifically, I'd probably have to do my classes at night or on Wednesdays and Fridays when Graem is in school!

That way I could be uninterrupted and able to focus on my education. Capella even offers of a mba online program!

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I'm a year older.

God, I feel old and I can honestly say that I'm not overjoyed with being a very awkward 31. Perhaps, it's that it's just an ugly number or that it's not even that irks me.

This morning I woke up and I have a splitting headache, terrible cold, and feel achy all over. It doesn't help that my hip, back, and leg joints all hurt at night and I had to spend the night on the couch just to get comfortable.

Maybe this is just part of getting older? Or I guess it could be the tiny alien taking over my body and deeming me less than capable!


Margot's dad has moved a handful of times since I've known him. Each time he looks for a mover NYC and ends up going with some company that doesn't ensure and ends up throwing things into boxes and breaking things!

I think at this point he's probably going to stay put for a while but it might be if he ever decides to move again to hire a reputable company and get some coverage in case things get broken!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hit me up with a good dealer, man!

I'm talking about a coin dealer, of course!

One thing that never loses its value is silver coins! Even when our stocks are floundering you can always look to silver, gold, and precious metals to maintain their value.

Monex Deposit Company offers silver, gold, and other precious metals for delivery or they will make arrangements to have your metals stored privately and securely at a bank or depository.

I didn’t realize this but Monex Deposit Company (MDC) is an industry leader. They sell gold in two forms: coin or ingot. The world demand now exceeds the supply demand for gold - which makes it a pretty smart investment.

I love my wine!

In fact, the past couple of months I have been craving a glass of beautiful, white, crisp - Riesling. Upstate New York has some beautiful wines and you can get a great bottle for around $10.

Of course, I've been interested in wine of the month clubs too. It's great to venture into unknown territory and try wines from all around the country. I wouldn't even know where to begin when looking at our local stores.

The family

I spoke with my mother the other day and I was saddened to hear that my grandfather isn't doing well both mentally and physically. They've been on my mind lately and I can't believe how old they're getting.

This morning I actually called my mom because I wanted to know if my grandparents had ever considered long term care insurance. God knows with the healthcare increase each year it's going to cost a fortune for them to go to a nice place.

I also mentioned medicare supplement to compliment their current subscription to medicare. Typically, they have better presciption coverage and perfect for seniors that need expensive drugs.

A day of work.

Well, I'm coming to you live from my Border's office in the mall! It's been a while since I haven't had a subbing gig and have had a day of blogging.

Everything has been going really well and as I sit here with my laptop on one of the coffee tables I can feel little girl kicking away! Of course, I have since taken my hand out of my pants and realized that I looked like a pervert and didn't want to be evicted from my current office location!

It's amazing to feel her turn around and give me a good punch or kick every once in a while. In fact, sometimes she gets going so much that my tummy actually moves!

Blind mama.

I'm seriously blind. I have had issues with my eyes ever since I can remember and ever since I can remember I've had prescription glasses that I don't take care of or don't bother wearing!

I realize at some point my eyesight is going to get so bad that I'm forced to wear glasses.

Maybe I should think about going the smart way - Great Discovry: $ 8 Prescription Glasses From Zenni Optical! offers a great selection and you can't beat the price!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

20 weeks today!

I'm so happy that I've finally made it to 20 weeks. Of course, that doesn't stop me from listening to the baby's heartbeat twice a day and if I don't feel her move I still have doubt that she's no longer in there.

Most recently I have really enjoyed many blogs of lesbian and infertile women who are now pregnant and in the same stage of pregnancy as me. Most recently, however, I noticed that one of my favorite blogger - Flotsam - has lost one of her twins at 22weeks and 2days.

I'm terribly sad and really can't get it off of my mind. I know we're not out of the woods at 20 weeks....but it's just a clear realization that this too could happen to me.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Monday, January 07, 2008

Belly pic! 19 weeks

I love flowers!

I can't believe that my birthday is just a week or so away. I'm old. I always thought that by the time I turned 31 that I'd already have a few kids and things would be different.

Little did I realize that I'd have one, working on two ... and be pregnant!

In the past I've received gifts and flowers for my birthday. I really like flowers but I know how expensive they can be!

That's why I'm going to give Margot some information on purchasing wholesale roses online! She can save a lot of money, plus, the flowers are fresh and are delivered straight to the door!


I'm happy to report that I have some amazing health insurance right now! I only pay a few bucks for prescription drugs and I get my expensive pre-natal vitamins for a whopping $3.00 per month!

When I go in to have the baby I don't have any co-pays and I'm covered at 100%! Not to mention, when I go in for midwife appointments it's the same thing.

I've never had great insurance before and I'm glad that I'm finally able to now when I'm pregnant! God knows with my other crappy insurance I'd probably have to pay an arm and a leg for labor and delivery!

Feeling used?

I'm sad to report that our upstairs computer has bit the dust. It's quite a sad moment in time and I think we should all take a moment of silence.

Okay, that's enough.

For those that are looking to networking and getting good deals you'll be happy to know that I've found a place that offers used cisco servers and products. is an easy to use website where you can find just about anything for all of your business and computing needs!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Got plasma?

I have always been an avid blood donater. It seems like lately I've been getting tons of calls from the American Red Cross because there's a blood shortage. Although, I appreciate their dilligence to get donors...I hate the fact that they are using computer generated messages and they annoy me to no end.

I don't know if there are other companies out there that are also accepting plasma and blood but when I was in college I was interested in donating plasma. The money was good and it was a nice thing to do to help out.

I never realized that there's so much to it including plasma cutting!

There really is a lot to donating!